Monday, 25 January 2016

Choosing the Color of Thigh High Socks

Wearing thigh high socks depicts your taste for sassy fashion. Thigh high stockings are always provocative, so they make best outfit when paired with structured clothing. Building an outfit with thigh high socks as per the nature of the occasion may be a bit tricky. It is essential to stay moderate with over-the-knee socks because an overwhelming outfit will end up making you look like a pole dancer. Contrary to this, a completely muted outfit will make you look more like a cosplayer or a school girl. Once you learn the art of choosing high socks and complimenting your outfit; you will never run low on wardrobe choices.

Some Considerations when Choosing Thigh High Socks
  • Thigh high socks don’t go well at a formal event or at work. Therefore avoid wearing socks unless you are at a very close-bonded family event that is casual in nature.
  • These stockings look best for the weekend day time look.
  • Stay balanced when wearing over the knee socks for a night look. It is suggested to wear casual outfit if incorporating socks for a night out.

Choosing the Colors of Thigh High Socks

  • If you have never tried long socks before, try to stick with dark neutrals. Some of the best shades to begin with are brown, dark black, dark grey or dark (navy) blue. Darker shades help tone down the entire look and make it acceptable for most of the social circles.
  • Selection of colors vary with the changing weather. As the spring sprouts, you may lean towards fun colors for a striking appearance. If you are adventurous try plum or rust orange. These playful colors will give you an edgy look. To avoid being trashy; keep a good balance between color & style. If your other clothing items are too colorful; keep your thigh high socks plain & neutral.
  • In case you fancy patterned thigh highs; go for the outfit that is comparatively muted. Incorporating patterned thigh high socks with an overly printed outfit will clash the look. The key is to add a sophisticated color to your wardrobe, without being over-powering.
Thigh high socks are a perfect choice for winter. They don’t only keep your legs warm but are also considered essential for an extra oomph. Thigh high socks also create optical illusion of leaner and longer legs by flattening the fat at calves. Long stockings are not a need of modern fashionistas only. By avoiding loud patterns, incorporating subdued colors and complimenting these with a muted outfit adds class to even those with conservative or reserved style statements.

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