Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Are you a Traveler? Fix your Eye Sight with Contact Lenses

Let not the poor-vision keep you from exploring the treasures of the world. Travelling is more fun when you actually live in the moment & breathe in the spot. It is much more than capturing life-less stills in the lens of your DSLR. If your vision is not right, you are going to miss half of the fun. All the globe-trotting travelers are well-aware of how poor eye sight can destroy your journey. Before packing your backpack, pack your contact lens’ travel-kit. Contact lenses will ensure crustal clear vision with enhanced peripheral vision. Without being fogged-up or smudged, unlike glasses, contact lenses will continue to surprise you throughout your journey.

Contact Lenses are good for adventurous out-stationed activities. Either you have passion for snorkeling or are boisterous to enjoy tandem-jumps; contact lenses are the best prosthetic devices. They don’t get affected by the weather change. They don’t carry the risk of falling off whilst you enjoy a bungee jump nor do they threat injuries in case of accidents. Contact lenses do need diligent care & meticulous handling that your glasses might not require. Unfortunately, glasses block the peripheral vision that kills the joy when you are enjoying exploring the scenic beauty or are picking the best of shells from under the sea.

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Under certain conditions; you might need to wear protective eye wear with contact lenses, such as when you are under-water for snorkeling or when you are about to throw yourself for a free-fall. Contact lenses can easily bear the temperature differences as they are regulated by the temperature of your body. Therefore, when you decide to go on a vacation; simply don’t forget to check on contact lens supplies. Get a travel-kit ready that holds a mirror & carries a mini solution bottle, a set of tweezers and a plunger to help you wear and remove contact lenses. Prescription contact lenses help you get your contact lenses on the exact prescription provided by your eye care professional.

What will you be preferring for vision correction while you go hiking or lay-flat for wander-lust? Glasses can be a cheaper option but they risk injuries and obstruct vision. Contact lenses on the other hand are safer & the choice of world’s known globe-trotters. 

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