Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Tri Monthly Geolica Euro Pearl Grey against Light Colored Eyes

"I like the design and the colours a lot! The pattern is really interesting, I love how the sand colour blends with the grey and even black. The name "Pearl Grey" really fits in my opinion. So these lenses don't look boring at all, even without a black outer ring. Of course, they are not huge in diameter, and they don't give a dolly eye effect at all, but that's not what they are intended for anyways. I can definitely recommend them if you want to have an interesting eyecolour which stands out, but still looks natural. Love them for these kind of looks! 9/10 ♥"-- Geolica Pearl grey review

Natural & Subtle Green Lenses for Light Eyes: I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 20 Melon

I-Codi Colors of the Wind has more than 50 exuberant shades. The possibilities with these colored contact lenses are infinite. Both brown eye-d beauties and light eye-d blondes are found pouring love on the series. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 20 Melon create natural big eyes. They shine moderately and blend in very well against light eyes. The pattern is very breezy whereas the limbal ring is also thin that keeps the over-all effect very natural and soft.

Warm & Cold Brown Circle Lenses for Light Eyes: Barbie Romana & I-Codi Moonlight

Brown colored lenses are your priority if you want to create an illusion of warm eyes that are rich in hue and texture both. Against light eyes, brown lenses may have a subdued effect. However, Barbie Romana brown lenses come with perfect pigmentation.  They are intense enough to transform light colored eyes to warm brown eyes. The pupil hole is a bit bigger thus your natural color may peep through these. On the other hand, for a bit more drama and glimmer; you can get I-Codi Colors of the Wind no 13 Moonlight. They are gold brown contacts that help adding a pop to your light colored eyes whilst trying to make them look big & dolly!

Extra Rich Brown Circle Lenses: Sweety Eclair Brown

These brown lenses are not typically brown. They are ultra rich brown lenses with a bronze touch. The Eclair brown lenses by Sweety make your eyes look warmer and deeper. They have a slight yellow-bronze touch that make them look very sumptuously luscious. With these lenses, your eyes shine bright & appear wide and awakened! 

Find out detailed review and Sweety Eclair brown pictures for more first hand information.

Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Lenses: I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 3 Pink Mocha

"I was really attracted to these pink lenses for one reason, the yellow part in the center looks perfect to suit my brown eyes and don't look too demonic like most of the pink lenses do ahah! They're absolutely perfect, the colors blend so well in a natural way and the pink really pops up without looking too fake. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 3 Pink Mocha are so really comfy I didn't need to use eye drops to refresh my eyes! I think this pair is perfect both for cosplay and j-fashion coords and especially for everyone who has dark eyes like me. The prescription is available as well. I think I found the perfect pair for my Kougyoku cosplay *_*", reads a review of these pink whimsical lenses

Sparkles in your Eyes: Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey

" The lenses are incredibly big and shiny, they're 14,5 mm but the final effect looks like 16mm! Even if they're really big they're really soft  thanks to the hight water content and I hadn't to hydrate my eyes after many hours! The color is black with some silver sparkles around, they look so cool on brown eyes! I never thought this kind of lenses would suit so well with dark eyes but I definitely recommend them! I think Sweety Twinkle Eye grey are great also for cosplay :D they're available with gold sparkles too!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Be Kawaii with Cute Bunny Stockings

Stockings are adorable elementary clothing items. They keep you warm and help you build your layered outfit. These cute bunny stockings hug your legs closely and make them them look slender. Bunny sheer tights are perfect for modest women who hesitate flashing skin yet love to follow the updated fashion of the day.

Red Circle Lenses and Light Eyes: I.Fairy Cara Red

I.Fairy Cara red

I.Fairy Cara red circle lenses are one of the hot-selling red contacts. They are electrifying red which makes them powerful enough to leave an unforgettable image. I.Fairy Cara red are 3 tones lenses where red ofcourse enjoys being the prominent hue. The yellow tone compliments the design as it brings out the brightness in red. They are by far most lucid red contacts that shine like fire flames in your eyes. 

I.Fairy Cara red closeup

Edgy Color Contrast: Dolly Eye Starry Eye Brown against Light Colored Eyes

Call to all Gothic fashion admirers. Grab Dolly Eye Starry Eye brown lenses for your next big makeup look. These lenses look exciting and cool against light colored eyes. Since they are more yellow than brown, they may look very bold and warm. The color contrast is startling and kind of jazzy whereas the gradation of colors towards pupil is  abrupt that produces a very edgy impact. 

"When I inserted them the first thing that came to my mine was “Snakes”! The colour and look of these lenses remind me of snakes! It’s pretty cool, people who enjoy edgy or gothic fashion may enjoy these lenses "-- Dolly Eye Starry Eye brown review

Natural Looking Violet Lenses: Sweety Nudy Ice Violet

If you are adventurous enough to try lenses with unusual colors but are afraid of how you end up looking with them then hang on & have our word. Try Sweety Nudy Ice violet lenses. They serve your craves of wearing a peculiar eye color without being eccentrically over-whelming. Have brown eyes? Double cheers for you! These violet lenses blend subtly against brown eyes and just do the right job of adding a bit drama to your brown peepers. 

Natural Looking Blonde Wig: Minami Kotori

Pour love at this very special hair wig. Minami Kotori synthetic wig has a natural blonde tone that makes every girl looks like a princess. It has cute details, angular bangs and lolita curls at the back. The lose curls make this item a bit more fancy whereas the side pony tail is a charm, the wig most boasts about. 

" love the wig for photoshoots! The wig looks really natural~ even on the sunlight~ " Minami Kotori wig review

Natural Looking Grey Eyes with Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Grey

The surprising thing about all Nudy series is the color pay off. They may appear very translucent but get very striking as you wear them. Sweety Nudy 3 tones grey are very impressively pigmented. They are bright and follow a unique pattern. The limbal ring is very solid, hence the enlargement effect is doll-y. They help making brown eyes look meaningful & mysterious at the same time.

Sweety Nudy 3 Tones grey

Bright Natural Looking Lenses for Brown Eyes

92% of the world's population has brown eyes. Thus, most of the colored contacts are manufactured keeping the demand from brown eye-d beauties in mind. Brown eyes need colored contacts that can blend nicely yet look alluring. Here is a list of colored contacts that compliment brown eyes nicely.

"I feel like I can never go wrong with how comfortable Colors of the Wind is
Whenever I wear this series, I always get surprised by how comfortable it is, it is to the point where I can feel anything being in my eyes. I give perfect point to this category! 
I truly love the design of this lens to be honest, cause it reminds me of sunset!
Not just the color itself, but the way it is printed in lines reminds me of glowing sun
Personally, I think that's what got my attention, when I was picking out which pink lens I wanted to try"

"What I really like about I-Codi's Colors of the Wind series, with its solid design, there's no signs of whites of my eyes peaking through the circle lens and cover it all up, and make my eyes appear quite naturally. I never really expected 3 tone blue lens to be designed with 3 of similar colors
It was really unique idea compare to traditional blue, yellow and black mixture of 3 tone lens
I think, by mixing 3 tones of blue did make that color to pop out quite nice
But because of that, it does make my eyes to appear little artificial"

"Now I was looking for good green color circle lens which will show up to dark colored eyes
It is really difficult to find the color that I've been looking for, cause most of the green circle lenses doesn't show up well for dark brown eyes. That is why I got so excited when I first tried this lens on, and saw the color itself. It is very minty color than being pure green. And when it is worn on dark brown eyes like mine, it actually appears to be little bit of grayish green color. I am so in love with the color, that is why I wear this on every day basis"

"This Glam Gray was really unusual gray circle lens that I've ever tried
As I mentioned before, the actual color appears to be more of white color than being gray tone
Color is very pigmented which has no problem of showing up on my dark brown eyes
If you are into bright colors like this, I recommend you to try it out
I was really interested how they used orange color, rather than yellow color on the center of the lens
I think that is why the color appears more vibrant than other gray lens that I have tried before"

Note: This post contains chunks from Jesse Kim's review. For more pictures and thoughts on the products featured in this post, kindly visit this site

Soft Brown Lenses for Small Asian Eyes: GEO HC 102 Hurricane Hazel

"The diameter of these lens are 14.2mm which is great for my small eyes.  Although the size is small I think the darker brown edges gives the lenses an enlargement of 14.5mm lens.  I love the color and design.  The color is super close to my natural dark brown eyes and the design it not noticeably pixelated up close or further away.  I wore these lens for eight hours plus each time I wore them and didn't feel any discomfort.

I highly recommend getting these lens if you're looking for something natural.  They're great for events, photos and if you want to look like you're not wearing any circle lens. :)"-- opinion shared by Nkauj about Geo Hurricane Hazel lenses

Reproduce Sharingan Eyes with Twilight CPS 1 Sasuke

Get perfect Sharingan eyes with Twilight CPS 1 lenses. These lenses are 100% opaque, so expect the mind-blowing transformation. They are great for cosplays as they are quite comfortable. Sharingan lenses replicate Naruto eyes with just a discreet enlargement. They make your eyes look powerfully piercing & intense at the gaze. 

Flash Glam Grey Circle Lenses

Make an impact with Flash Glam grey circle lenses. These 3 tones grey circle lenses may appear very transparent at the first look but are actually very opaque. Flash Glam grey lenses have an edgy gradation of colors due to which the swift from lens color to your iris from the pupil whole is quirky and peculiar to this design. The lenses, are very strongly pigmented hence may be very yelling for some. Find our more pictures of Flash Glam grey lenses in a review by Mandy.

Long Silver Grey Wig with Twin Tails: Absolute Duo/Julie Sigtuna

This strikingly long wig comes with a base wig and twin tails that can be attached or removed. Julie Sigtuna cosplay wig has long silver grey silky straight tresses that despite being long prevent getting disheveled. The wig is soft to touch and pleasing to wear as it completely transforms the way you look. The wig can be reused for other characters as it can be styled using heat tools. It has straight blunt bangs that are considered necessary in Asia if you want to appear just very cute. Find out more about the wig in review here by Mandy

Dark Anime like Eyes using Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey

Animes are famous because of their twinkling eyes that are amplified beyond limits. Sweety Twinkle Eye grey circle lenses are very unusual as they make sure you get the similar twinkling eye effect. These are intense black circle lenses and thus the grey stars they boast; get dozens of attention. These lenses look somewhat eccentric as they design is strikingly unique- something you rarely seen in circle lenses. These lenses ensure a perfect blending against dark eyes & let your eyes mesmerize others.

Violet Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet

These vivid violet colored contacts are definitely must for cosplays. They are excellent at color pay off. They stay bright and make your eyes noticeable. They even stand loud against dark brown coffee colored iris and never fail to make an impact. Even with 14.8mm diameter that is just average, these Dolly Eye Blythe violet ensure a very catchy enlargement effect.

Short Natural Looking Black Wigs for Gender Impersonation

Black wigs are in. No matter what your original hair color is, black remains the hype. They say longer hair are for girls whereas boys look charming with a short hair style and bits of wisps falling down. If you are to cosplay a boy-ish character or you are  a boy yourself; look no further. Raymon or Arima Kousei black wigs with an edgy hair cut is all you need.  Both the wigs are made of heat resistant silky fibers that are good at volume yet light in weight. They are easy to style using  a blow dryer. Both the wigs reach till your nape from at the back whereas differ in length when it is about front cut. Raymon wig is sleeker whereas Arima Kousei black wig has scattered layers that cover the forehead pretty decently. See what the review says about both the wigs

Earthy Green Colored Contacts for Forest Nymph Cosplay

These breathtaking green contacts are suitable for both cosplay and the casual needs. Sweety Nudy 3 tones green boast a very unusual color pay off. They fuse with warm brown eyes seamlessly and make them shine naturally. The pattern along with the attention grabbing limbal ring make your iris bigger, bolder and deeper. They provide a very eccentric gradation of colors that further make your peepers look intriguing!  

Monday, 21 March 2016

Warm Candy Brown Eyes: Sweety Eclair Brown

These brown circle lenses with 40% water content make your eyes pop out, add warmth and newer dimensions. They are almost translucent, hence perfect to accentuate the real brown eyes. Sweety Eclair brown are chestnut brown that blends in naturally to create subtle big eye look. They stay comfortable whilst creating a striking amalgamation of colors. Check out real life photos with Sweety Eclair brown lenses

Saturday, 19 March 2016

You should Immediately Stop Doing this with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices that need meticulous care & handling. Failing to follow the instructions provided by your contact lens provider and medical experts, may lead to ocular infections & in some cases permanent blindness. The gross factor responsible for most of the contact lens induced infections is “water”. Water carries a microorganism that clings itself to the cornea and begins feeding on it. Acanthameoba Keratitis is too quick to even let you realize and is known to devour the human cornea in a small period of 24 hours. Stop being careless with your contact lenses & make your best efforts towards hygiene.

Contact lenses are handy accessories that help transforming the color & maintain crisp visual acuity. More than 30million people wear contact lenses alone in the United States and seldom do the doctors report contact lens related infections. This proves, that contact lens induced infections are almost rare which makes contact lenses safe to wear, provided they are FDA approved. As per experts, it is not contact lenses that should make people feel afraid of, but the poor attitude of the consumers towards circle contacts.

Why Water is Poisonous for Contacts?
Since water is not salty like tears, it gets absorbed by contact lenses. Due to the absorption of water, contact lenses swell and helps bacteria to dwell. The water borne micro-organisms than feed on corneal tissues and may lead to the permanent blindness by eating the eye ball within few hours.

If you are stuck in a situation where you have no supply of contact lens solution or a case to disinfect and store your lenses in then the best bet for you is to throw them away. Your eyes are too important to take a risk for. Never try rinsing them with water or saliva as both of these are ridden with bacteria.
A recent University study shows that Keratitis can stay longer in the disinfectant than previously thought. Therefore, be very diligent with your contact lenses to prevent the damage. Remember the drill i.e. washing your hands with a soap before touching your contacts to rub, rinse & disinfect your contact lenses using a multi-purpose solution.

Keratitis causes irritation and inflammation of the cornea and may lead to permanent vision loss if not treated correctly. Always remember pre-school lesson that prevention is better than cure. Don’t be repulsive about contact lenses but your lousy approach. Modern day contacts are made with keeping health standards into considerations and European CE certification further approves them for being safe for consumers. If you still suspect contact lens related discomfort; stop wearing them and immediately rush to an eye doctor for a complete diagnosis. Probably, you have ignored few of the contact lens care instructions!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Contact Lenses Saved Woman’s Eyes as she Mistakenly Shuts her Eyes Close using Super Glue

Contact lenses have been a boon for people looking forward to a reasonable and cost-effective mode of vision correction. Not only do contact lenses ensure crisp vision but also provide color transformation. Contact lenses have helped women but seldom have they prevented blindness expected from a sudden accidental mishap as was reported in China.

A women mistakenly instills super glue drops in her eyes at place of her usual lubricating drops and have had her eyes completely sealed. Fortunately, no significant damages were reported as her contact lenses had prevented the direct contact of glue with her eye ball. Since one of her eye was glued, her eye doctor carefully spent an hour separating her eye lashes and eyelids to keep the damages as less as possible.   

Doctors suggest patients to be careful when dealing with eye care medications. Experts warn consumers to store eye drops and art tools at the same shelf/drawer. To prevent the mishaps, always keep eye drops at a handy – easy to reach place whereas art & craft essentials (including nail art accessories) on the other hand should always be stacked and stored in a cupboard, away from your dressing or bedside table where you usually resort to, when in hurry for rewetting drops.

Also, it is recommended to always read the label carefully to prevent confusing eye drops with any other liquid. It is not necessary that wearing contact lenses will also make you fortunate enough to escape narrowly from permanent blindness like the Chinese woman in discussion. 

Permanent Eye Color Transformation Sparks Concern & Health Debate

Partial pigment removal.
In a brown eye, a thin layer of brown pigment covers the anterior iris, preventing light creating an opaque brown iris; in a blue eye, the Strōma fibers of the iris scatter incoming white light, creating a translucent, blue-gray appearance.
The outcome of the surgery is the removal of the brown stromal pigment and the emergence of the underlying natural blue Strōma.
(Photo courtesy of Strōma)

“We all have blue eyes, underneath our brown iris”, Said Greg Homer, the researcher & inventor of first non-invasive cosmetic surgery that changes eye color from brown to blue permanently. The new technology StrOma, is a painless procedure that transforms dark brown eyes to blue via low-laser surgery, thus lift patient’s reliance from upon colored contact lenses.

Though, it sounds tempting enough to have beautiful blue eyes; eye care professionals have shown their concern by associating the surgery with inflammation, ocular damage & excessive light sensitivity that could be potentially damaging in the long run.

“I have strong concerns that the risks of this procedure will significantly outweigh any real or imagined benefits,” Said Dr. Kamran Riaz, director of refractive surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology & Science at the University of Chicago.  Some doctors are skeptical of such surgeries. Mark Sheldon an ethicist at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago suggested patients to discriminate between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery where the former is taken to reconstruct the tissues damaged in burns whereas the latter is only advertised in magazines, directly enchasing women’s insecurities. “Surgery should only be undertaken when there is no other choice left”, said Sheldon.

Homer explained that brown eyes are covered by a thin layer of brown pigment that is gradually removed by the strOma laser. Once the front layer of tissues is removed, the natural blue tint appears that takes a period of only 30 seconds. The procedure often leaves a limbal ring (from the darker pigment of the brown) which Homer compares with beautiful hazel green eyes of Sharbat Gula, an Afghan women featured on the cover of National Geographic.

Homer criticizes concealing the brown iris using contact lenses as he expresses it does not exist naturally and looks fake. On the other hand, advocates of contact lenses jump in the discussion by providing a safe, hurdle-free & cost-effective alternative for color transformation in the form of colored lenses. The StrOma treatment is expected to carry a price tag of US$5000 upon hitting the consumer market whereas contact lenses are available for as low as US$ 20.00

Would you like to undergo a strOma surgery or would stick to contact lenses for color transformation?