Sunday, 10 January 2016

Fine Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Sweety Milky Blue

These fine blue circle lenses ensure a very sophisticated transition. Sweety Milky blue circle lenses possess three enchanting tones that make the game perfect for brown eye-d people. They blend well, look natural and create enticing big eye looks. They make your eyes sparkle by adding a glossy finish. Sweety Milky blue lenses have an orange-brown pollen-dust pattern that surrounds the pupil hole. This let lenses fuse with your natural eye color for a beautiful dolly eye appearance. 

"As an opaque lens, they come out a medium to dark blue on my dark brown irises that can appear somewhat grayish in certain lighting. There's a slight gradient from black pixels, blue, to a salmon-like color in the center. My husband said it was neat how it looked kind of pinkish in the center!"-- Sweety Milky blue review

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