Monday, 23 February 2015

Maintain Ethereal Looks with Black Wig & I.Fairy Jewel Green Lenses

The combination of Kurotsochi Nemu cosplay with & I.Fairy Jewel green is completely outstanding. This black jet wig & green circle lenses together strive to ensure ethereal looks. They are recommended who fancy natural looks and have petite facial structure.

The wig is simple jet black, straight & sleek. It is very long so might need careful handling & maintenance. Kurotsochi Nemu cosplay wig has blunt bangs that are available to be trimmed as desired. Since the wig is intense black; it is also favored by Ulzaang fashion followers. On the other hand I.Fairy Jewel green circle lenses with a zesty limbal ring & 16.2 mm diameter vow to create enticing dolly looks. 

I.Fairy Jewel green circle lenses blend nicely when worn against brown eyes. From a far they look very natural and almost go unnoticed. With 55% water content; these circle lenses retain moisture level to prevent instigating dryness in your eyes. 


  1. wow! it has great enlargement. look nice on you.

  2. Those do look extremely natural from afar. The difference between with and without lenses is very nice. The difference is apparent, something that I would want in a pair of lenses.


  3. Lens really beauty Color so nice.
    And u eyes so big, wow