Monday, 28 September 2015

What Saline Solution can do when Contact Lenses hurt your Eyes?

Wearing substandard, torn, dirty or expired contact lenses may hurt your eyes temporarily. Removing them immediately should be your top concern. To help cease the stinging sensation, resort to your saline solution. Saline solution is a sterile solution of distilled water & table salt. Saline solution is used for contact lens rinsing. It also heals minor cuts, wounds & relieves discomfort caused by damaged circle contacts.

Saline solution provides ocular lubrication & prevents super infections. Upon wearing contact lenses that are damaged or torn, your eyes get inflamed- to heal which, you need a wash out. Rinsing your eyes with saline solution also helps irritants flush away. Follow the procedure given below:
  1. Blink your eyes several times, softly.
  2. Pull down your upper eyelid over the lower
  3. Rinse your eyes using sterile saline solution
  4. Keep your eyes closed for few seconds. Do not rub your eyes

Salt in saline solution helps control the bacteria growth. Since it follows the same composition as of the human body it reduces the damage in tissues that is caused by tap water. Please be very careful about the salt you use. Keep it table salt purchased from local grocery store. Avoid iodized salt, or rock salt as it may contain particles or contaminants that could irritate the eyes. 

You can safely reinsert your contact lenses if the eyes feel fine after the wash-up. Otherwise, give them a rest for a day.

I got a Corneal Scratch. Should I Worry about Wearing Contact Lenses?

Superficial corneal scratches are common among the beginners who are still learning to carry circle contacts. Accidental poking whilst removing contact lenses or getting a foreign agent trapped in the eyelids may leave the cornea scarred. People who wear contact lenses for vision correction find it a serious threat to have scratches developed, as it pushes them into thinking that contacts are no safer for their eyes.

Luckily, eyes are the only organ of the body that repairs itself cell by cell. Eyes are resilient and they heal themselves quickly. Any minor pricks or scratches should definitely fade in a period of days and must not affect contact lens tolerance. Depending on the severity of the infection; you might need immediate treatment or surgery. Fortunately if you have been lucky enough to resist any serious blow, a mere eye patch would help healing the wound quickly.

It is common sense to toss the contact lens that you had when you poked your eyes. It might not be seen, but most probably; the jagged or over grown nail have caused a scratch on your lens too. Wearing scratched contact lenses may produce a burning or stinging sensation. It leads to red eyes, inflammation or may even trigger the discharge. As a safety precaution, it is advisable to avoid wearing contacts for a day after the mishap. It is safe to revert to your circle contacts for vision correction after the said time in case you feel no agony.

FDA Approved, branded Korean Origin Circle Lenses- from Uniqso
Have you ever accidentally got your eyes hurt by contact lenses? Circle contacts if FDA approved minimize the risks on infections. Accidents happen due to the negligence on the customers’ part most of the time. More than 30 million people wear contacts in United States alone and they swear by the convenience & comfort contact lenses have brought to their lives. What is your say?

Am I too Old to Wear Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are safe for children over 8 years as per the consensus of eye care professionals. Unfortunately, the older population of the society is often neglected in this regard. Elderly people in our homes find themselves stuck in glasses & contact lenses. “I don’t like wearing glasses; they feel heavy & make me look like a geezer. Contact lenses, on the other hand are way too delicate for my old eyes”; complains my grandpa. Fortunately, contact lenses have come a long way during the past few years that make them comfortable for everyone irrespective of the age bracket they fall in.

As per Dr Robert Maiolo; a Stamford based Ophthalmologist contact lenses have improved over the course of time. He suggests that previous unsatisfactory experiences must not deter the old class from wearing circle contacts.  

True, that young people are more able to easily deal with the changes in their lifestyles but circle contacts are now way too soft, thinner & comfortable. They get easily adjusted with your eyes letting you see clearly without discomfort. Circle lenses, may instigate dryness as they accumulate the protein debris. Older eyes are prone to get affected by dryness adversely; however using prescribed lubricating drops help alleviate the discomfort. Alternatively; older people can use daily disposables for optimum comfort.

Contact lenses used to be expensive a decade back. Fortunately, we now see a huge cut down in the prices due to the increased production & consumption rate. They are light weight thus they are like a breeze when compared to the hassles you encounter with your glasses. Introduce elder family members to contact lenses for the sake of their ease & peace. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Keep an Eye over your Eyes this Halloween: Stop Swapping Circle Lenses

While it may be the fun idea to swap special effect crazy lenses at Halloween, sharing contacts with friends lead to greater risks of contagious diseases. Body fluids transmit diseases in a flash that puts you at severe risks. Since Halloween contact lenses already need greater care due to them being opaque, swapping them run the risks of unexpected havoc to leave you with horrific consequences for the rest of your life.

Halloween is the most anticipated celebration, where all the witches and wizards claiming to have contacts with the spirit world come into action. It is mischievous to impersonate yourself into spooky Halloween’s symbolic icons.  Occasional ghosts, walking skeletons & brain devouring zombies strive to diffuse terror through objects defining the evil spirit of the eve such as by employing carved pumpkins, skulls, bones, fangs etc.  They further take their spooksville ahead by putting their eyes and sight at rise i.e. using second hand contact lenses. Eye doctors warn Halloween enthusiasts to keep an eye over their eyes. Don’t be the part of the horrendous terror by damaging your eyes through contact lens commuting. Crazy lenses that have once been inserted in your eyes will never be safe enough for your friend to enjoy a trial with.

Special effect circle lenses limit your vision. Thy make use of non-transparent tint that completely masks the color of your eyes. Furthermore, they are not available in prescription unless you get them customized. There is no harm imitating your favorite movie character. True, without Noveltylenses you cannot add the “wow” factor- wear them but observe caution. Never get too overwhelmed with trick-o-treats that you end-up becoming a trick to yourself at the end of the day. Contact lenses are personal prosthetic devices even those with cosmetic values should not be shared. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

6 Incredible Uses of Skin79 Makeup Removing Wipes

Almost all of us love to enjoy the luxury provided by the makeup removing wipes. Though they contain more or less the same ingredients that a regular wash off cleanser boasts, they are the “preferred pick” of women as they come handy due to the portability. Makeup removing wipes such as Skin79 Kick it Side contain vegetable oils that ensure squeaky clean face with no grimy residue behind. You will be surprised to learn the other 6 magical & inspiring alternative uses of such wipes that are moisturizing & pliable yet aggressive enough to combat against stubborn stains.

Cleaning Stains:

  1. Skin79 Kick it Side Makeup removing wipes are very promising. They do not only vow to leave your skin feeling new and fresh but they are also capable enough to remove the stains off your furniture. Cleansing wipes give your furniture a whole new life as they are easy to pull between the slits where usual duster cannot make through. Skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes take care of your wooden furniture by removing the dust and grime with one gentle swipe.
  2. Skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes help taking makeup stain off the clothing. If you accidentally get your shirt muddy by the makeup spills & mineral particles, pull off a makeup towel and swipe it for the surprising magic.
  3. Makeup wipes are exceptional in giving your leather accessories like bags and shoes a rare & bespoke shine. Glide it on your leather shoes for a glossy luster.
  4. Wipes can also be tied to a mop for an extra glitz. It will efficiently pick up dirt, grime & micro lint that often go unnoticed during regular cleansing. These wipes also genuinely clean glass tables, frames and window panes.
  5. Clean your digital accessories such as tabs, phones, lap tops using wipes. They are soft & supple. They clean screens without scratching them.
  6. Towel wipes are also beneficial removing dust from indoor plants. They will return plants their shine back in an instant. This saves the mess that you expect pouring down water individually on every leaf.

Skin79 Makeup removing wipes are to care for your face. You don’t need to pull a new towel every time to avail the other cleansing benefits. Simply, before discarding the used wipe; look around in your room if something else needs a wash-up. Reuse, resurrect and revive- all with skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes.

Tips to Make your Synthetic Wigs Look Natural

Synthetic wigs are not only affordable, but are easy to pull off. They keep wave & style memory, saving your time every morning to style your hair. Synthetic wigs are very handy for the working women; except the shine in some wigs can be a bit annoying. The tip to go confidently with your synthetic hair is to own it. If you keep fidgeting around, you are spoiling the look. Below are some tips to carry your style confidently
  1. Try choosing synthetic wigs that match your natural hair color. They create a realistic effect & make your hairstyle appropriate for every day wear.
  2. Synthetic wigs with too much shine look fake. To reduce the shine, sprinkle baby powder on to your wig and brush through for an even spread out of the baby powder.
  3. When wearing wig, whisk it gently. Let the air pass through the fibers for a gentle puff.
  4. Synthetic wigs are made from plastic fibers. Do not get too close to flames when wearing wigs as the heat can cause irreparable damage. Observe caution whilst dealing microwave ovens.
  5. Always support your wig by wearing a wig cap underneath. A wig cap helps secure your wig firmly. It also ensures a flat base by tugging your hair.
  6. Put your wig on from front to back.
  7. It is good to minimize the use of styling products on your synthetic hair. Always use products formulated for synthetic wigs.

Do you wear synthetic wigs? What tips do you have to share with us?

Why do my Contact Lenses Keep Splitting?

Contact lens beginners often complain about lenses being damaged through ripping. Contact lenses if handled carefully, are less likely to split. The common cause of  splitting is usually pinching them too hard whilst removing them. There are other minor factors involved which users tend to neglect about. If even at changing the brands, models and type of circle contacts you keep getting them torn, consider the following points.

  1. Keep your nails trimmed and perfectly foiled. There should be no jagged edges. Uneven edges can tear soft lenses or cause scratches which can be very uncomfortable for eyes. Such contact lenses if worn, trigger stinging sensation.
  2. When putting your lenses back in the chambers, be very careful that they are swiftly floating in the solution. Carefully, check that they do not get stuck in between the case’s edge and the lid. When they get caught, they will be ripped.
  3. Do not over wear your contacts. Continuing to wear them when the expiry has approached put eyes at risk of corneal abrasions and other superficial damages. Watch  over the expiry date.
  4. If you suffer from dry eyes syndrome; be very careful about keeping them moist. Use lubricating drops that are safe to be used with contact lenses. Some solutions leave the residue and turn contacts hazy.
  5. Do take a note of your supplier. If the supplier cannot be traced of its authenticity; your contact lenses are probably substandard or even fake.
  6. In case, no matter what; your contact lenses keep splitting, it is advisable to switch to daily disposables.

After discovering even a minor scratch, toss your lenses off immediately to prevent mix-ups with the fresh pairs.According to Dr. Andrew Shatz; certified Ophthalmologist “Torn contacts have sharp edges that can scratch the eye. This can in turn allow bacteria from the contact or eye surface to get under the skin and cause a serious eye infection. Do not use a torn contact lens”

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Management with Computer Vision Syndrome in Contact Lens Users

Science concludes that staring at screen reduces the number of times you blink. Blinking keeps eyes moist & hydrated. Working at computer causes eye fatigue that is aggravated due to wearing contact lenses. Computer vision syndrome includes dry or runny eyes, fatigued eyes, hazy or blurred vision & redness. Patients with CVS may find it uncomfortable to continue with contact lenses. However by introducing few modifications in the lifestyle, you can get back to work with optimum efficiency.

Tips to Relieve CVS

  1. Keep an appropriate distance from the screen. The angle, the distance & the height of the screen should be well-optimized. To prevent muscular strain & eyes observe caution whilst working at computer.
  2. Minimize glaring at screen for long. Look away from the screen for few seconds. Look up & down. Batting eyes also provides comfort.
  3. Don’t over-wear contact lenses. Though it is more about personal tolerance; it is said that computer usage reduce contact lens endurance. Since contact lenses block swift oxygen flow to the cornea, eyes feel fatigued even more when they are made to glare at the screen. If you can tolerate contacts for 8 hours otherwise; you would want to cut down it to 5-6 hours when working at computer.  
  4. Environmental factors such as air-conditioned buildings adversely affect contact lens tolerance. Air-conditioning compromises the humidity level that alleviates the dry eye syndrome in computer related vision disorders.
  5. Stay very observant about the screens you work at. Keep them clean, so that your eyes don’t have to work strenuously.
  6. Some contact lenses are better at retaining water whereas some tend to get dry quickly. Contact lenses with high water content are though more comfortable they are known to make eyes dry. Rewet eyes using lubricating drops if burning sensation or difficulty in blinking eyes is observed.

Computer vision syndrome can be managed. Lifestyle modifications help relieve the discomfort in contact lens users. It greatly enhances the ability to refocus by minimizing headaches, double vision & difficulty batting the eyes. To keep eyes comfortable & prevent dryness, keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcoholic drinks help your eyes do the talking with an unparalleled sparkle! 

Cornea at Risk: Avoid Applying Makeup & Contact Lenses on the Go

Doctors warn women to avoid applying makeup & contact lenses on the go; as a sudden jolt could lead you to poke your eyes accidentally. Human eyes are resilient but improper handling of contact lenses & poor hygiene practices trigger searing & vision threatening infections.

Speaking ahead of the National Eye Health Week, Dr Blakeney said: “Talking about good make-up hygiene and habits may seem trivial, but we’re keen to encourage people to take some simple steps, such as hand-washing and taking notice of expiry information, that may help minimize potential risks to eye health."

Inserting contact lenses or touching up makeup whilst travelling, carry potential risks & health hazards. Accidental poking triggers Injurious infections, corneal abrasions & permanent vision loss. Contact lenses ensure greater freedom, sense of security and enhanced peripheral vision which actually contributes to reduce the risk of crashes during driving. This being said, there lies no harm wearing contact lenses during driving. What puts you at risk is your ignorance & negligence. Inserting contact lenses or fixing your makeup should not be an option when you drive or are travelling as a passenger.

Whilst travelling, consumers tend to ignore the instructions embedded on the product. Like contact lenses, products like mascara and eye liners also come with an expiry date. This is yet another threat of applying makeup on the go.

If contact lenses are to be fixed- take a pause from whatever you are doing. Disinfect your hands using a disinfectant or a hand sanitizer before putting your lenses in. Wear preventive ocular wear such as shades to help protect eyes from accidental mishaps. Furthermore, doctors recommend using water-soluble-makeup as it reduces the chances of infection. Water soluble makeup agents gets washed away with tears if get into contact with eyes & contact lenses. 

The Best Procedure to Apply BB Cream: Flawless Texture using Skin79 BB Cream

BB cream provides satin finish with a matte effect whilst intercepting UV rays. BB cream acts like a tinted moisturizer with additional benefits. Skin79 BB cream with its triple action formula ensures uniform texture & glowing complexion if applied properly. Improper application of BB cream results in ashy or cake-y application. To achieve dolly-like flawless texture, apply your favorite Skin79 BB cream using a brush or a beauty-blender.

Skin79 BB Cream is best applied with a brush/ blender

Just like regular foundations or tinted moisturizer; the key to applying BB cream is to blend, blend and blend. Skin79 BB cream enjoys pivotal position when preparing base for your face. Since Skin79 BB cream is buildable, it is considered best of the balm to achieve light to medium coverage. To get the best of the blemish balm apply it using a beauty blender.

BB cream when applied with a brush or a blender provides air-brushed finish. It effectively reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, dark-circles & acne marks. Blending like a pro, helps adhering it on to the skin impeccably. Since it is build-able, it is crucial to blend the first layer before proceeding with the second layer.

Dealing with a beauty blender, requires skills. Beginners should begin the blending journey with foundation brush. Finger pads carry germs & most of the product is wasted when trying to blend with the fingers. Beauty blender or the brush on the other hand consumes less product- spread it generously making it sure that little goes the long way.
Though it is a personal preference how you would like to go with your application but experts opine blending a BB cream is mandatory in order to acquire dewy finish that looks natural enough to accentuate your facial features. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Why do My Eyelids Feel Heavy when Wearing Contact Lenses?

There are several factors that cause heavy eyelids. The droopiness is associated with tiredness but contact lenses and computer usage add significantly to it.  Tired eyes may appear puffy, swollen & red. When eye muscles are put to over-work and when eyes are forced to stay open during a workout – staring at screens, reading, scanning etc. eye lids substantially feel heavy. Removing contact lenses may relieve the strain. Resting eyes by closing them for a short time such as in the nap, may help reduce the muscular fatigue in eyes.

Are Contact Lenses Alone Responsible for Heavy Eyes?

Although heavy eyelids are nothing serious but constant tiredness may lead to irritability, headaches & stress. Dry eyes & seasonal allergies may also turn eye lids heavy. To reduce puffiness, focus on the following factors:
  1. Get sound sleep of 8 hours daily
  2. Reduce prolonged staring at computer screens. If your work routine includes excessive working at computers, you may be suffering from computer vision syndrome.
  3. Your prescription needs to be renewed. Contact lenses with improper prescription may lead to strenuous eyes.
  4. Wearing contact lenses for extended duration or wearing them past the expiry also causes strain in eyes. Never wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day -6 hours, if your work compels you staring at screens.

When Contact Lenses are not a problem..

If your eyes feel comfortable whilst wearing contact lenses, but hurt just after removing them then problem lies in the prescription. Contact lenses can be worn for only a small duration. After removing prescription contact lenses, your eyes need to squint in order to see distant objects clearly. Better get a permanent solution such as Lasik surgery. 

Natural Looking Gold Lenses against Vocaloid Luka Wig D: I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Lenses

Finding gold lenses that look natural is just like drawing a line from the nose. Either they don't look gold, or if they do; they look unnatural and crazy. Gold lenses that are true gold, blend in nicely & make your eyes warm by adding depth. I.Fairy Moe Moe brown lenses employ three fancy tones ranging from warm yellow & gold to brown. The 3 tones create a subtle fusion whilst providing dolly enlargement. 

"These look awesome up close - on blue eyes they’re a rich gold color or sometimes a more yellow color when indoors.  Unlike other gold-tone lenses, even in dim light the tone doesn’t tint green in photography like a lot of gold lenses do.  The only thing that could make them better is if the color was brighter or less brown or in dim lighting, since they do fade from far away"

Luka Wig D looks fancy against I.Fairy Moe Moe brown due to the color variation. The pink wig is capricious thus bound to catch attention. The lavish ringlet curls, matte texture, and wavy locks redefine the feminine beauty. It flaunts a long back tail and enormous volume. Read complete review of I.Fairy Moe Moe brown & Vocaloid Luka wig D  for more pictures. 

Safety Considerations: Halloween Novelty Contact Lenses

Scroll down for a surprise

Everything that is man-made, either to serve functional needs or fashion craves; carry risks. The manufacturer thus embeds the usage instructions & warnings at the product’s packaging. Contact lenses whether regular or novelty pose sight-searing threats if worn improperly. Furthermore, contact lenses are actually medical devices than fun accessories. This is why show greater concern when planning an evening out whilst sporting crazy circle lenses. Prior to wearing crazy lenses; it is suggested that you get yourself checked by an eye doctor to rule out the chances of hidden eye infections for instance; dry eye syndrome.

Are Theatrical Crazy Lenses Safe to Wear?

Crazy lenses boasting freakish reptilian designs and or those with intellectual combinations of UV glow with wacky hues make a theatrical impression. These lenses should never be purchased from novelty or beach shops, flea markets, and beauty salons or from unauthorized vendors. Since crazy lenses obstruct vision in more than ways; you should be very concerned even if your purchased novelty lenses are CE, KFDA, GMP etc approved.

Over-the-counter Halloween lenses make use of substandard pigments and plastic that run the risk of horrendous corneal ulcers and permanent vision loss. Contrary to this, certified branded crazy contacts don’t only employ the quality pigments but also process the products under state of art, hygienic labs and environment. Your first & foremost priority must be choosing a pair of contacts either from your doctor or from an authorized, trusted & reliable re-seller online.

Safety Measures:

1. Crazy lenses are known for their opacity. They limit the vision & may turn your sight hazy depending on the strength of the colors used. Some of the crazy contacts cover the entire eye including the whites. These lenses are called sclera lenses. They demand extra care & safety precautions. Keep them for stage performances only than night time trick-o-treats.

2. Crazy lenses are not commonly available in prescriptions. This is the other reason; people with vision problems should stay cautious- to prevent tripping. Though the pupil is kept transparent to let you see, there are some lenses that even cover the pupil hole to ensure the frosty effect such as zombie lenses.

3. Contact lenses with bigger diameters & crazy designs are more drying than regular contact lenses, sometimes. To prevent dehydration, keep your eyes moist by using re-wetting drops that are compatible with contact lenses. Also avoid alcoholic drinks.

Crazy lenses that are genuine, coming from well-known Korean brands are made through advanced technology that significantly improves oxygen transmission. The hues and the luminescent coating is kept sandwiched between the layers so that they could not touch your eyes. You have got a million ways to enjoy wicked Halloween- special effect lenses are just the first step of the ladder. Get your crazy lenses from trustworthy names, as you would not want to get real life rotten eyes after the Halloween is over!

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Bag your Crazy lenses at 11% OFF-Limited Time Offer Only

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Monstrous Halloween to knock you Down: Sclera Lenses Available- Free Shipping

Halloween is the time to legally go nefarious. It is the time you showcase your brutal creativity the most epic way. Unless you are dressed as a blood sucking savage, brutal monster or brain devouring zombie; you cannot succeed sending chills to the spines. For a transformation that is malicious enough to freak others out; grab the most horrendous collection of Crazy Sclera lenses.

Why use Sclera Lenses at Halloween?

Dare to live on the edge? If you are quintessential about being a dare devil than sclera lenses are just your taste. These blood & gore sclera lenses complete a reality effect. Since they are 100% opaque, these lenses are strongly pigmented & ferocious looking. Crazy Sclera lenses are the demand of the day. They help you create the illusion of rotten beasty eyes that are inhumane & deadly. Crazy sclera lenses hold strong theatrical effects that reflect cannibalism, gruesome activities & freakish evil intentions.

Phantasee Sclera Lenses: The Benefits & Effects they Offer

Get one of the most frightening Phantasee Sclera lenses this Halloween at a fraction of cost with free international shipping. Phantasee Sclera lenses are made from breakthrough technology of hydrogel material. They are super comfortable, breathable & despite employing color-blocking technology; they ensure minimum hindrance in vision.

Phantasee sclera lenses are sister brand of ColorVue. These crazy sclera lenses are GMP, ISO and CE approved. Thus, they are convincing enough to ensure a goose-bumping experience this season. Phantsasee sclera lenses produce strong visual effects that for a minute hold your haunted victim tremendously struck in panic.

Halloween is approaching cunningly like a dementour’s suck. Before it hits you; better get ready to invade the foes. Create your own spooks Ville or go marching down the lane for a night howl. Let the sclera lenses do the rest of the fainting.  

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to Fix a Broken Skin79 BB Pact?

There is nothing to scream about if you accidentally drop your favorite BB pact and broke it. Skin79 BB pacts come with a mirror. Unless, the mirror is shattered; nothing should warrant concern. Skin79 BB pacts and all other forms of powder cosmetics can be fixed using rubbing alcohol. Save your pocket- why should you toss something off that can be resurrected in a mo? Enough of the tossing with contact lenses already. Let’s continue using BB pacts to the longest. (According to experts, BB pacts should last for more than 3 years. This however, does not allow you to ignore the guidelines; embedded on the packaging)

Things Required:
  1. Other than broken BB pact, you need the following essentials
  2. Plastic wrap or a small petri dish
  3. Spatula
  4. Dropper
  5. Eyeshadow brush
  6. 70% Alcohol

  1. Cover your BB pan with a plastic wrap tightly. You are preparing your pact for the next “crushing & beating” stage. Take note, there happens no spillage as you turn your compressed BB pact back in powdered form. OR
  2. Alternatively; you can take the pieces of broken pact into a petri dish for the crushing process. Only, if you fear you will damage the powder pan during grinding.
  3. Using your spatula, gently crush the powder into pieces- not only the broken pieces but the entire pact. Aim at crushing it too much that it achieves the powdery form.
  4. Using a dropper, add few drops of 70% alcohol and stir it up. The consistency should neither be too thick nor too thin that it starts running out. Mix it until you get the desired smooth consistency.
  5. Now using your eye shadow brush; draw clear and sharp edges. Let it air dry for few hours. You will be amazed at what you receive after the pact has completely dried up.



If you have plenty of broken eye shadows, blushers, highlighters; you can go little wacky. Instead of throwing your investment in a dustbin, it is always fun to invent something new from the waste. Mix all your powders together to get a new shimmery eye shadow. The new product is something that only you own and thus may help you build your signature line of makeup ;)

The above method can also be used to revive old cream shadows, mousses or cracked blushers that have gone brittle over time.

Pictures courtesy: The Beauty Department.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Snorkeling with Contact Lenses: How to Enjoy whilst Keeping Eyes Safe

Contact lenses have been a greater medium to alter your vision than spectacles. Since spectacles come with cons heavier than the pros, they are not considered best for fun-filled adventurous activities. Spectacles, depending on the prescription may be heavy due to the thicker glasses and frames used. This being said, they keep you prevented from enjoying a thrilled free-fall or a snorkeling experience. Contrary to glasses, contact lenses do not only allow wider field of vision but also cut down fidgeting (that is common with frames). Snorkeling experts opine that wearing contact lenses is the safest option for people with vision impairments. Though prescription snorkeling masks are available for snorkeling; no one would ever want to spend $ 100 or more for just once in a life time experience.

Considerations with Contact Lenses whilst Snorkeling:
  1. Contact lenses keep your hands free. You will not be able to enjoy the sightseeing beauty of coral reefs, anomalous underwater formations, colorful fish & other breathtaking marine creatures unless you have perfect vision. Unfortunately, glasses here are not even an option. Since to date, there exist no such snorkeling masks that could fit over frames, you have to rely on contact lenses for good.
  2. Secondly, glasses fog up. Snorkeling masks are themselves heavy & wearing glasses underneath, will only make things go worse. To enjoy a free dive, use daily disposable contact lenses. Contact lenses should not come into contact with water as microorganisms when get over contact lenses may stick to the surface & grow cumulatively.
  3. Contact lenses usually do not wash out under water whilst snorkeling as explained by Galen-famous snorkeler from United States. Water splashes may get into the mask & into eyes several times during a dive. This is why we recommend you to throw the contact lenses as soon as you are out of the water. Travel with more than two pairs of contact lenses so that you could get a fresh one into eyes as soon as you are on the boat again.

To enjoy the splendid beauty of the oceans you need to keep an eye over your eyes. As long as you have prescription contact lenses; shortsightedness must not restrict you from enjoying the marvels of the world. Go on a fresh dive in the sea or undertake a venturous tandem-jump. Sea is all yours and so are skies!

Disclaimer: The information regarding the use of contact lenses during snorkeling has been taken from professional snorkeling resources. This information is just to provide basic knowledge only. UNIQSO Enterprises, thus do not take any responsibility in case of mishandling, injury or loss of contact lenses. Please, make thorough research, seek experts' advises & wear contact lenses on your own risk.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bright Green Eyes: Puffy 3 Tones Green Lenses

The ingenious amalgamation of three hues make these lenses an interesting choice. Barbie Puffy 3 tones green lenses are strongly pigmented & vivid. They blend in softly, creating natural big eye looks. These green lenses make brown eyes gorgeous by adding a glossy finish. The yellow-orange hue surrounding the pupil ensures beautiful transition. They are comfortable and very striking. Read, Puffy 3 Tones green circle lenses review here

High School Anime Makeup Tutorial using I-Codi Violet Lenses & Stella Pointed Lashes

High school looks demand for a decent sense of fashion. To make an impression what you really need is circle lenses and a pair of lavish lashes with a moderate drape. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 37 Milk Lilac are an unusual shade of eye color but they grab what they are manufactured for. These milky soft violet lenses ensure tons of affectionate gazes. The series is known for the blending effect. I-Codi Colors of the Wind fuse naturally with a very charming color transition. The pattern is nothing bold that helps mimicking anime big eye looks. Stella pointed eye lashes 8032 create a fancy illusion. These angular lashes increase the length and adds volume to your natural lashes. Furthermore, pointed lashes help create an illusion of longer doe-shaped eyes.   

Dio Brando Cosplay using Phantasee Red Lestat Vampire & Brando Cosplay Wig

"The wig itself is beautiful. It comes in the exact color as displayed on the website.  Dio Brando wig is heat resistant and is quite thick. It's especially thick on the top, so you get that amazing volume Dio's hair has in some illustrations. If you're not interested in this much volume, then all you have to do is brush it down while blow drying it carefully. "

On the other hand the Lestat vampire lenses are just so amazing. "To my surprise, they came with a three color design. Yellow on the inside, orange in middle and black on the outside. I felt like these suited Dio the best, since they appear slightly creepy when worn without makeup and that's the look I was hoping to get from these. "; reads Lokeva's review

Friday, 11 September 2015

Choosing between Tones of Circle Lenses: Mono Tone or Two Tones?

Circle lenses have been a great medium of vision correction for decades now. They are however, most raved about; not, for the vision correction but for the means of personality enhancement. Contact lenses draw attention by emphasizing more on eyes. This is achieved by adorning the eyes with different hues that circle lenses come integrated with. Choosing between several tones can be complex. More than any rocket science, it is actually the personal preference that rules.

Mono Tone Circle Lenses

Circle lenses that come in single hue are the most basic type of lenses. These circle lenses are manufactured to bring light colored eyes into limelight. They are subtle, sophisticated and more natural looking. Mono tone circle lenses add warmth and depth to naturally light colored eyes to make them look more intense & meaningful.

The sole purpose of mono tone contacts is to accentuate the natural color of eyes. The best example of one tone circle lenses is “Barbie Choco Circle Lenses”. They accentuate brown eyes by adding a deeper shade of brown, as a result; your eyes are more sparkling, warm & bigger. Single tone circle lenses help you acquire bigger eyes with as less of drama as possible. They are considered the most casual type of lenses, recommended for school & office wear.
Another example is Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey. These lenses beautifully bring out the beauty of light eyes by adding intense pigmentation. They blend in, like a breeze for a smoldering big eye effect. 

Two Tone Circle Lenses

Circle contacts with two tones redefine one’s elegance & beauty. Their specialty is limbal ring that is darker & solid in color. Due to the presence of limbal ring, the bigger eye effect is more pronounced & eye-catching.  Two tone circle lenses make eyes look whimsical for a touch of innocence. These circle lenses draw inspiration from an infant’s eye where the outer ring is most prominent. They are available in variety of color contrasts, aimed at ensuring the second glances.

For a dolly appearance, circle lenses like Dolly eye Dizon Eye green are considered mandatory. The subdued hues ensure an ethereal effect that is both striking & illusive. Two tones circle lenses have over-powering benefits to offer. Depending on the design, 2 tone circle lenses are more impressive in terms of texture & pigment. For instance, Super Angel brown lenses cast energetic, bold & irresistible gazes. They make eyes look piercing to renew your personality statement.

Contact lenses irrespective of what colors they incorporate, tend to make eyes look prettier and balanced. The harmonious effect, produced by the fusion of different hues take the wearer’s beauty to the next level of sophistication & serenity. 

Safety Considerations: Driving with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses ensure wider field vision due to enhanced peripheral sight. Driving with contact lenses is certainly safer than spectacles for several reasons. Ensuring few safety considerations let drivers with impaired vision to stay fearless throughout the journey. A research conducted on “Vision Impairment & Driving” concludes that visual acuity is only weakly related to crashes whereas peripheral vision seems to play a critical role. Thus, it is safe to assume that contact lenses provide greater freedom, sense of safety & convenience during driving.

Safety Tips for Drivers:
  1. Circle contacts may turn dry quickly in extreme windy conditions. Car vents; blowing cold or hot air affect circle lens tolerance & may reduce the wearing duration. To prevent eyes from strenuous strain during driving, divert the car vents away from your face.
  2. Keep the driver’s side window closed. There should be no direct air pressure on driver’s face or on eyes. Furthermore, in windy atmosphere; air carries pollutants that when get into eyes accumulate over contact lenses and trigger abrupt urge of rubbing eyes. This leaves your circle lenses scratchy and unwearable.
  3. In blazing environment, protect your eyes by either wearing UV protection circle contacts or by sun glasses. Sometimes hot air along with sizzling beams of sun, turn lenses hazy due to which vision is temporarily blurred. Wearing UV intercepting eye wear protect eyes from changing environmental conditions.
  4. Carry a contact lens traveling kit. In case, lubrication is required due to an annoying sensation of dryness; use re wetting drops to moisten your eyes. Do not drive for minimum of a five minutes after instilling eye drops. Only use contact lens compatible eye drops.

Low vision reduces the driving exposure. Best practice is to start wearing prescription contact lenses for a better peripheral vision & greater independence. Spectacles may fall off on a bumpy ride, keeping your hands engaged and causing diversions. Contact lenses, however prevent fidgeting for a safer driving experience by enabling sharp vision. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Swollen Eye Lids: Are Contact Lenses Responsible?

People who wear contact lenses may suffer from minor contact lens related discomfort. Circle contacts need meticulous care & handling, this is why people with improper approach and unhygienic practices are often found complaining about their contacts. Circle contacts that are FDA approved usually do not bother but failing to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer may lead to potentially sight-threatening conditions. Swollen eye lids are usually an indication of underlying cause such as allergies, infections or water retention. Though contact lenses are not directly involved, they do contribute to the swollen eye lids.

If you suffer from swollen eye lids & eye sore, years after wearing contact lenses; the problem is certainly an allergenic. Some people are sensitive to contact lenses due to which they are prone to develop contact lens related infections & discomfort. Pollen, dust particles, or an incompatible contact lens solution are notable contributors to swollen eye lids.

Things you need to Pay Attention to:
  1. Your hygiene
  2. Contact lenses & their cases
  3. Contact lens solution
  4. Eye drops
  5. Allergens

Other than investing in branded FDA certified contact lenses, you need to pay attention to your contact lens solution and eye drops. Not all eye drops are compatible with contact lenses. Some of the eye drops accumulate over contacts and make them hazy. Similarly contact lens solutions with harsh chemicals may pose threats to eyes.

Contact lens cases need to be watched. If not replaced every three months, a buildup of slimy bio-film over the plastic cases may transfer bacteria over you contacts which are then transmitted to cornea. Though contact lens problems are fortunately easy to deal with, sometimes vision-threatening parasitical infections completely devour the cornea.

Always be very careful about your eyes, as you get only one pair. NEVER buy circle lenses and accessories that are cheap, substandard or with an origin that is unknown. Wear medically certified contact lenses fearlessly to correct vision problems and always have a very pragmatic approach towards contact lens disinfection for beautiful & sparkling eyes.

Eye sore or swollen eye lids indicate an underlying cause. Whilst contact lenses may not be directly involved, they do contribute to eye sores. Contact lenses with FDA certification are safe to wear, but your unhygienic approach towards contact lens handling & disinfection may lead to serious infections.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why do My Eyes Itch after Removing Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses if bear manufacturing flaws will itch when you wear them. Contrary to this, if you get an eye sore or develop any kind of irrational discomfort after removing contact lenses then the problem is perhaps in your contact lens solution. Alike contact lenses, there are several varieties of contact lens solutions available in the market but only some meet the health standards.

The delayed hypersensitivity that develops after many months of contact lens wearing is more likely an indication of incompatible solution. Solutions including preservatives that are mercury based often lead to irritation & redness. Harsh chemicals trigger instant reactions leading to temporary ocular disorders. Whilst the best strategy is to discontinue wearing contacts for a day or two, it is advised that you meanwhile look for a hypoallergenic multi-purpose contact lens solution. Multi-purpose solution is a multi-tasking liquid that does not only soak & preserve your contact lenses but also disinfect them thoroughly by breaking down the lipids and proteins accumulated on the surface of circle contacts.

Patients with previous history of infections, allergies, eczema etc. are more likely to get affected by substandard solutions or lenses. The sensitivity grows further if the immediate actions to relieve the discomfort are prevented.

How to identify the culprit of the discomfort

If contact lens solution has been the problem; you should expect any of the following symptoms
  1. Irritable & Itchy eyes with same pair of lenses you have been wearing for a couple of months
  2. Increasing discomfort even after removing the contacts
  3. Weepy eyes that feel warm

What to do?
  1. Switch to pharmacy made multi-purpose solutions.
  2. Use eye drops to help relieve the discomfort
  3. Don’t leave the solution bottle unopened. Leaving the caps off reduces the efficacy of the disinfectant.

Most of the patients are concerned about what they take in their eyes. They however forget the importance of a good contact lens solution. Solutions are as significant as are your contacts. Contact lenses correct the refractive errors, where as a good antimicrobial & bio-compatible multi-purpose solution will form a protective barrier against germs, reaching your eyes.

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2 Best Lenses for Green Eyes: I.Fairy Lucius Grey & Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Brown

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