Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How do Circle Lenses Make Eyes Look Bigger?

Circle lenses have been famous in Asia for past few decades. Since Asians have naturally small eyes; they are always busy taking all measurements to create big, dolly eye and doe-eye effects. Circle contact lenses due to the enlarged size of the diameter help creating an illusion of bigger iris. Other than faking the iris, circle contacts have a lot more to offer in order to beautify one’s personality.

What Circle Lenses can do?

Circle Lenses can:
  1. Add beautiful pop to your eyes
  2. Make your eyes dazzle & sparkle depending upon the intensity of pigmentation & opacity
  3. Create an illusion of bigger, bolder & beautiful eyes

Circle lenses come in various sizes from 14.00 mm to 16.00 mm & to 22 mm sclera lenses. The former are considered natural looking circle lenses whereas the later are traditionally knows as dolly eye or big eye circle lenses. Sclera lenses are full eye lenses that are only designed to meet theatrical needs and professional cosplay requirements.

With circle lenses it has now become possible to create age-defying youthful looks. This all has become possible due to the presence of over-emphasized limbal rings in the circle lenses. Limbal rings fade as you grow older; this is why they are most dominant in the infants- presence of which signifies youth & innocence.

Circle contacts definitely make your eyes look bigger. So next time you wonder if the fact is true, give a BAM and remind yourself; “Yes, they are engineered this way to help you achieve bright, healthy & enlarged eyes”. 

Circle Lenses for People with Perfect Vision: Plano Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are available in prescription and Plano both. People use prescription circle lenses to correct vision problems. Circle contact lenses significantly are considered the accessories, attributed to add to one’s personality, confidence & self-esteem. To wear circle contact lenses; you do not necessarily need to have poor vision.

Circle Lenses in Plano & Opportunities

With contact lenses one is destined to explore endless possibilities. Circle contact lenses when worn to solely enhance one’s looks can be matched, and paired-up with Kawayii frames & beautiful glasses. You can compliment your outfit or your eye makeup with your favorite pair of lenses or can go artistic with cosplay/ crazy/ Halloween lenses.

Contact lenses are fun way to elaborate your style statement. Create an edgy fashion statement wearing lenses with bold colors and vibrant hues. Daring & novel patterns such as hello kitty, animal prints & crazy designs reflect the dramatic side of your personality that suggests how outgoing personality you actually possess.

On the other hand; lenses already offer enough to introverts. Soft hues with amalgamation of multi-tones, natural looking patterns & exciting limbal rings turn your eyes dolly that cast a spell-bounding effect!

Do you wear circle lenses? What type of circle lenses do you love to wear? Those that match your natural eye color or do you prefer the lenses that let you skip the track for a day or two? Are you daring enough to try Crazy sclera lenses or do you prefer sticking to contemporary designs?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Bambi Grey Circle Lenses: 2 Brands Boasting the Same Design

Bambi grey circle lenses redefine class, beauty & elegance. These breathtaking grey circle lenses make your eyes look adorable whereas the dazzling 3 tones vow to bewitch both friends and foes alike. Bambi grey circle lenses are known for the drama they create. They are attributed to the enlargement effect, dolly looks & vibrancy they ensure when worn against dark brown eyes.

Since grey is the color that contributes every eye color existing in human race, Bambi grey circle lenses can be a fearless choice. These grey circle lenses add a whimsical pop to your eyes whilst adding newer dimensions & meanings. The super vivid pigments incorporated in Bambi grey circle lenses help you be the show-stopper.

Kimchi & Barbie: The Difference in Prices

Bambi grey circle lenses are branded by Kimchi & Barbie. The pattern & the vividness remain the same where as the size of the diameter varies. Kimchi Barbie grey (Vassen) are 16mm priced at $22.90 whereas the other counter-part, branded by Dueba is Barbie Bambi grey with sexiest enlargement effect of 16.2 mm. Barbie Bambi grey circle lenses are available for $16.90 only; so is a way cheaper alternative than the Kimchi Bambi grey.

Bambi grey circle lenses are recommended for party, funky, Gyaru & cosplay looks. They are very attention grabbing, vibrant & mind-blowing grey circle lenses ever. Wear them only if you want to stay a couple of hours in the limelight.

Are you ready for a spectacular change? Try Bambi grey circle lenses with Doll Makeup & start looking exceptional!

Eyeliner too Close to the Lash line may Contaminate Contact Lenses

Contact lenses and eye makeup go hand in hand. Without wearing proper eye makeup contact lenses fail to create a harmonized effect especially if they are colored & dramatically patterned. However, one needs to be very careful about applying makeup when wearing contact lenses. A recent study suggested that eyeliner when worn too close to the lash line contaminates contact lenses & induces infections.

Bacterial Transmission to Contact Lenses

Since makeup accessories such as mascara and eyeliner may become seeded with bacteria, be very careful about replacing these wands. These wands when touch lash line and tear ducts deposit and transmit the bacteria to the eyes which then travel further to get into the tear film. The tear film once contaminated directly facilitates bacteria transmission to the contact lenses that are floating over the iris.

According to the study made, it was observed that eyeliner when applied inside of the lash line brought more results of bacterial contamination than the eye liner applied on the outside of the lash line. It has been suggested that when eye liner is applied over the tear duct or inside the lash line the glands get blocked which creates an annoying or itching sensation. The makeup pigments & waxes may bind to contact lenses that may cause problems for people with sensitive eyes and dry eyes syndrome. Dry eyes have fewer tears to dilute the makeup particles this is why a burning or itching sensation is felt whenever an external agent gets into the eyes.

Always apply eye liner over the eye lid to reduce the risk of complications, said Alison Ng a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo in Canada who led the study. When wearing contact lenses, apart from applying eye liner carefully, using Stella collagen eye lash glue that acts as a protein supplement is also recommended by our contact lens experts.

Ref: Fox News

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to Keep your Synthetic Wigs from Getting Frizzy: 5 Steps to Keep Tangles Away from Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs though need relatively less care than human hair wigs; they do become frizzy over the time. Untangling a synthetic wig is often a complete mess. In order to keep it prevented from developing knots & disheveled fibers, synthetic wigs should only be brushed using the specially engineered wig comb. You can add months to the life span of an ordinary synthetic wig by taking measures to keep the frizz away from your synthetic wigs

  1. After taking it out from the packaging, fluff away the loose fibers. Rub your fingers through the wig to take out the loose knots. Then shake it off & comb your wig using a comb having metal bristles. Keep your hand motions swift and short. This reduces the friction & keeps the wig from getting tangled.
  2. Store synthetic wigs on a mannequin head or on a wig stand that should be tall enough to let the wigs hang freely. Wigs also get tangled if there are obstacles in the way where they are stored.
  3. Keep your wigs wrapped by a satin wrapping when not wearing. This prevents lint accumulation over synthetic wigs that make them look dry & frizzy.
  4. Cover your synthetic wigs by a scarf when travelling with a wig on during hot sunny day. Extreme weather conditions such as a windy or a rainy day can tangle the wig.
  5. Moisturize your synthetic wigs regularly with a light sheen. The spritz help coating the wig fibers with a thin layer that does not let the wig fibers get tangled.

Synthetic wigs are not only pocket-friendly but are also time friendly. They keep the memory of the style & wave so you do not need to spend hours in styling it at a late morning to work. However, it is utterly your own duty to maintain the quality of synthetic wigs.

How to Take Odors out of Synthetic Wig: 2 DIY Methods to Get Rid of Rancid Smell off your Synthetic Wigs

Disclaimer: Courtesy Unknown. (The image is not a property of Uniqso)

Factory made & freshly opened synthetic wigs should not contain any smell. Yet, depending upon the supplier synthetic wigs might carry pungent smell of chemicals often time. Synthetic wigs also absorb smells from the environment such as smoke from cooking, fire, tobacco etc. Wearing synthetic wigs over time without taking care to wash it also produces bad sweaty smell that do not dissipate easily. Deposits and oil secreted by scalp glands turn wigs dirty and make them stink. In order to remove the foul-smell out of synthetic wigs, try one of the following DIY methods.

Apple Cider Vinegar Dilution

Since synthetic wigs are finished by alkaline to protect the hair fiber & to keep them heat-resistant, they might generate unpleasant or nasty smells. If the smell does not go even after ordinary washing then it is time to roll the sleeves up for an extra step! Prepare a solution of Apple cider vinegar with water in 4:1 ratio. Mix it well & let your wig soaked in the solution for 20-30 minutes. The vinegar will work out to remove the white film off of your wig. This film is actually the product buildup & chemicals clinging to your synthetic wig. This method is also recommended to people who are allergic to synthetic wigs just because of the chemicals or dyes used in the manufacturing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a wonderful agent to deodorize synthetic wigs. It also is considered a good alternative to wig shampoo. To use baking soda, fill your washing sink with ¾ of water & add 1/4th cup of baking soda. Dissolve it completely to prevent chalky residue and soak your synthetic wig for 4 hours. Wash your synthetic wig as you usually do & let it air dry.

After you are done with either of these DIY methods; spray off your synthetic wigs with a DIY wig conditioner. Wig conditioner keeps your wig soft, smooth & style intact. It also adds a natural shine & sweet fragrance to your synthetic wigs that you might have purchased after making heavy savings out of your limited pocket money.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kylie Jenner reveals her Love for Green Contact Lenses

“Hehe my sneak peak vid of my contact look they put on me got bigger than I intended. They let me keep the contacts 😍 I'm obsessed. Also wanted to let u guys know I've been working on something new for the summer so I can start to connect with u guys more again. So excited x”- posted, 17 years old reality TV star on her Instagram.

Kylie Jenner, half-sister to Kim & Khloe loves to go off the track as she considers herself the “Trendsetter”. She seems to take pride in how her style & the way she accessorizes herself inspire millions of the other girls in their journey of being beautiful & glamorous. Kylie features her new amber green contact lenses in the latest photo she put up at her IG. In a recent interview she revealed that how she loves Khloe’s amber green eye color that made her wonder that how would she look with the same color. Kylie’s look hot in her stunning brown eyes but she rocks off the green contacts that look like the part of her upcoming project.

Courtesy of inquisitr.com

Kylie has her own unique fashion statement that is a complete demonstration of seduction. She adopts aggressive styles & is never hesitant to keep re-branding her personality.  Earlier, she dyed her hair aqua marine that received a big roar from the teens. Kylie is also accused of getting her lips plumped up through cosmetic surgery which she has officially denied to. Kylie inspires younger generation to wear drawn-on lips that ensure a sweet and hot pout to turn dozens of head for her.

Kylie is undoubtedly a great fashion icon & inspiration for the younger generation. How are you going to copy her? Would you get yourself green contact lenses, a blue wig or would simply focus at enhancing your pucker?


Wearing Chinese Lenses & that too, overly? See What Happened when a Woman over wears her Cheap Lenses

Circle lenses and contact lenses are prescribed to be worn between 4-6 hours at maximum. Wearing them for more than 6 hours is considered as exploiting your eyes and circle lenses. Over-wearing circle lenses either by wearing them for an extended period of time or by continuing to wear them after the expiry date has passed make patients vulnerable to ocular infections & threats of vision loss. A Chinese woman developed 10 tiny “eye stones” after she continues to wear her daily disposables for a month. Failing to replace contact lenses is itself a crime made against health that makes you pay the hefty price later on.

According to the news report, a Zhijiang’s woman under-went painful process of needle-scraping as she had unknowingly invited bacteria accumulation & protein deposits by wearing the same pair of disposable circle lenses for over a month.

  1. Doctors opine that patients need to be vigilant about the expiry date of circle lenses. Daily disposable circle lenses should always be replaced daily. Similarly monthly disposable circle lenses are either meant for a month’s use or in some cases for 3 months. Always check the label & instructions on the vials to safe-guard your vision. Conventionally, circle lenses are priced under $19 to $26. Do not risk your eyes by compromising at the price & toss off your expired contact lenses for a new and timely replacement.
  2. Over-wearing circle lenses also run the risk of developing neo-vascularisation that encourages the growth of blood-vessels. If they erupt, eye sore becomes permanent to haunt you forever. Last year a case of young Taiwanese student was registered who also failed to replace her contacts & got her corneas shrunk to half of the size due to the malicious activity of Protozon bacteria.
Circle lenses are nothing to feel afraid of. They simply are prosthetic medical devices that need to be handled carefully. If you are sensible enough to make the rest of the decisions of life by yourself; you must try to learn good hygiene habits to carefully use your circle lenses.

Say NO to Substandard Circle Lenses to Prevent Visual Impairment

Circle lenses are a fun way to spice up your personality. Colored circle lenses make your eyes look dolly by adding sweet hues & unique patterns. Since everything comes with pros & cons; circle lenses are no exception. Circle lenses when bought from novelty shops & beauty salons pose threats to vision. These risks fortunately can be reduced or completely prevented by saying “NO” to over-the-counter cheap circle lenses. To ensure consumers get quality & risk-free circle lenses, FDA has taken huge steps by certifying the brands that are manufactured under state-of-art labs to meet the safety & health standards.

Risks Associated with Cheap Contact Lenses
  1. Stop hunting for the cheapest pair of circle lenses and look for the one that guarantees 100% satisfaction. Doctors express that rarely any patient is registered with CLIDs; provided what they wearing are FDA approved & branded circle lenses.
  2. Cheap contact lenses or lenses purchased from flea markets do not match health parameters. Furthermore, wearing them for prolonged period of time may bring gross results by permanently damaging the cornea. Such damages caused by substandard contact lenses are irrevocable thus you are left with one eye or with none.
  3. Since cheap circle lenses do not come with warranty, proper labeling & directions; they do not shed any light on the expiration of the product. They fade dyes, cause irritation, itching & serve as a medium for bacteria transmission.

How to Buy FDA Circle Lenses with Pocket-Friendly Price Tag?

  1. Buying FDA approved circle lenses online is a way cheaper option than buying from optometrist. At Uniqso, we ensure that you get FDA approved lenses for which we make the certifications of all the brands available for the consumers.
  2. We have fair refund & return policy. Should you notice any defect in your ordered product, please contact us without hesitation to get replacement.
  3. We take all measures to lower the risks associated with circle lenses by auto-ensuring each and every package. 
Get FREE pair of circle lenses at UNIQSO under current Stock Clearance Sale

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Contact Lens Wearers at Risk of Infections due to Unhygienic Practices

A recent warning released by eye experts reminds contact lens users to stay vigilant about proper care of contact lenses. Doctors reveal that there have been an increased number of patients in past months that are affected by infections occurred by improper use of contact lenses.

Infections Contact Lens Wearers are at Risk Of:

Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Acanthamoeba Keratitis is a microorganism carried by water. When users wearing contact lenses carelessly use water whilst wearing lenses; they get affected by the infection. This microorganism is corneal devouring bacteria & in gross cases it may lead to complete visual impairment. Eye experts advise to completely avoid water-related activities before handling contact lenses. Do not wash face, do not visit beach & do not take baths when wearing circle lenses.


It is the inflammation of conjunctiva- the white layer of the eye. Contact lens wearers spread conjunctivitis when they share, swap or exchange contact lenses among fellow wearers. It is diagnosed by teary eyes, pink eyes, itching, irritation & discharge. When contact lenses are contaminated with bacteria, they should be immediately thrown away and or replaced. Avoid wearing circle lenses when suffering from infection to prevent spreading the disease.

Doctors opine that patients should keep an eye over how their eyes are working with contact lenses. In case of any unusual symptoms such as inflammation or excessive discharge from eyes; rush to your eye doctor than creating panic. To stay on the safe side, never top off contact lens solution but always toss it off and refill the chambers after each wear.

Contact lenses need meticulous care as they are prosthetic medical devices. Provided what you get for your eyes are FDA approved lenses there are rarely any chances for you to get affected by contagious ocular diseases. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cute Japanese Look with I-Codi Circle Lenses & Black Short Bob Wig

How about creating a great contrast of colors with I-Codi Colors of the Wind 13 Moon light circle lenses & Gugure black cosplay wig? I-Codi Moonlight lenses fall into the category of yellow lenses. They are beautifully vibrant & attention grabbing. On the other hand Gugure black cosplay wig is an epic short black wig that is easy to maintain. The lenses and the wig ensures a soft Japanese teen-age glam look.

The wig displays straight blunt bangs and the intense jet black color really makes an edgy statement. The lenses along with the black wig creates soft Japanese school girl impression that make both a perfect combination for your High School parties.

3 Freaking Crazy Lenses: Bright, UV Glow & Sclera Lenses

GEO Crazy CPF5 BlueAo No Exorcist Rin Okumura Cosplay Wig 

Blue crazy eyes might leave ever-lasting impact. Geo Crazy CPF5 are ridiculously bright & vivid. These blue circle lenses are excellent at striking one's attention. These brightly neon blue colored crazy lenses are perfect for cosplays. They cover your eyes completely and make them look stunning & crazily bold. 

Geo Crazy CPF5 blue are perfect for Haru cosplay. Pair it up with Ao No Exorcist Rin Okumura Cosplay Wig and get the exhilarating results.

Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Lenses

Tokyo Ghoul red black sclera lenses are wild, strongly pigmented & vivid sclera lenses with stunning contrast of black & red. They make perfect Tokyo Ghoul cosplay lenses. Covering your full eyes, they ensure unforgettable scary cosplay performances. 

Phantasee UV Glow Pink

These are one another pair of crazy lenses that glow pink under certain lighting. These crazy UV glow lenses are known for their super vivid and unique theatrical visual effects. These strongly opaque sclera lenses transform you into a monster immediately.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Violet Lenses for Light Eyes: GEO OL101 Olive Violet

These violet circle lenses are good for the people bearing a light iris color. Geo OL101 OLIVE violet lenses blend surprisingly well when worn against light colored eyes. The limbal ring is very outstanding this is why in spite of 14.2 small diameter the enlargement effect is quite huge. 

These violet lenses are super comfortable & lighter in shade as compared to other violet lenses. They are nothing vibrant or super striking. They just make your eyes pop out and make them a part of a fictional story. 

Limbal Ring Enhancing Circle Lenses Vow to make you Look Younger & Adorable

Importance of Circle Lenses with Limbal Rings & the Role they play in making you Look Younger

Iconic National Geographic Poster: Reason of fame-Startling Limbal Ring

The dark & bold ring of the iris symbolizes health, energy & youth. According to medical science; the size of limbal ring reduces as you grow. It is more prominent in infants and fades as you grow older. Circle lenses though are prosthetic medical devices; they also add freshness to your personality by making your eyes appear bigger & magnetic. Circle lenses come in various designs & colors. They also vary in the thickness of limbal rings that cater to add to one’s vitality & youth.

Circle Lenses: Dark & Bold Rings vs. Soft Rings

I.Fairy Kirei Brown: Dark Limbal Ring

To look half of your age, opt for circle lenses with over-emphasized limbal rings. Solid limbal rings make your eyes stand out as they are practically noticeable & are responsible to make you look striking. They make your eyes dolly by adding the illusion of bigger iris. These limbal rings along with the dramatic patterns help making an edgy statement that is unique to demonstrate your own fashion style.

Recommendation: Geolica Holicat Series

On the other hand; if looking natural without any added glamour is what you anticipate, wear enhancement tone circle lenses. Circle lenses closer to your natural eye color with a soft limbal ring seems to make the huge world of a difference.

I.Fairy Lucius Grey: Soft Limbal Ring
Recommendation: I-COdi series

“Research supports that people with more defined limbal rings are perceived as more attractive than those without limbal rings, as long as they appear natural," said Dr. Darren Peshek, director of The Odyssey Network Vision Science Research Lab. “Evidence suggests that the limbal ring is a signal of health and youth ... thickness is, on average, greatest at birth and decreases gradually with age."

It has been observed that in less than 20 milliseconds people judge each other on the basis of how thicker their limbal rings are and this all happens in your brain unconsciously. Limbal rings when thick, dark & prominent add up huge to one’s beauty. They certainly add a whimsical pop to your eyes that is irresistible. The limbal rings can be faked through circle lenses. This depends on your own style whether you would want to prefer circle lenses with a striking limbal ring or a ring that swiftly lifts you up for a sudden confidence boost!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses with a Sty?

Sty is usually a harmless swollen, pus-filled bump over tear duct or lash line that is caused by bacterial contamination. It goes away by itself within a week or two. If it does not completely vanish; it starts showing the signs of improvements in first 48 hours. Since styes are caused by infections you need to be very concerned about preventing the recurrence or outbreak if you wear contact lenses. Be very meticulous and take all measures to maintain good hygiene for eye health.

Precautionary Measures: Styes & Contact Lenses

Dirty Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, always ensure to regularly disinfect them. Dirty contact lenses can also be the reason of styes’ growth. Remember; the root cause is bacteria & chances are that that bacterium is clinging to the surface of your circle lenses that could undoubtedly facilitate the transmission of bacteria to your eyes.

Dirty Hands

Always wash your hands properly before touching your contact lenses. When you have styes, you unconsciously touch your eyes. The finger pads pick up the bacteria from the styes and transmit it to circle lenses when you touch them. Therefore, always wash your hands, dry them with a lint free towel & then handle your contact lenses

Toss off Contact Lenses & Makeup

It is advised to avoid circle lenses during styes over eye lids. Styes drain the puss that can contaminate the contact lenses. Toss of the circle lenses & replace them with the new. Also, avoid using the same eye makeup accessories you used during the time of infection once it has healed completely.

According to Dr. Andrew Dahl, having an experience of 49 years in Ophthalmology; it is safe to start wearing circle lenses again after 2-3 days of styes’ healing. Do not share your towels and contact lenses to stop the recurrence & the wide- spread of the infection.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sweet Cat Eye-d Lady: Lolita Wig BB & Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime Violet

The big cat eye look is now possible with Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime violet lenses. They are translucent violet so they fuse and blend naturally with your eye color. They only tend to darken up your eye color by enhancing it sweetly. Dolly Eye Furfur violet pearl prime lenses doll you up when worn with Lolita wig BB. Since the wig flaunts violet under-lights combined with platinum blonde; you are bound to look totally adorable. 

Dolly Eye Furfur violet circle lenses are average sized. They can be used to define ulzaang style with a twist. From a far the violet tone is not noticeable, the only difference you observe is how bold, darker & dollier your eyes look. Lolita wig BB on the other hand is also something between natural & dramatic. The wig flaunts two beautiful tones & is stylishly straight. The violet is more of a lilac shade that looks sweet enough to ensure jaw-dropping beauty.

Choosing Contact Lenses Correctly for Vision Problems

Contact lenses enjoy a paramount importance when it is about correcting the vision problems. Gone are the days when contact lenses would make patients feel hesitant about giving them a try. Experts opine that contact lenses are far way a better option the spectacles as they ensure excellent peripheral vision that glasses do not. Since circle lenses and all other variants are certified medical devices they need greater concern & attention whilst handling them. Though circle contact lenses also come with both pros & cons; one needs to be vigilant enough for a wiser selection.

Meeting your Optometrist

Before choosing circle lenses, it is crucial to first get an appointment from your eye doctor. Only an eye expert is capable of checking visual acuity & degree of dryness. After determining your eyes an eye doctor would suggest what kind of circle lenses would better fit you. People with vision impairment are now open to many opportunities. With the modern technology & innovation contact lens industry has made several advancements & now almost every one with any of the ocular complication can sport contact lenses.

  • Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

People who have to bear dry eye syndrome can take support of contact lenses with high water count. Contact lenses from 48% to 55% of the water content keep your eyes hydrated & moist. Using quality eye drops might help.

  • Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes

Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses are perfect match for sensitive eyes. The brand takes pride in coping up these lenses with UV interception. Its bio-compatible material ensures safety; whereas high oxygen content make sure that they allow smooth tear production whilst keeping your eyes moist & supple. They are perfect for people who suffer from eye sores upon wearing lenses or notice irritation, teary or painful eyes upon wearing regular contacts.

  • Contact Lenses for Kids

Since Kids are new to contact lenses and are mentally less mature; it is advised to let them start their journey with tri monthly disposable circle lenses until they are wise enough to take care of yearly disposable circle lenses. Since contact lenses are subjected to bacteria accumulation, it is better that kids toss their lenses every 3 months for better hygiene and for reduced risks of infections.

Contact Lenses are making lives better. Even if contact lenses were a disappointment previously in past, you can keep giving them a try between different brands. Contact lenses offer various services from being unaffected by weather conditions to staying trouble-free during aggressive activities like sports & exercises. They are great means of accessorizing oneself whilst boosting up the confidence for those with vision problems. 

Whimsical Dolly Eye Effect with I.Fairy Casper Green

These circle lenses are sorcery. Though they are called I.Fairy Casper green but they look more violet than green from a far. I.Fairy Casper green are multi toned colored lenses that make them look whimsical & impressive. The 4 tones when amalgamates and fuse with your original eye color prepare your eyes for a bewildering dolly effect that look dazzling enough to turn heads for you. 

They are vibrant, stand out nicely and make your eyes look enchanted. Read detailed review of I.Fairy Casper green for more information and pictures. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Phantasee Mini Sclera White Lenses: Venus

Freaking out others might be fun provided you completely impersonate yourself using the right accessories. Light humor is always appreciated. When things go bad, you can always rely on Phantasee Mini sclera lenses as they are extremely theatrical. Phantasee Mini Sclera Venus lenses are crazy dead white with a diameter of 17mm. They are surrounded by thick black ring that ensure a striking contrast.

Follow the review here

Vibrant Violet Lenses: Dolly Eye Cookie Violet Circle Lenses

These captivating violet circle lenses are super vivid that make you look stunning. Dolly Eye Cookie Violet boast super intricate pattern that incorporates 3 lovely tones. These violet circle lenses stand up beautifully when worn over dark brown eyes. Even the pattern can be easily noticed. These dazzling violet circle lenses make you a creature out of this world. 

They show up nicely in all lights. The best thing is these lenses ensure lovely enlargement despite being only 14.5mm. The glossy finish produced by Dolly Eye Cookie violet is something extra ordinary that make you fall for this specific pair of violet lenses. 

Cute Blue Circle Lenses for Light Eyes: ICK T-1 Blue

These marine blue circle lenses stand out pretty nicely on both light and dark colored eyes. ICK T-1 blue circle lenses produce soft enlargement effect. They look natural & flattering. Since these blue circle lenses do not hold any limbal ring, they stay subtle in your eyes even though the pigmentation is strong enough to keep these circle lenses practically noticeable. 

ICKT-1 blue lenses are something between translucent and opaque so they are neither totally natural nor all dramatic. These lenses are therefore perfect for both cosplay & casual routines. Simply compliment it using mascara or your favorite eyeliner. 

Excerpt taken from ICKT-1 blue review

Blue Rosette Circle Lenses: Barbie Rose Blue

Who wouldn't want to have roses in eyes? Barbie Rose blue circle lenses display blue rosettes around the edge maintaining a plain, transparent and comparatively bigger pupil hole. These circle lenses are relatively dark blue. The floral pattern, the outer bold ring & the way they appear on eyes might be way too flattering for some.

Read complete review of Barbie Rose blue here

Alluring Deep Blue Dolly Eyes: EOS Fay Blue Circle Lenses & Stella Pointed Eyelashes

Charm is when your eyes throw bewildering spells for others' fascination. EOS Fay blue circle lenses are translucent blue circle lenses that stand out when worn over brown eyes. The pattern is nothing complex, so they ensure deep gorgeous natural looking blue eyes. These circle lenses have an average size of diameter that is just 14.2mm yet the enlargement effect produced by EOS Fay blue is enticing and dolly. 

These blue lenses when accessorized with Stella pointed false eye lashes, leave unforgettable effects. They make your eyes look lavish. Stella false eye lashes 5508 are way too light. They do not droop your eye lids down or feel heavy. They are very soft and help creating a beautiful doe eye effect. 

Soft Blonde Look with Barbie Bella 4 Tones Brown & Kozakura Blonde Wig

Maintain your soft ethereal looks with Barbie Bella 4 tones brown & Kozakura blonde wig. These circle lenses compliment your personality as they expertise in blending with your natural eye color. 4 tones circle lenses look natural due to the amalgamation of color. Barbie Bella 4 tones brown ensures glossy finish & dolly eye look. From up close they are practically noticable as the blend of different colors make them stand out. However; from distance the colors seem to be in harmony & do not catch attention.

Barbie Bella 4 Tones brown circle lenses make  a perfect match with Kozakura platinum blonde wig. The wig is super long and is simple enough to look natural. The wig has loose tousles, thick and features un-styled bangs that are available for trimming. This wig does not shine, does not shed fibers and does not lose quality when is heat treated. 

More pictures of Kozakura Blonde wig and Barbie Bella 4 tones brown circle lenses