Monday, 25 January 2016

Perfect Brown Circle Lenses for Greenish Blue Eyes

ICK Garnet brown circle lenses blend adorably with light colored eyes. Whilst adding a subtle pop, these brown lenses make light colored eyes exciting enough to stand out. The color gradation is soft that help the lenses stay subdued & natural. 

"What I like about the design is that ICK Garnet Brown are not unnatural, but at the same time not boring at all. The colour gets a little darker on the outside and the outer ring is barely noticeable. This makes them perfect for a daily usage. The black inner dots lets the brown blend nicely into the natural eye colour. They don't appear too alien-large on the eyes when you wear them, even though they're pretty decent with a diameter of 15mm. You know what? Straight 10/10 ♥."-- Reads the ICK Garnet Brown review by Sugar Mew

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