Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Can Circle Lenses make Me Look like a DOLL?

Aren’t you having fun in holiday parties? Don’t you just feel like looking different than all? If yes; try something fun tomorrow. Impress yourself and inspire others with your new doll-like transformation. The secret behind your doll like appearance will be “Korean Circle Lenses” and your regular Korean makeup & Korean skin care products

Dolls inspire everyone by their flawless skin & big beautiful crystal-like eyes. To look like a doll you need a pair of big eye Korean circle lenses & lovely accessories including a hair wig, and a lacey/fur dress.

There are different versions of dolls available in the world. Similarly there are different types of circle lenses available online. Depending on your chosen “Doll-Look”; you can select Korean circle lenses to complete your transformation.

Dolls represent different areas and cultures of the world. There also exist American Barbie, Indian Barbie, Chinese Barbie, Japanese Barbie etc. Indian Barbie has dark brown to black eyes. Similarly Barbie from other Asian countries such as Japan, China etc also have same shade of eye colors. To achieve an Asian Barbie look try Korean Brown & Hazel Circle Lenses. Asians have big & enlarged eyes; therefore choosing big eye circle lenses will be the most thrilling part!


If you want to look like a western Barbie; do consider the fact that they have blue eyes. In some cases they are even green. Go for natural big eye circle lenses; as these will make your eyes appear slightly bigger than your natural eyes.

Circle lenses can definitely make you look like a doll or anime character and have the ability to transform your personality. You only need to choose circle lenses as per the demands of the character you are going to imitate. After making a selection; follow the “Human Doll Makeup Tutorial using Korean Circle Lenses”

Getting beautiful alluring eyes with a doll-like innocence is in your approach. Simply buy big eye colored circle lenses and see how these babes will magically change your appearance. 

Do Sealed & Unopened Circle Lenses Expire too?

Do Sealed & Unopened Circle Lenses Expire?

Circle lenses after one year of use are considered expire. It is recommended to not to wear circle lenses that are past their expiration. Upon wearing circle lenses regularly; on daily basis or occasionally-circle lenses develop protein accumulation, dirt & debris including scratches which may hurt your eyes. No manufacturer or optometrist will ever suggest you wearing circle lenses beyond their expiration date.

It is therefore an understood fact that circle lenses do expire; however it is still a question if sealed circle lenses that have never been opened also expire? Kindly note that circle lenses whether opened or unopened lose their efficacy and should not be worn when the expiry date has lapsed.

Actually after the expiry date; it is impossible to ensure that the solution in which circle lenses are soaked is still sterile. Let’s find out the verdict of some of the most reputable manufacturers of circle lenses in this regard.

According to the expiry date on my lens package, they’ve expired. Can I still wear them?
No. Once your lenses are past their expiry date we cannot ensure the lenses or the solution are sterile. We do not recommend you wear contact lenses past their expiry date.

Can I use expired products?

The expiration date on a product represents the shelf life of the product from the date of manufacture. After this date we cannot ensure the safety and efficacy of the product and do not recommend using any product once the expiration date has lapsed.

Circle lenses may feel exactly the same even after their expiry date. Still; you should avoid wearing such circle lenses to ensure safety of your eyes. If you haven’t replaced your expired pair with a new one; immediately stop wearing those lenses. If you have stinging feeling, burning sensation, redness or any kind of itching because of your expired product; immediately concern your eye care practitioner. Also; don’t forget to TOSS your expired pair of circle lenses in order to avoid using it again by mistake.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Why Prescription Circle Lenses?

Why Prescription Circle Lenses?

Big eye circle lenses make your eyes look gorgeous. If chosen correctly you can even achieve different look of eyes along with the help of other big eyes makeup accessories. It is easier to have amplified eyes like Lady gaga or like your favorite anime character with circle lenses. Now; even people with myopia & hyperopia can enjoy the fun and thrill with prescription circle lenses.

Why Prescription Circle Lenses?

Prescription circle lenses have power or strength which aims at correcting the defection in vision. People who have vision problems should opt for prescription circle lenses. Prescription circle lenses are available in all the designs & colors like non-prescription circle lenses. People who wear glasses but want a change in personality or love to get alluring big eyes can try prescription circle lenses. However; one should always remember that prescription of circle lenses and glasses is different.

If you want to use both prescription circle lenses & glasses- you can choose non-prescriptive glasses with prescription circle lenses. Please keep following things in mind before placing an order for prescription circle lenses online.

Why Prescription Circle Lenses?

  1. Meet your eye doctor even if you already have the prescription of your glasses. Prescription of glasses and circle lenses is not the same.
  2. Always carefully select prescription circle lenses. If you wear wrong prescription circle lenses; your eyes will not accept them. Such circle lenses causes itching, burning & eye strain
  3. When wearing your prescription circle lenses first time; avoid working at computer for long durations.
  4. Always carry your glasses even when you are wearing circle lenses in prescription. This is just a precautionary measure. If you need to remove your circle lenses due to any emergency; you can still ensure crisp & clear vision when your glasses are at hand.
  5. Use multi-purpose solution to disinfect your prescription circle lenses. Prescription circle lenses should be given more importance than the regular fashion lenses; because prescription lenses have dual functions to perform i.e. Vision correction & fashion needs.
Wearing glasses during a photo shoot might look awkward. Also the reflection caused by your eye glasses may spoil the photos of your big event. Therefore; on special occasions such as your own wedding or other formal parties you can wear prescription circle lenses in case you have vision problems. Have a look at bridal circle lenses.

Do you wear prescription circle lenses? Or do you love sticking to your grand-mother eye glasses? 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Geo Nudy Blue Big Eye Circle Lenses: Eyes that Shine

Geo Nudy Blue

If you want eyes that glow and shine; get GEO Nudy blue circle lenses. These are USFDA approved; hence GEO circle lenses are safe for the health of your eyes.  These are nudy blue; closer to the natural blue eye color. Some times it is difficult to know if you will look good with your chosen pair of circle lenses. Find out here how to choose big eye circle lenses which will suit you.

After you get your favorite big eye circle lenses; make your eyes look big and beautiful with proper makeup. Simply follow the tips for makeup with circle lenses and achieve celebrity big eyesGEO Nudy blue circle lenses are 14.2 in diameter with a soft enlarging effect. However if you are looking for a huge enlargement in the same design then get your hands on Barbie Nudy blue circle lenses. Barbie nudy blue circle lenses are 16.2 in diameter with even more striking effects. 

The swirly pattern of geo nudy blue circle lenses add a subtle glow and tends to highlight your eyes. See how GEO Nudy blue looks on dark brown eyes in the review.

Not the lenses you were looking for? Check these blue big eye circle lenses.


Friday, 27 December 2013

When do you need to throw your Circle Lenses?

This question might have surprised you. Since circle contact lenses are not very much easier to afford; it takes a strong heart to throw the circle lenses you have bought after lots of struggle, research and saving every penny you get as your pocket money. Circle lenses have been quite famous in Lolita community because they add a glorious look. Adopting any fashion style has become possible with circle lenses; however at some unfortunate times you will need to throw the circle lenses you got by your hard-earned money.

Circle contact lenses upon wearing first time may feel strange in eyes. It feels as if a foreign body is constantly moving and will end up getting lost in your eyes. Stays assure; this cannot happen ever. The itching & burning sensation will go away in first 15-20 minutes. If you still find your circle lenses blurry try to trace out the reason for uncomfortable circle lenses.

Conditions when you need to throw your circle lenses
  1. If you are afraid you have been fooled around by your doctor or supplier with a fake pair of circle lenses. Try getting in touch with your supplier & inform him about your concerns.
  2. If by mistake circle lenses get in contact with floor, wash basin or with anything else other than your fingers and eyes!
  3. If they are uncomfortable
  4. If you have allergies & sensitive eyes
  5. If they are expired
  6. If they are damaged 
Circle lenses need up to the mark care. Don’t smoke while wearing circle lenses & don’t stay in warm environments for long duration such as in kitchen.

Remember; circle lenses are designed to keep your eyes comfortable. The only purpose of circle lenses is to make you look beautiful; but how you deal your circle lenses and how you treat your eyes depend on your own behavior. Taking care of circle lenses is your duty and ONLY your duty. Neglecting the safety measures first and blaming the manufacturer later on is not a wise idea. No matter how important that specific pair of circle lenses may be for you; your eyes are MOST important and should always be!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Are Circle Lenses Bad For You?

Circle lenses or circle contact lenses have become the most common “in” thing lately. Though circle lenses were originated in Korea and had aimed at celebrities and actresses; the trend spread among masses- thus became the popular fashion accessory in general public of Asian countries. To name few are Korea, Japan, China & Taiwan.

Circle lenses enlarge your eyes; because they have a diameter bigger than human iris. Circle lenses glossary defines the different part of circle contact lenses in details including limbal ring, base curve, diameter and the role; each of them play in creating a bigger eye effect. Circle lenses should never be bought in vacuum because this way you end up wasting your money.  Always keep some facts while choosing big eye lenses for you.
  • Do you need prescription circle lenses or Toric circle contacts? If you are wearing glasses; will the switch from glasses to circle lenses be comfortable for you?
  • From where should you buy your big eye lenses? Online retailer or a local shop?
  • Decide on the color you want. But how to decide? Consider giving these guides a read: Circle Lenses according to skin tone”, “Circle Lenses according to Personality”, “Circle contact Lenses for Men”.
Circle lenses are not dangerous to wear provided you make your purchase from authentic retailer of circle lenses. Buying contact lenses online is often a cheaper method when compared to buying from local stores.
Maintain the Safety of your Eyes with Safe to Wear Big Eye Contact Lenses

Everything demands care and safety precautions. Circle lenses should be taken as medical devices rather than mere fashion accessory and should be dealt accordingly. While wearing circle lenses; keep a note on following things
  • DON’T wear  while you swim
  • DON’T wear  when you sleep
  • DON’T share circle lenses
  • DON’T disinfect them with water or saliva
  • DON’T wear them after they expire
  • DON’T wear for more than 6 hours.
Always buy circle contact lenses from FDA approved brands. These approved brand’s circle lenses are completely safe to wear. Don’t hesitate wearing your favorite contact lenses just because there prevail myths about them. Myths about big eye circle contact lenses arenot all facts; therefore you should not feel frighten- just embrace the trend and enjoy big beautiful mighty eyes!

Do Circle Lenses Expire?

Circle lenses may be your most important fashion accessory. They have become fairly common among teenagers of Asian countries. However; with circle lenses you need to stay very careful and vigilant. Your eyes are precious and deserve to be cared for. The attention and focus should always be on saving your eyes rather than saving your money.

Circle lenses are made of hydrogel material which is soft & flexible hydrophilic plastic. This being said; circle lenses consist of 35% to 75%+ water content. The term “hydrophilic” means “anything with strong affinity towards water”.  Therefore; it is obvious by name that circle lenses tend to absorb water to remain supple, fresh & flexible. People with sensitive or dry eyes should select circle lenses with keen attention. The bigger the diameter of the lens; the higher is the rate of water absorption.

Circle lenses have a fixed life. They cannot last long for more than a year at maximum. One should pay attention to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Shelf life of circle lenses is three years. After opening it gets reduced to a year only. Whether or not you wear circle lenses; they will get outdated after 12 months of opening.

Since circle lenses are made from soft plastic- they develop protein accumulation, dirt & debris even when you are properly disinfecting them. Like all medical devices & accessories; circle lenses also follow a validity period. Violating the precaution or wearing them even after the recommended period is over may pose health risks to our eyes including total blindness, corneal abrasions and other infections.

You can make best of your circle lenses by properly disinfecting them and by disinfecting the lens cases. Get beautiful eyes with circle lenses not damaged ones!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Geo Super Angel Brown for Angelic Dolly Eyes

Geo Super Angel Brown

GEO Super Angel brown circle lenses are famous for the angelic halo they create. The blending of subtle shades with your natural eye color is too tempting to resist a pair for yourself. Since geo circle lenses are comfortable and safe to wear due to several of the medical certificates GEO Medical brand has received;they have become one of the most-hot selling brand of big eye colored contacts. 

They are 14.2mm but the outer bold black ring makes them look huge. Circle lenses with outer rings look more dolly and make you look young and innocent. GEO Super Angel brown circle lenses are recommended for a natural feel. For more information please read GEO Super Angel brown review and leave your feedback.

Bonus Tip:

Don't sleep with your circle lenses in your eyes. However in case of accidental nap treat your inflammed eyes

Monday, 23 December 2013

I.Fairy Ash Grey Big Eye Circle Lenses & Doe-Eye Makeup

I.Fairy Ash Grey

I,Fairy Ash grey big eye circle lenses possess a diameter of 16.2mm so these grey big eye circle lenses can be used if you are looking to create an illusion of enlarged and big beautiful eyes. Following makeup tricks with circle lenses; you can achieve almost any kind of eye look. For a fllawless finish and dolly eye look use big eyes makeup accessories

With I.Fairy Ash grey big eye circle lenses and japanese eye enlarging makeup trick. Riemi has created a fabulous big eye dolly look. I.Fairy big eye circle lenses are very vibrant and outstanding. They are opaque and pigmented enough to cover the dark brown eyes. The black ring helps even more to pop out your eyes.

Read I.Fairy Ash grey review for more details.


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Circle Lenses for Astigmatism - Cheap Toric Circle Lenses

Astigmatism is a very common refractive index problem; caused by an eye condition that is not completely round. People with astigmatism suffer from blurred vision which may be corrected very easily either by glasses or by toric circle lenses. What should you prefer for correcting your vision problems? Read here Circle Lenses VS Glasses.

People with light astigmatism may find it easier to wear Toric circle lenses than people with high astigmatism. Toric circle lenses are available in disposable, multifocal and in various colored varieties. To begin your journey as the patient of astigmatism; try Geo Toric circle lenses.

Toric circle contacts are just like the normal circle lenses or big eye circle lenses. The only difference is the design and the availability of powers. Toric circle lenses are available in two powers. One power is to fix the astigmatism problem whereas the other is to deal with hyperopia and myopia issues.

Toric contact lenses are thicker than normal circle lenses. The mechanism in toric circle lenses is slightly different than the ordinary soft contact lenses or fashion lenses. Normally soft contact lenses keep rotating on your eyes and float on the cornea as the eyes blink. Contrary to this toric lens does not rotate on eyes to provide clear and crisp vision. Keep in mind this is done because toric contacts have different powers unlike the normal fashion contact lenses.

Toriclenses may be four to five times expensive than the regular circle lenses/ contact lenses. You will be surprised to know that where a pair of toric lenses cost you $70 and above; you can cut-down your cost incurred in buying these lenses just by making a one wise decision. At uniqso; for your ease and comfort we offer toric circle lenses at very affordable price tag of $59!

Things to consider while wearing Toric Lenses:
Think twice before investing your money in circle lenses. Always buy from authentic reseller/ online store. Circle contact lenses if fake can cause significant amount of damage to your eyes. Remember; if you do not think you are capable enough of taking care of your eyes and circle lenses; better get another alternate to help save your eyes and improve your vision!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

5 Simple Steps to Korean Skin Care

Korean men and women both enjoy flawless skin with petite physique. Though climate and genes contribute highly; Korean Skin Care and Korean makeup routine is also something extra-ordinary & worth following. It is often heard that women in Korea spend both time & money in daily skin care. It has been reported by unofficial sources that the secret behind the beautiful glowing skin is a mixture of 18 products...Read more in 5 Simple Steps to Korean Skin Care

Do I Need a BB Cream or a CC Cream?

BB cream seems like a complete package, right? Then why do we still need CC Creams? A CC cream means “Color Control” or “Color Correct” cream. As obvious by the name; it happens to correct the color imperfections & uneven skin texture. CC cream targets...Read more in Do I Need a BB Cream or a CC Cream?

Geo Circle Lenses : Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey Circle Lenses

Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey

Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey

GEO Medical brand is the most loved manufacturer of big eye circle lenses. Not only these big eye circle lenses are comfortable for your eyes; but also you get the authentic product since GEO provides a 16 digit authenticity-check code. Now pay only for genuine GEO circle lenses

You can purchase any of your favorite big eye circle lenses or get GEO Circle Lenses value pack at reduced price before Christmas by availing free international shipping via FedEx. Below we are sharing GEO Xtra Sunflower grey circle lenses review shared with us by Daniela Salsa. 

Sunflower grey by GEO circle lenses are two tone with 15mm diameter. The enlargement is very huge and may look like as if it is 16mm diameter on some eyes. The pattern is simple and the limabl ring contributes pretty much to its enlargement. These geo circle lenses are partially opaque and covers even the brown eyes beautifully. Sunflower geo grey circle lenses look natural- you dont even need to layer tons of makeup for a blending effect. Simply wear your big eye circle lenses and get set go!

Read the review If you are interested to see how Sunflower grey Geo circle lenses looks on dark eyes.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Geo Super Angel Grey : For a Gyaru Look

Geo Super Angel Grey

Geo Super Angel Grey

GEO Super Angel grey are one of the best and hot-selling model by GEO Circle Lenses. GEO circle lenses are the only lenses that are USFDA approved and therefore guarantee 100% safety. 

The light ash-bluish tint and the solid huge limbal ring give you a cute dolly appearence that is enough to fetch the attention of passers-by.Grey circle lenses are always mystical and gorgeous so have your hands on GEO Super Angel grey circle lenses as the cute halo seems like that of the angel's.

Always apply subtle makeup with big eye circle lenses to help blend your lenses with your eyes naturally. Read GEO Super Angel grey circle lenses review and see the pictures if you are longing to get a doe-eye effect.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Barbie Forest Three Tones Grey: For Sparkling & Shining Eyes

Barbie Forest Three Tones Grey

Barbie Forest Three Tones Grey

Barbie Forest 3 Tones grey circle lenses are excellent in comfort and design. The design seems natural with grey and mixed speckles of brown and yellow. The three tones helps blending of the lens design with your eyes. Enlargement of barbie forest three tone grey circle lenses is huge; yet you look natural and dolly. 

Barbie Forest 3 Tones grey circle lenses compliment fair skin and black hair. For other color and skin combinations; read how to choose circle lenses according to skin tones. For more insight and real life pictures of Barbie Forest 3 Tones grey read the review.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dolly Eye Twilight Pink : Cosplay Circle Lenses

Dolly Eye Twilight Pink

Dolly Eye Twilight pink are not only fit for cosplays but also are a call to action for people having adventurous personality. Dolly eye twilight pink are very comfortable that adds a nice enlargement to your natural eyes. The color is very vivid; which is very noticeable and pleasing.

For a huge photo shoot of Dolly Eye Twilight pink please read the review by Sumibunny.

Check the other cosplay circle lenses and pink circle lenses to select yours according to your cosplay requirements. Continue reading to find out more about some brands that make " Best Cosplay Lenses"


Enjoy Free FedEx Shipping in this Christmas!

Big Dolly Eyes with Uniqso's Big Eye Lenses & Big Eyes Makeup Accessories

Haven't you started your Christmas preparations yet? For achieving marvelous dolly look with big beautiful eyes you definitely need some big eye contact lenses and circle lenses along with some big eyes makeup accessories including new:

  1. Yanqina cute liquid eye liner
  2. Stella Eyelashes - Collagen-Eyelash-Glue
  3. Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Series - Role Switching Liquid Eyeliner
  4. Stella Eyelashes Double Flex 8961
  5. Barbie - Kira Kira Violet lenses
  6. I.Fairy - Moe Moe Grey lenses

Jennifer has created a fabulous look using big eyes makeup accessories and Kira Kira Violet Circle Lenses. Kira Kira violet big eye circle lenses are dolly looking and natural. when worn upon dark eyes; they become less vibrant so do not cast striking looks. Kira kira violet circle lenses are good for those who do want a transformation but love to stay natural. 

Click here for more Christmas inspired makeup ideas. Check out Kira Kira Violet big eye lenses review and enjoy the makeup look which has been created using the mentioned lenses

Monday, 9 December 2013

Korean Skin Care & Korean Circle Lenses- An Open Secret of Ulzzangs

We believe beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It is not your face that makes you appear beautiful but is your heart. In this digital era; fashion trends seem to be fashioned in a new “definition” where emphasis is now being paid to not on your outer-looks and appearance but on the nature of your heart.  Ulzzang probably have literal meanings of “Best Face”; but to be an Ulzzang you should have a soft, humble, caring, loving and a pious heart. Only if you are self-less and devoted for your fellow-beings then you can depict the true Ulzzang looks.

After you achieve a pure heart; then start treating your skin by following Korean skin care routine. Ulzzangs always boast typical Korean skin that is flawless, fair and crystal clear-free from pigmentation, acne or scar marks. You do not need to hunt hard for Korean skin care products since here is the list of recommended Korean skin care products that guarantees perfect finish and an instant glow.

Ulzzang Makeup & Hair

Ulzzang makeup is kept very subtle and natural with emphasis on eye makeup. Ulzaang wear Korean circle lenses or special Ulzzang circle lenses which are natural in color such as brown, grey and black. Ulzzangs also wear long but natural looking false eye lashes accompanied by mascara application. Ulzzangs wear cut-crease eye shadow and winged-eyeliner to draw attention towards eyes. They choose Korean makeup & Korean skin care cosmetics including BB cream and lip tints to finish the look of their dreams. Ulzzangs are often seen in full/side-swept bangs. Sometimes Ulzzangs die hair but still cling to natural shades such as brown, red-brown, almond or blonde.

Kawaii Girl  


Whether we talk about Korean Ulzzangs or Japanese Kawaiis; we notice both of the emerging fashion icons are giving attention to Korean skin care & makeup range. True; Korean skin care products are the most buzzed-about secret among all the beauty die hard. “South Korea is about 12 years ahead of States when it comes to beauty innovation & technology”. These were the reflections of Mary Schook, the beauty guru & the N.Y based owner of M.S Apothecary.

So; which Korean skin care beauty products you are planning to include in your daily routine? Oh and did we just mention that Korean circle lenses are the real ulzzang eye rescuers?


Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial Using Grey Circle Lenses: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lenses

barbie puffy 3 tones grey

Puffy 3 Tones grey big eye circle lenses are a soft fusion of dark grey, medium grey and pale yellow at the center. The transformation of shades is very natural. The plain design also adds charm in its simplicity. Grey big eye circle lenses are good for fair to medium skin tones. They suit almost all Asian skin tones whether bright or dull. 

Puffy 3 Tones grey big eye circle lenses are comfortable and creates a lovely gradation of colors. They eyes look natural and dolly. Puffy three tones grey big eye circle lenses appear very bright and vibrant on dark eyes. These grey big eye circle lenses make your eyes look adorable when worn with light makeup and falsies. Have a look at  simple makeup tutorial using Barbie Puffy 3 Tones grey big eye circle lenses

Puffy 3 Tones grey big eye circle lenses also create striking contrast against dark hair and against tan skin. In short Puffy 3 Tones grey circle lenses are everyone's favorite. Try them out considering your skin tone and have fun exploring different types of big eye circle lenses


Get free big eye contact lenses by rebating your order.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Barbie Diamond Three Tones Brown on Light Olive Eyes

For a beautiful amalgamation of orange brown with red diamond cuts that magically gets visible only when worn; Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown big eye circle lenses is a must have. Barbie diamond big eye circle lenses have a huge dolly size diameter that looks vibrant on both light and dark eyes. 

The sparkling effect produced by Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown big eye circle lenses is unparalleled; and plays an important role in creating a wide dolly eye look. The colors together seems like reflecting the rays of light which make the lenses look more like diamond. On dark brown eyes; the brown in barbie diamond three tones big eye circle lenses is a bit more dominant than on light eyes. When worn on olive eyes; the red tone which is infact orangish-brown gets more prominent and creates a very beautiful and inspiring shade.

For a cute cosplay look or Kawaii photo shoot barbie diamond three tone big eye circle lenses can be very promising. Read Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown review or browse through the variety of cosplay lenses if you are trying to pick one for a costume event. Here is a simple guide to choosing Cosplay Lenses  


Friday, 6 December 2013

How to Look Like a Human Android- Video Tutorial by Venus Angelic

We are very excited and pleased to announce that our most loved, honored and talented young blogger “Venus Angelic” has transformed herself into a “Human Robot” using our sclera circle lenses and big eyes makeup accessories.

Using a special type of “Camouflage Makeup Technique”; she braces her skin for a robotic look. By using three different shades of cosmetic camouflage foundation; it becomes easier to give your facial skin that very artificial and expression-less look worn by “Human Androids”.

For eye makeup she has used:
To see how she does her lips and adds a finishing touch to her “Human Android Look”; please watch her video tutorial for a step-by-step guidance on this enticing and modern makeup look. Don’t forget to leave your feedback!