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3 Best Home Remedies to Relieve Eye Strain for Better Contact Lens Tolerance

People who wear contact lenses for vision correction and work at digital screens for long duration may feel a stinging dry eye condition that is often known as eye sore. Though there are several over-the-counter lubricating drops available, you can also try home remedies given below for an enhanced contact lens tolerance.

Causes of Eye Strain & Symptoms

There are many reasons responsible for eye strain. The leading causes can be lack of sleep, sleeping in with contact lenses, reading in dim light whilst still wearing contact lenses, over-wearing colored contacts, starring at digital screens without a proper break, allergies, incorrect prescription of contact lenses, abrupt exposures to bright light etc.

Symptoms of eye sore may be inflammation, difficulty focusing, discharge, difficulty blinking, red eyes, dryness, poor contact lens tolerance, blurred or hazy vision & headaches. For instant relief Complete Blink N Clean lens drops are the best remedy but trying the following home remedies will lay great benefits in the long run as they are promising to improve the over-all health of eyes.

1. Eye Massage
Whenever you feel strain in eyes, the best thing to do is eye massage. Using few drops of warm olive oil, massage your eye lids very very gently for 5 minutes. This will not only relieve the eye strain, but also activate the tear glands to help alleviate the dryness. It also softens the muscles around eyes that help improving the focus. If you are wearing colored contacts; you are advised to put them off before beginning the massage.

2. Palming
If you are struck by the eye strain at your work place, where there is no availability of olive oil; you can reduce the painful sensation by palming. Rub your palms together and make them warm enough. Place your palms softly over your closed eyes. Relax for about 30 seconds. Avoid exerting pressure on your eyelids. Repeat the process 3-5 times a day if your work routine includes prolonged reading, writing or starring at digital screens. This exercise does not require you to remove your contact lenses, so double bucks of cheers, yaay!

3. Warm Compress
At the end of day when you are feeling all tired with strained eyes; try warm cloth compress. Remove your contact lenses, lie down & relax. Take a piece of cloth, fold in at least three to four layers and soak it in mildly warm water. Wring the excess water and place the warm towel over your eyelids. Breathe in and out with full concentration. Warm cloth compress is noted to provide ultimate comfort from strain and helps relaxing eye muscles. It also reduces dryness.

During eye strain, avoid using cosmetics and false eyelashes. Removing makeup & falsies exert pressure that may exacerbate the strain. Contact lenses should be used only after thorough deep cleansing & a tight contact lens replacement schedule should be followed to avoid complications like neovascularization & corneal stress.


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