Thursday, 28 January 2016

Can’t I Wear Colored Lenses because of Dirty Tear Film?

Contact lenses are controlled by the tear film. Tear film is a thin layer that helps contact lenses float over the cornea. When the tear-film’s production or quality is compromised due to infections or sensitivities; it becomes painful to continue wearing contact lenses. It consists of mucous, water and oil (lipids). Dirty-tear film is an eye-lid infection which produces more oil than needed. Due to the excessive oil in your tears, you may be told by your doctor to avoid certain kind of contact lenses – if not all.

How to Wear Contact Lenses with Dirty Tear Film?

There is no one off-cure for blepharitis, sadly. It can be improved using medications but it reoccurs as the conditions go unfavorable & rough. People with dirty-tear film are barred from using certain type of contacts. Since colored lenses add to dryness & accumulate bacteria from eyes, it is recommended to switch to daily disposable contact lenses or monthly if the infection is not chronic.

People with dirty or oily film may also find their eyes dry. Oil limits lubrication in eyes due to which stinging or burning is felt. Wearing contact lenses may further aggravate the infection since contact lenses restrict the smooth flow of oxygen.

Which Contact Lenses should be avoided with Dirty Tear Film?
Colored contacts with high water percentage and contact lenses with extended wear should be avoided. Circle contacts with annual replacement schedule are not a good choice either. The best type to begin with is lenses that come with short expiry date.

Dirty tear film may buildup deposits on contacts this is why daily disposable lenses are considered the best choice. A checkup is necessary, as an eye doctor is the only person to recommend you contact lenses depending on the severity of your case along with some other medications.

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