Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Are Monthly Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Soft contact lenses have come a long way. Previously, contact lenses were not advanced enough to suit everyone’s life style & vision requirements. Daily, monthly, tri-monthly, annual and extended wear contact lenses are now available for vision correction. Basically, the replacement schedule of soft contact lenses is significantly patterned by one’s life style & activities. Additionally, infections and seasonal allergies play a role. Dailies & monthlies are considered one of the best choices for people with sensitivities.

Why Monthly Contact Lenses?

  • Monthly contact lenses require less maintenance than annual contacts. You wear these for 27/30 days and toss them off after the expiry date has approached. Definitely, you need to disinfect monthlies just like any of your regular contacts and soak them in the solution to be used the next morning. Monthly contact lenses are aimed at people with sensitivities. If your eyes trigger allergic response with pollen suspended in the air or if your eyes simply cannot tolerate the protein build-up, these monthly contact lenses are for you.
  • Monthly contact lenses are cheaper than dailies. You purchase fewer pairs when you toss a pair after a month than disposing it every day
  • Monthlies are more comfortable. Usually monthly and daily soft contacts are made from silicone hydrogel material that let your eyes breathe. They keep your eyes hydrated whilst staying moist in your eyes. More oxygen permeability means more hydrated eyes.
  • Other types of contact lenses obstruct oxygen to some extent. Since eyes do not get their oxygen supply from the body they have to rely on the open environment to fulfil the need.
    Standard contact lenses however act as a barrier and oxygen supply is compromised. Monthly contact lenses, on the other hand allow five times of more oxygen supply.

Okay, but How to decide if I should Get Monthly Disposable Lenses?

Always talk to your doctor before switching to a different schedule in case you have special vision needs. Contact lenses aim to make your life convenient. Choosing between the various options is typically a matter of preference. If you are indecisive on it, let your doctor guides you to develop a better understanding. 

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