Saturday, 30 January 2016

Never Lose Socks in Laundry Again

This is an unflattering truth that even the best organizers of us lose their socks during a laundry cycle. Having a bunch of mismatched socks is totally a waste which of course no one would fancy. Even the thigh high socks are subjected to get orphaned as soon as you put them off and throw in the laundry basket. Thigh high socks are more than just socks- they help you building an outfit. It is always fun to mix and match the various layers of your outfit with thigh high socks. Unfortunately, as you miss a sock; you do not only end up wasting a kawaii pair of thigh highs but also the entire outfit you would usually wear with these. To prevent losing socks during a machine wash, follow the steps below

Get Clips for your Thigh High Socks

Sock-clips are easily available in the stores or you may purchase some online. Sock-clips are easy to use. They are available in various funky colors and work just like paper clasps. Clip a pair of thigh high socks before putting it into a washer. Keep the cycle mild. Dry your socks whilst they are still clasped and arrange them neatly in your drawer afterwards.

Use a Mesh Bag to Keep Thigh High Socks Contained

If you don’t have sock clips at the hand, take your mesh lingerie bag out and utilize. Put all your thigh high socks in the mesh bag and throw it in the machine for a gentle wash. Since the bag is made of mesh-net; it will allow enough of the soap water into the bag. The bag does not only facilitate washing, prevent socks losing their elasticity but also keep your socks contained in the washing machine.

Before, putting your socks in the washer, please double check that they are color fast. Wash dark colors separately. Do not iron your thigh high socks. Lay them flat & let them air dry, preferably.

Use lingerie bags whilst travelling to keep your thigh high socks confined than floating in your suitcase. These mesh bags work like a charm everywhere. Hopefully, you are never going to lose your thigh high socks again.

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