Thursday, 23 April 2015

Should you Continue Wearing Contact Lenses when you Fall Sick?

Falling sick makes you feel weak. Though minor fever & ordinary catch-ups of cold & flu should not usually be a concern with contact lenses, it is advised to give your eyes a rest during sickness. According to medical experts; when you are ill, the tear production is compromised that make your eyes dry. Contact lenses and dry eyes are not a fun combination, as many of the users put it.

Contact lenses and tear film have a very kinky relationship. Contact lenses float over the corneas where the tear film facilitates the process. When the tear-chemistry is disturbed; the tear production becomes reduced due to which your eyes feel dry. If wearing contact lenses is not ceased immediately, a stingy sensation, burning or scratchiness can be observed.

Solution of the Problem

Many people do not find it a problem to continue wearing their contact lenses. You cannot always snug in your cozy couch with chicken broth as your life line until you get over illness. Most of the people take flu & minor illness normally & continue with their life chores. Wearing contact lenses should be as normal as other things in life remain. If you are someone blind like a bat then we have a solution for you. Get yourself good quality eye drops prescribed by a doctor. Eye drops will keep your eyes moist taking care that your contact lenses don’t scratch out your eyes.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Keep your Skin from Sagging: Use Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cleansing Foam

As you age your skin begins to lose collagen that is responsible to keep it firm. Ageing cannot be permanently stopped but you definitely can slow it down using Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cleansing foam. Its anti-aging formula help reduces the formation of wrinkles, provides nutrition & maintain elasticity.

Snail Nutrition Cleansing foam is effective at deep-cleansing your skin. It thoroughly cleanses skin from sebum & makeup residues effectively. The bubble formula gently builds itself into soft creamy lather that leaves your skin radiant & hydrated. Snail Nutrition cleansing foam contains Snail mucus extracts that are considered divine when it is about sloughing down the dead skin.

Skin79 Snail Nutrition Anti-Ageing Benefits:

Snail extracts restore elasticity whilst forming a protective barrier that keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cleansing foam has bubble-action cleansing formula that is yet another USP (unique selling point) of Korean face washes. Korean beauty experts claim that bubble face washes are two times better than regular face washes.

Benefits of Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cleansing Foam in a Glimpse
  1. Restores elasticity
  2. Forms a protective barrier
  3. Leaves skin hydrated
  4. Makes skin glow
  5. Sloughs dead skin & replaces it with new & healthier skin
  6. Makes skin smooth

Skin79 Snail Nutrition cleansing foam vows to bestow you with healthy & youthful skin texture. The skin that glows from within is impossible to achieve without having followed Korean skin care tips & products. Yes, good genes play role and so does the good formulae!

Bonus Tip: Use it along with Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing gel mask to speed up anti-ageing course. 

DIY Contact Lens Solution: What to Expect From?

Contact lens solutions available in the market might be expensive for some; therefore we have been observing more people relying to DIY solutions of contact lenses. DIY solutions often are a reference to homemade saline solution that is generally a mixture of sodium & distilled water. Store bought saline solutions are also resorted for cleaning, soaking & storing contact lenses. Saline solution might be a cheaper alternative to your multi-purpose solution but its usage should be restricted to emergencies only.

Why DIY Solution of Contact Lenses in not always a Good Choice?

Contact lens solution is not always readily available thus you can safely use saline solution instead. A saline solution can clean your contact lenses from superficial dirt & debris but it cannot slow down the bacteria accumulation on your contact lenses. Saline solution is also unable of removing protein debris and minerals deposition from contact lenses. It only promises to prevent your contact lenses from drying out over night when you run out of your regular multi-purpose solution.

Saline solution is in appropriate to be used on long-term basis for cleaning, soaking & storing your contact lenses. It contains salt & disinfected water (Distilled water) that keep your circle lenses hydrated. However, saline solution runs risk of disturbing the water-content ratio in contacts. Only revert to saline solution or other alternatives when by no means you are able to access a good quality pharmaceutical contact lens solution.

Note: Cleaning properties of saline solutions and other alternatives of contact lens solution offer short term service. Since the cleaning properties are not as pronounced as of the enzymatic solutions; it is advised to only use the solutions, specially formulated to cleanse & disinfect contact lenses. If emergency strikes; use saline solution at your own risk. 

3 Places you need Protective Ocular Wear with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should not be an obstacle in your day to day life. In fact contact lenses are considered more handy & cost effective. According to an online survey; people from different professions of life find it more convenient to wear contact lenses than glasses for vision correction. Unlike glasses contact lenses remain unaffective by weather-neither they turn hazy in fog nor they do fidget whilst you are engaged in vigorous sports activities. Yet, contact lenses would require you to be more concerned at 3 places by covering your eyes with protective eye wear.

Crazy Weather

As you step into different temperature zones (crazy-too hot or too cold); you might get a feeling of discomfort in your eyes. This is because your eyes need time to adjust with the change in weather. When weather outside is too windy, too snowy or rainy you must guard your eyes with protective goggles when wearing contact lenses.



Always wear protective eye wear whether or not wearing contact lenses when you are busy lawn mowing. There might be several hidden threats lurking in the grass that may abruptly get into your eyes without even letting you know. The piercing sensation gets worse when a strong urge of rubbing your eyes is felt. Contact lenses may get scratchy. They may even develop notches that would cause abrasions over cornea. This is why it is advised to either put your contact lenses off (if plano) or cover your eyes with protective eye wear in the other case.

Tandem Jump


Skydiving is one of the most thrilling fun-filled activities. You would definitely not want to miss the beauty of the horizon whilst you take your free fall. Contact lenses can be freely worn for tandem jump but require your eyes to be covered with large goggles. Let your adrenaline flow & enjoy your free fall. Just don’t forget to carry your travel sized contact lens solution in case your contact lenses dry out. 

Why Monitoring Eye Health should be One’s Top Priority when Wearing Contact Lenses?

courtesy: Starfocal

It is a universal bad habit that we tend to ignore eye health when it comes to monitoring over-all body health. Doctors opine that monitoring eye health should be one’s top priority if you wear prescription contact lenses. Annual checkups & regular follow ups can help over rule the chances of contraindications you have been unaware of.

Eyes are windows to the soul. The idiom seems to carry the load of heavy meanings not only in serving to one’s aesthetics but also in clinical terms. Eyes show discomfort and various signals when your body suffers from other medical conditions; you have been oblivious of. For instance; you might get migraines due to the changing prescription of your contact lenses. Therefore; eye health exam should be made on priority basis once in a year if not in every 6 months.

Contact Lenses Need Attention:

People wearing contact lenses should be more vigilant about how their eyes behave when they shift to different temperature zones. Weather changes may also interfere with vision for patients wearing prescription contact lenses. With the onset of spring the suspended pollen particles in air might accumulate on the surface of contact lenses, causing blurred/hazy vision or might even spark allergic reactions. Similarly, beach visits in summer & tours to frozen areas might create discomfort whilst sporting contact lenses. Using mere eye drops help in various issues but serious concerns are better justified by an Optometrist. Only he will be able to judge if you should continue wearing contact lenses when allergens hit or should better give your eyes a rest.

Contact lenses have never been a problem. Eye experts opine that they wish to see more people opting contact lenses as they have been a handy device in vision correction for people from different walks of life, from children to elderly, from house wives to sportsmen with vigorous activities. Only follow instructions that come with your contact lenses & keep contact lens follow ups in your priority list. Guard your eyes against irrevocable vision damages- start acting today. 

Stella Double Flex 8915 Lashes for Night Time Events

Night functions call for more action, thrill and fun. This is why you can wrap up yourself in sexy ruffles, glitters & go dramatic beyond limits. False eyelashes can make huge world of a difference. The alluring drape of the lashes can make you look like a prom star. Stella Double Flex 8915 eye lashes give you that dramatic and enticing look you had been eyeing at for ages. They create an illusion of fuller & voluminous lashes without being heavy on your eyes.

"sure are the sexiest I have ever used super long and my God I'm loving haha , I can not use Them on a daily basis is clear They are not very natural but Whenever I go out at night or for an event They accompany me now . "- Review here

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Dark Side of the Endigo: New Track Released with New Favorite Lenses I.Fairy Venus Grey

Endigo just has recently released his new music track "World Carries On". He sports I.Fairy Venus grey circle lenses in his music video to portray the darkness of the world surrounding him. I.Fairy Venus Grey circle lenses boast very intricate & beautiful lace pattern that fades naturally as you put them on. These grey circle lenses have an outer rim that makes your eyes look alluring and doll-like huge. 

Check out the track "The World Carries on" below sung and performed by your favorite ROCK POP star Endigo

EXID Hani Up & Down Makeup Tutorial using Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey

EXID is a famous KPOP idol group consists of 5 female members. The idol group's song "Up & Down" gained tremendous amount of attention when last year a fancam of the group performing the smooth moves of Hani went viral online. Below we are sharing the Korean makeup tutorial of Hani for which you would need Dolly Eye Blytheye grey circle lenses & Natural Flex Stella false eyelashes.

Long Curly Twin Tails Wig: Vocaloid C Wig

This beautiful color mixed turquoise cum aqua marine wig boast twin pig tails. The pig tails are exquisitely scrunched with ringlet curls. The wig has lots of hair and is a name of class & quality. Since it is made from 100% heat resistant fibers this Vocaloid C wig can be straightened anytime. The wig base comes with pro-anime bangs & side fringes that frame your face to provide you just the very lovely contours of an anime character.

Watch Video review of Vocaloid Wig C below

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Soft Natural Looks with Kimchi Choco & Nakano Azusa Cospaly Wig

For people who want to bring a pleasant change in their personalities without overdoing their appearance then trying Kimchi Choco circle lenses along with Nakano Azusa cosplay wig would definitely take you to meet your sweet destination. 

Kimchi Choco circle lenses are pretty natural. The enlargement is rally worthwhile but the absence of pattern keep them look simple in your eyes. They tend to enhance already brown eyes and are recommended to people who would want only a subtle dolly effect with out color change. The Azusa wig is pure black long and straight. Since it does not shine it also looks very natural. The combination of choco lenses and Nakano wig is perfect for occasions where you prefer to go natural, calm & serene.

Vibrant Yellow Gold Lenses: I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 13 Moonlight

These dazzling circle lenses add a lavish effect to your eyes. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 13 Moonlight make your eyes sparkle. They literally make your eyes shine as if the eyes are lit by the moon light. They stay strong yellow gold. These circle lenses create an illusion of unworldly eyes. They are perfect for cosplays and for anime looks. "They're very vibrant yellow, with or without flash the difference is brilliant. -"

Review courtesy: aot_jean

Sultry Natural Looking Big Eyes: ICK Clara grey

ICK Clara grey fall towards the natural looking grey circle lenses. They are two tone and the speciality is brown limbal ring than black. If you are shy grabbing our portion of attention in public yet want sultry and piercing looks ICK Clara grey circle lenses are what you need. 

These grey circle lenses have a soft transition . They do blend nicely and appear kind of dark grey on your eyes whereas the thinner and brown limbal ring strives to keep you look natural without artificial or overwhelming effects. If you usually prefer small sized circle lenses don't be hooked to these. 

See what Sandy has to say about ICK Clara grey circle lenses

Natural Looking Lenses for Light Eyes: Barbie Kira Kira Grey & Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Kira Kira Grey

Sugar Candy Pink

Both Barbie Kira Kira grey & Barbie Sugar Candy pink circle lenses add a soft enchantment to light colored eyes. Grey circle lenses are known for adding up mystery whereas pink let you catch the fun factor.

Barbie Kira Kira grey circle lenses look very natural when worn over light colored eyes. The enlargement however is still very exceptional. The dark grey rim at the edges is the real reason that adds to the enlargement of your eyes and are one of the most comfortable lenses ever. "I really love these lenses! I’m pretty sure you could get away with wearing these lenses, (at least if you have light eyes) considering that they’re so natural. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for enlarging lenses that still looks very natural!" - Review here

Sugar Candy Pink

Contrary to Barbie Kira Kira grey; here comes Barbie Sugar Candy pink lenses. Pink definitely is not a natural color but due to the charisma they ensure they are one of the most sought after circle lenses among teen age girls. They possess a simple design with a darker ring outside followed by a pink ring. This is why the enlargement is very dolly & sweet. Since these circle lenses are almost transparent they would blend naturally with a subtle transition. "The semi-transparent pink mixed with the black rim looks great and really compliment each other. They look good with, from what I’ve noticed, basically any kind of makeup. These lenses have a diameter of 16.2mm, and they really do enlarge your eyes. There are no major problems with them!"- Review here

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey with Ringo Tsukimiya Cosplay Pink Wig

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey circle lenses are very lucid and sheer. They create  a very piercing shrill effect on light colored eyes and help making them look huge despite 14.8 mm diameter. Dolly Eye Starry Eye grey can be worn when you want to accentuate the other elements of your personality such as your long sumptuous and lavish curly locks as in case of Ringo Tsukimiya cosplay wig.

The wig is lusciously thick with ringlet onion curls that are coarse. They give enough volume to the wig. The wig is layered and beautifully boast two romantic pink tones that make the wig look truly feminine. The curls are totally flattering. Wear it to form your own signature identity. 

Geo Xtra Morning Glory Grey: Innocent Dolly Eyes

With these grey circle lenses you get innocent natural looking big eyes. The pattern enchants people as they fade naturally whilst progressing towards the pupil hole. Geo Xtra Morning Glory grey redefine purity, and add newer dimensions to your eyes. The color is really soft and it makes an impression without letting anyone feel that you are wearing circle lenses.

"I love them!!!!! I am very happy with them not only because the color and shapes are as I expected but because they are very comfortable, yes, very VERY COMFORTABLE. I never thought that circle lenses could feel so good, they are soft and the truth is I didn’t even realize I was wearing them. 100% recommended. I certainly plan to use them for the photos many, many times"- read Geo Xtra Morning Glory grey

Doll-ish Warm Blonde Wig: Mari Kozakura Cosplay Wig

This warm yellow high quality wig is irresistible. The wig screams high for ultimate doll looks. It is super quality, straight & 120 cm long wig. The wavy locks that turn gross and dense at the tips add a woow factor to Mari Kozakura cosplay wig

Please follow the Rapunzel Doll makeup tutorial below

The wig's bangs are not pre-styled so you can trim them they way you want. The wig is soft to touch; however it might invite tangles as it is way too long. Always brush it using  a wig comb that is made of metal wires to prevent getting the long wigs messy. "It turned out to be just perfect, nice and bright blonde, curly and full of life, really thick as well!"; says Jackocalypse in her review of Mari Kozakura wig

Alluring Circle Lenses for Light Eyes: Dolly Eye Crystal.i Blue & I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 17 Leaf Green

In order to add drama to light colored eyes; circle lenses are often taken sport of. Dolly Eye Crystal.i blue & I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 17 Leaf green add a shimmering sparkle to light colored eyes whilst keeping them very natural.

Dolly Eye Crystal.i blue

Dolly Eye Crystal.i blue circle lenses brighten up the light colored eyes. They do fade in as they progress towards the pupil. There is no inner ring therefore the natural color will peep through; creating a beautiful contrast. On the other hand I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 17 Leaf green circle lenses are a very unique shade of green that boasts novel multi hues. These are very dazzling green circle lenses. They make your eyes stand out and give them a new life. 

I-Codi Leaf Green

Perfect Natural Looking Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely Choco

These natural looking brown circle lenses simply enhance your already brown eyes for an eye-popping effect. They totally blend in with naturally brown eyes ensuring a very decent enlargement. Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely Choco circle lenses completely fade into brown eyes. As a result all you get is a cute dolly effect without letting everyone realize that the secret behind beauty is lenses.

Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely Choco circle lenses last 3 months that make them a perfect choice for sensitive eyes. The 42% water content keep them moist & comfortable in your eyes. "If you wanna cosplay some brown eyed character, I recommend you to search lenses that causes a better enlargement effect. If you are only looking for dolly eyes that you can use everywhere, every time, these are perfect! :D"- Read more of this review : Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely Choco circle lenses

Friday, 17 April 2015

Exotic Dark Doll Look with I.Fairy Hanabi Red & Stella False Eye Lashes

I.Fairy Hanabi red are one of the most vibrant & dazzling red circle lenses. They are strongly pigmented and ensure a very intense clear transition. The swirly pattern of these lenses create an intriguing look which owes you dozens of followers. I.Fairy Hanabi red circle lenses are recommended to those who want that hauntingly yet cute & exhilarating dolly look. To accentuate your eyes for a cosplay or dark look it is advised to pair I.Fairy Hanabi red with Stella false eye lashes. This way the over-all impact is really impressive & lasts long in the memories. 

Stella Double Flex 8940 eyelashes are dramatic false lashes. They add up nicely to volume and length of your natural lashes without making your lids feel heavy or droopy. When wearing dramatic top lashes be very careful about choosing the lower set of lashes. To avoid looking crazy the lower lashes must look natural such as Stella Eyelashes underlash 8027.

Check out the complete makeup look and review at Roykawaiiza 

The Subtle, The Funky & The Classic: Tale of Circle Lenses & Makeup

Circle lenses and makeup go hand in hand. In order to look at your best you must have visualization to compliment your circle lenses with makeup. Some circle lenses would scream for heavy makeup application whereas the rest would go fine with a simple eye liner application. Makeup can either be done to match the color of your lenses or can also be done in contrast to enhance certain features. Nkauj shares her secret makeup tips with circle lenses in her guide below

These grey circle lenses are one of the most natural looking circle lenses. They deliver simple yet out class effect for which it is hard to find any parallel of. Although grey circle lenses go fine with any kind of makeup look; they tend to look adorable when are complimented with sexy big eye and fierce makeup look. Geolica Celine looks awesome with somkey makeup or when rimmed with Kohl and liner.

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 15 Yellow Green

Since these circle lenses are a blend of different lovely tones you have more room to play with colors. These lenses are vibrant & youthful so enjoy whatever the makeup look you would want to try with them

They are super pretty natural looking brown circle lenses and are perfect to lighten up the light colored eyes. You can stay soft with these lenses as they scream for  a day time look. Run some earthy shades or bronze and copper to add a magnetic pop.

Read the detailed guide of makeup with circle lenses and be a pro at makeup!

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 20 Melon: For your Elegance & Grace

These subtle circle lenses from the green family add unique sparkle to your eyes. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 20 Melon look beautiful no matter what your eye color is. The three tones together create a soft lovely look. The enlargement effect is dolly-ish yet natural. 

" They're comfortable, easy to use, bright, natural. Btw, their size is 15 mm. Don't forget... Size matters when the topic is contact lenses!"- reads a review of these lenses

Big Eye Enhancement Tint Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Barbie Sugar Candy Brown

Barbie Sugar Candy brown circle lenses never fail to surprise people bearing brown eye color. They are so adorable yet so natural. Barbie Sugar Candy brown will actually create an illusion of bigger iris with out making them look fake or over-whelming. The pattern is alluring since the outer ring is pretty dominant. When the outer ring is bold & black it adds innocence to your eyes & make them pop out. 

Barbie Sugar Candy brown circle lenses are rightly called dolly eye circle lenses. They are comfortable and make best lenses for your school & casual life. Click for real life pictures of Barbie Sugar Candy brown circle lenses

Go Kawayii with Haikyuu Wig & Cheesie Cat Onesie

If you love Kawayii fashion then look no more; wear Haikyuu wig along with Cheesie cat adorable onesie. Haikyuu cosplay wig is a fashionable blonde bob with roots died black. It gracefully swoops forward with the lower edges touching your chin. On the other hand Cheesie cat kiurumi is exceptionally Kawayii. The two tone grey Kiguurmi keeps you warm and allows freedom in mobility whilst taking care of your style at lazy Sundays and get-together.