Sunday, 10 January 2016

Kousaka Honoka Orange Wig & Furudo Erika Cosplay Dark Blue Wig

Honoka Cosplay wig is a warm orange brown wig with sleek straight tresses. The wig has front bangs and the side pony tail that adds charm to the complete style of the wig. It does not shine bold; so one needs not to worry about the plastic-feel some cheap synthetic wigs cast. The wig is cute and soft and appealing to touch. It is shoulder length, hence perfect for both cosplays and daily wear. 

Product review
On the other hand Erika cosplay dark blue wig is long and straight. It reaches the hip line, however it does not tangle as expected from the longer wigs. The locks are straight and shiny that prevents tangling among the fibers. Erika wig possesses free bangs that you would like to trim as per your own facial frame before wearing. 

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