Monday, 4 January 2016

Enchanting Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Sweety Eclair Green

Only 2% of the world's population bear green eyes. Now with circle lenses you can also get green iris. Sweety Eclair green are enchantingly mesmerizing. The lovely 3 tones create party big eye looks. They adorn your eyes with sweet glossy finish that give your eyes doe-eyed teary look. The yellow makes the green hue more natural, soft & pretty. The hues blend well into brown eyes and leaves a fancy effect. 

"This is actually a very good lens for daily use due to its natural color and small diameter. I'm not sure if I recommend this one to cosplay purposes because there are green circle lenses with more than 15mm that would probably fit better. For daily use, these are the best green lenses I've ever tried. :)", reads, Sweety Eclair green review by Mandy

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