Friday, 29 May 2015

Vivacious Lens Story Dolly+ Red Lenses

These radiant red circle lenses make your eyes the center of attention. They cover your eye color and make your eyes shine. Lens Story Dolly+ red circle lenses make a bold appearance. These circle lenses are full of energy & life; thus are perfect for cosplays. 

The enlargement provided by Lens Story Dolly+ red is freaking dolly. The strong red color help fetching attention whereas the black outer ring make your eyes pop out. They are striking & vibrant which make them a perfect choice for photoshoots.

"There have a animeish style so there perfect for Cosplay!Its a beautiful strong red that cover up my real eye color perfectly.It consisist two colors.Black on the outer edge followed by that awesoem red on the inner edge.They're 16mm big, so the enlarge effect is very good!" says Jacky in her Lens Story Dolly+ red lenses review

Anime Makeup Tutorial using Dolly Eye Crayon Blue Lenses

These vibrant blue circle lenses are luminescent enough to show up against dark brown/black eyes. The enlargement is very natural & subtle however the sparkling effect make your eyes shine like anime & manga characters. Dolly Eye Crayon blue adorn your eyes with a vivacious touch, full of innocence & youthfulness. 

Below is the makeup tutorial for creating awakened & surprising big eye looks using Dolly Eye Crayon blue circle lenses:

1. Put on contacts 
2. Add a natural brown or gray eye shadow around the outer areas of your eyes and apply eyeliner (preferably with a wing) I like to use pen eyeliner but others will work just fine.
3. Draw in eyebrows. I like to use an angled brush, eyeshadow, and pencil eyeliner to complete this look. Make sure to follow the direction of your eyebrows from in to out.
4. Apply false lashes close to your actual lashes with eye lash glue.

Makeup Tutorial by: 
Tiffany Tseng

Mikasa Ackerman Short Cosplay Black Wig

This short Mikasa Ackerman black wig is thick and soft. The wig has a beautiful hair style that softly accentuates the jawline & chin. It adds more to your femininity and leaves an appealing impact. The wig bangs are long; almost the same length of the wig. This gives you the liberty of trimming the bangs with even allowing a room for error. 

"This wig is VERY thick and absolutely great for numerous cosplays. This wig has great construction and color. It's decent quality for its price.I would recommend it for several different characters. It is very soft and doesn't tangle easily. Yet another great product from Uniqso."; says a customer.

Creepy Doll with GEO XCK105 Black Lenses

These intensified plain black circle lenses by Geo promise for extreme dolly effect. They are good at making your eyes look huge despite being 15mm diameter. GEO XCK105 black lenses do not carry any special design detailing. They are plain, simple and full of impact. 

These black lenses can be used for Ulzaang looks, for cosplay and for crazy Halloween transformations. They stand out vibrantly and make a strong style statement. Accessorize yourself respectively to compliment GEO XCK105 black lenses as done by our blogger to spark your creativity. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Neon Violet Eyes: ICK Adora Violet

Create flickering bright eyes with ICK Adora violet lenses. These super lucid & spectacular violet lenses never fail to grab your share of attention. They stand out vibrantly against every eye color and make your eyes look huge, awakened and alert. 

ICK Adora violet lenses display a thick brown limbal ring. The glistening violet hue under flash lights make your eyes look neon. The effect produced by these lenses is strongly tangible. If you are a cosplayer you would never resist buying these neon babes. More pictures & detailed review of ICK Adora violet can be found here at marysecrets

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tips to Keep Natural Hair from Breakage underneath a Wig

Wigs are great way to switch to a mod style without getting into any trouble. Synthetic wigs are considered best to achieve a new look every day since they require minimum styling & maintenance. However; if you have been wearing synthetic wigs quite too much lately; you might notice thinning of hair through breakage/rubbing that should be controlled to prevent alopecia (hair loss). Synthetic hair wigs should not bother you usually but being warned is being armed. Furthermore, summer calls for more attention as scalp is oily & hair is prone to damage. Follow the tips given below to prevent natural hair from breakage under a synthetic hair wig.
  1. Though wearing a wig cap beneath is a personal choice; it is recommended to wear a mesh wig cap so that your natural hair can breathe through. A wig cap underneath a synthetic hair wig also makes styling easier since it allows pinning through it for a great fit.
  2. Never scrunch your hair under a synthetic wig. If you have long hair, braid it neatly and wrap it around your scalp; taking care to secure it through bobby pins. Wear a wig cap before putting your synthetic wig on.
  3. Keep your natural hair light during summer so it avoids product buildup. However, moisturizing your hair is recommended. Dry hair creates more friction when rubbed against a wig and so hair loss through breakage could be severe with synthetic hair wig.
  4. Wash your hair more frequently in summer if you wear synthetic wig daily.
  5. Do not wear synthetic wig over damp hair. This serves as the breeding ground for germs and fungus. It also reduces the life of your wig.
  6. A wig and wig cap should be comfortable to wear. The bands, barrettes and other wig pieces that help the wig fit your scalp must not exert too much pressure on your ear, hair line or neck.  Consider checking the size of the wig. Fidgeting with wig causes substantial hair breakage.

Despite following these tips, you must continue to get your hair regularly trimmed. Sometimes wearing heavy cosplay synthetic wigs for longer durations split your ends and cause cuticle damage. To help repair the damage caused by wearing synthetic hair wigs insensibly it is recommended to get hair corrective conditioning treatments. Remember, as long as your natural hair is healthy, synthetic hair wig fits romantically on your scalp!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Perfect Photoshoot Lenses: Kawayii Super Big Eyes A-Max Violet

These 20mm huge circle lenses with strong and vibrant violet make them perfect for cosplay and photo shoots. Kawayii Syper Big Eyes A-Max violet lenses produce an over-whelming effect that add a dazzling element of fun & drama to your eyes. These are vivid, vivacious & energetic violet lenses that stand boldly against every color. 

Barbie Nudy Grey for Brown Eyes

If you are trying to get into Ulzaang makeover; try Barbie Nudy grey circle lenses. These are almost transparent grey circle lenses but as you wear them against dark colored eyes they adapt to the color change and become the true match. Barbi Nudy grey circle lenses have a dark outer ring that plays its role in exceptionally mind-blowing enlargement effect. These grey lenses also boast a petty intricate design. 

From a far Barbie Nudy grey look natural. They add an alluring effect to your eyes and make them sparkle. Buy them here

Review courtesy: 

Vivacious Red Eyes: ICK Adora Red Circle Lenses

These scintillating ICK Adora red lenses leave your eyes magnificent. The sparkling red color make your eyes vivacious & bright as rubies. ICK Adora red circle lenses are fierce red with a glossy impact. They look like jewel in eyes. They are good for a dolly effect whereas the intense red color makes them perfect for ghoul and vampire cosplays.

"I LOVE THEM! The design is quite simple but it still looks really beautiful. I always preferred the simple design over the ones with detailed pattern! And the color is really pretty. I love red lenses so I’m very happy to own a red pair again! " , Reads a review of ICK Adora red lenses

Pale Brown EOS Fay Circle Lenses

EOS Fay brown circle lenses are translucent brown circle lenses. They deliver a soft transition & blends beautifully with your eye color. They lighten up the dark brown eyes and add warmth to them. EOS Fay brown circle lenses have a thin limbal ring and it gives a faded effect to finish off your natural big eye looks.

Details & more pictures here in EOS Fay brown review 

Royal Blue Yoshino Wig

Royal blue Yashino wig is vibrant with purple under lights. The wig bears a simple hair style featuring straight hair fibers that are made from 100% heat resistant synthetic fiber. The bangs need to be trimmed when you wear it. Yashino wig is light and incredibly soft to feel. It appeals and enrich your personality with charisma. 

"The length is long. It reaches just below my rib cage and I am an average height person. This wig doesn't get to tangled. " More to be found in Yoshino wig review

Friday, 22 May 2015

Black Fashion Wig: Tohsaka Rin Cosplay Wig

This mind blowing black wig is natural & sweet enough to serve you as everyday wig. The black is intense & vivacious. The over-all effect created by Tohsaka Rin cosplay wig is energetic. It is long, thick and comes with twin tails. The wig has un-styled bangs and features moderate waves at the tips. 

Tohsaka Rin wig's tails can be separated so you can wear the wig both ways- with or without the tails. Read complete review of Tohsaka Rin cosplay wig for more pictures & information on styling. 

Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones Brown with Sakura Chiyo Cosplay Wig

These exciting 3 tones orange circle lenses add dimensions to your eyes. Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones brown are very vivid and dramatic lenses that would show up strongly no matter what your eye color is. The orange hue surrounding the pupil hole helps these lenses blend and fuse naturally with your eye color. However, against light colored eyes they appear pale orange whilst allowing your natural eye color show through.

Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones brown create a blazing combination with Sakura Chiyo cosplay wig. The wig is fresh orange in color. This orange wig boasts thick fibers that adds a plus to it. It is synthetic yet free from any shine. Though the color is unworldly, due to quality fiber the wig looks natural & classy. 

For more pictures please read the review of both products and let us know what do you think.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Makeup Tutorial with ICK Gaudy Blue & Brown Long Wig

These gorgeous blue circle lenses would never fail to impress you. The opacity of the design and the vibrant pattern make your eyes look meaningful. ICK Gaudy blue stands out vivaciously on dark brown eyes whereas the clear transition adds a factor of drama. These blue circle lenses portray stunning big eyes. The pattern and the lovely pastel hues play together to turn you into a glam doll. 

Makeup Tutorial:

The wig that is used in this Red Velvet Ice Cream Makeup tutorial is Ookami Ryoko cosplay wig that is 100 cm long. The color is breathtaking light brown and looks totally alluring. The wig is straight and is natural looking. The bangs come un-styled and should be trimmed once you are all set to wear it. 

For detailed review and the products used in the tutorial please go here

Super Sonico Cosplay Wig

Super Sonico cosplay wig is cute pastel pink wig that measures 60cm. It is very ethereal, soft and light to wear. The wig is free from ridiculous shine and is perfect replica for the character's requirement. Super Sonico cosplay wig is made from 100% heat resistant fibers. The bangs can be trimmed to suit your facial features.

Th wig gets a beautiful bounce when you shake it off and tease it slightly at the roots. It boasts a nice volume and stays fit on your scalp without any annoying itching sensation. 

"♡The color of the wig is very light . This is the first time I’ve owned a really light pastel pink wig and I was happy that is not super shiny.Lighter wigs tend to be more shiny than darker wigs.But,under a light that is not that strong , it can look better." See more pictures in Super Sonico cosplay wig review

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 6 Mellow Peach

These exotic pink circle lenses features beautiful highlights of orange to balance out the complete effect. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 6 Mellow Peach are quite a natural pair of circle lenses. This makes them perfect for cosplays too. These pink circle lenses with a natural enlargement effect keep everything subtle. The orange highlights show up nicely on light colored eyes and it is expected that these lenses would be more vibrant against dark brown eyes. 

"The orange about the iris blends well on the green of my eye. I would highly recommend these to people with dark eyes as your brown would blend far better and the pink would be much more vibrant."; says a review of I-Codi Colors of the Wind Mellow Peach.

Lens Story Kirei Green against Lighter Eyes

These breathtaking 3 tones green circle lenses hold others spell bounded. Lens Story Kirei green lenses boast a dazzling pattern where the golden part of the lenses blend exotically against lighter colored eyes. They add a finishing touch of gloss and make your eyes look teary & enticing.

Lens Story Kirei green circle lenses provide an enlargement effect of 16.5mm as a results you get Kawaii large eyes. 

"These would also blend effortlessly with brown eyes or green eyes, working as a highlight. The design is very natural, apart from the dark ring around the edging, but they definitely enlarge your eyes and stand out!"; says a blogger in this review of Lens Story Kirei green lenses

Thursday, 21 May 2015

4 Possible Reasons of Itching with a Wig

Synthetic wigs are good at holding the shape & style than human hair wigs. In summer season, oily scalp & blockage of hair follicles create an annoying itching sensation. There might be several other reasons for an itchy scalp whilst wearing a synthetic hair wig. To avoid itching with synthetic hair wig, find out the factor responsible for the scalp inflammation/ dryness.

1. Dirty Wig

If you have been wearing your synthetic hair wig quite too much, possibly it has turned gritty. The product residues such as mousses, gels & sprays also cause itching & dryness. Wash your wigs after every 20 wears or even more frequently if your scalp is severely oily.

2. Dry Scalp

People having dry hair types usually have scalps producing scaly dandruff. Dandruff creates mess with synthetic hair wigs & creates an intolerable itching feeling. The bumps & scalp sores further make it impossible to bear a wig during summer. To help relief dry scalp, run a cotton swab soaked in witch-hazel since it is known to calm dryness.

3. Blockage of Hair Follicles

Some heavy synthetic wigs block the air flow through the hair follicles- it is thus recommended to wear cotton or mesh liner underneath. This allows the air to pass through the wig to keep the wig light over head. Choose those synthetic hair wigs that allow greater circulation such as wigs with open & lighter caps and those with soft fibers.

4. Protruding Hair Strands

Some protruding stray hair fibers might develop weird tickling. Brush your wigs carefully to keep the strands of the wig protruding through the wig cap to scalp.

It is a good idea to keep your synthetic wigs soft & hydrated using a DIY wig softening conditioner. There are lesser chances of itchy scalp with a wig that is ethereal and soft to wear.

Protect your Eyes in summer with UV Protection Geolica Eyevelyn Lenses

An average user of contact lenses realizes that they need special care with their contact lenses in spring and autumn. The seasonal allergies can catch you in your worst but little do they know that blazing sun might also harm your eyes along with your skin. Neglecting your eyes against sun protection whilst slathering sun block lotion at skin can only make you a fool. UV rays harm your eyes the same way, they harm your skin. Protect your eyes by wearing Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses with UV protection.

I think people don’t realize how important it is to protect your eyes,” said Boone, the office manager at the Lawrence Family Vision Clinic, 3111 W. Sixth St. It is crucial to protect your eyes from UV rays all around the year; but in summer you should be taking strong measures to intercept the UV rays reaching your eyes. UV protection contact lenses come handy during summer. However; to ensure maximum protection try forming an extra layer of protection using hats, shades or sun glasses that vow to block 98 to 100% of the UVA & B rays.

Elizabeth Crandon, optometrist at Crandon & Crandon Optometry, 1019 Massachusetts St., said UV rays from the sun can damage the surface of the cornea, causing a condition called photokeratitis, which is similar to “welder’s burn.”
“This can be very painful, but luckily, symptoms last only a day or two,” she said.
During summer, hay fever affects hundreds of the people. Since the sun rays cause great damage to the cornea, eyes become inflamed and discharge begins. This could lead to reduce tolerance to contact lenses. Continuing to wear contact lenses during an eye infection is never fun. Always replace your contact lenses with a fresh pair after you recover from an eye infection.

Before going out always arm yourself with UV protection contact lenses. Let’s revise an elementary lesson that prevention is better than cure.

7 Cardinal Rules of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses need meticulous care and handling with extra precautionary measures during the seasonal allergies. Though an average user of contact lenses stay vigilant about proper disinfection & zero exposure to foreign elements; they lack the underlying concept of personal hygiene. This forgetfulness can lead to several ailments; largely affecting the eyes. To stay prevented from parasitic or viral infections, you must not do the following with your contact lenses.

  1. Never touch your contact lenses without disinfecting your hands first.
  2. Never soak contact lenses in tap water, saliva, or eye drops.
  3. Never wear contact lenses when sleeping. Dozing off? Take your contact lenses out even when you decided to take a 20 minutes nap.
  4. Never mix your right & left lenses. Develop a habit of wearing the same lens every time to avoid mixing them up. Store your contact lenses in their respective chambers of the cases.
  5. Never forget to inspect contact lenses every time you insert them in eyes. An inverted contact lens looks like a saucer with edges falling out. Contrary to this, a contact lens should shape like a cup when you put it in with edges forming a decent brim.
  6. Never over wear contact lenses. Always read the label and strictly discard them off as they reach the expiry date. Never wear lenses for extended duration. Take them out after 6 hours every day.
  7. Never ignore the discomfort. If something is bothering you; get cautious. Take your contacts out and disinfect them once again with fresh solution. Re-wear & blink to see if the problem persists. Seek professional medical help if irritation or painful discharge continues. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Do you Wear Contact Lenses & are Prone to Pollen Allergy? Read why should you Avoid Eating Apples

It would be surprising to learn that apples along with some other fruits and vegetables make seasonal allergies go haywire. If you are prone to seasonal allergies you must take precautionary measures when wearing soft contact lenses. This being said, avoiding apples should be strictly considered.

Oral Allergy Syndrome & Contact Lenses

During spring & fall; pollen particles are found most suspended in the air. Since soft contact lenses allow partial permeation of oxygen to let your eyes breathe, some of the air irritants also find their way through contacts. When these allergens are trapped into the contact lenses; they make the seasonal allergies get worse. Doctors opine if you suffer from allergy; you probably are also a victim of “Oral Allergy Syndrome”. This refers to problem eating some fruits & vegetables. Blame pollen like protein found on the surfaces of apples, tomatoes, cantaloupes & other raw veggies/fruits.

If you have been sniffling & sneezing this season along with an itchy throat & sore mouth, you need to reconsider your decision of consuming these edibles. With contact lenses, allergens can make a whole lot of mess. Though glasses can be a rescue, some people would love to stick to their contact lenses for how handy they are over glasses. If contact lenses are unavoidable for you try disposable contact lenses to reduce the protein buildup.

Runny nose & itching red eyes have never been a fun combination. If you are prone to get flared up by allergens floating in the air, you need to learn the culprits that make your symptoms go worse. Contact lenses won’t be bothersome if you take care of disinfecting them & their cases regularly after each wear. Replace your contact lens cases every 3 months to stop the recurrence of the ocular infections. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Barbie Luxury 3 Tones Green

These invigorating green circle lenses make your eyes sparkling. Barbie Luxury 3 tones green are vibrant enough to turn the heads for you. These green lenses are parrot green with yellow tint making them even vibrant. These startling circle lenses produce a glossy touch a.k.a teary eye look that you would often find anime characters with.

Barbie Luxury 3 tones green circle lenses have a natural transition against light colored eyes. The design also allows your eye color to show through the lenses. They are attention-grabbing green circle lenses with a tremendous enlargement effect of 16.2mm.

"My natural eye-color is a greyish-blue. The design is pretty and they blended in with my real eye color. As in comfort, they're really comfortable to wear. Still, I try to wear them less than 8 hours as recommended." Read more of the review at Rin Cosplay

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 27 Aqua Marin

These natural looking blue circle lenses are super comfortable. They are darker at the edges whereas the design is pretty yet very simple. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 27 Aqua Marin circle lenses would often go unnoticed. The fusion of these lenses is very soft. They accentuate dark brown eyes & make them expressive. 

I-Codi Colors of the Wind Aqua Marin circle lenses can be worn with or without makeup as they themselves are good enough in blending. The design enables your original eye color to show through a bit; this is why they look totally alluring when worn over dark colored eyes. They provide medium enlargement effect. However the outer ring that is moderately thick appears to take care of maintaining the dolly eye/anime eye effect.

Read I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 27 review for first hand knowledge. 

Saiko Yonebayashi Cosplay Wig

This startling blue cosplay wig is pure electric blue. In actual this is Enomoto cosplay wig from Kagerou project. In the pictures here the wig however has been used for Saiko cosplay. The wig is made from heat-resistant fibers. It is straight, smooth & silky. The wig accompanies a free wig cap. It comes with twin tails that can be separated from the wig base if desired.

The bangs of the wig are not pre-styled; so you will be needing to style them as per you need. Read detailed review here 

ICK Elegant Blue: Deep Strong Blue Lenses

These ravishing blue circle lenses look natural yet attention grabbing. ICK Elegant blue circle lenses are strong;y pigmented deep blue lenses that show up exhilaratingly against every eye color. They are vivid, striking & breathtaking.

ICK Elegant blue circle lenses are frayed at the limbal ring that ensure natural big eye looks. The transition is natural when worn against brown eyes but at light eyes, the natural color will show through. They possess a very simple pattern with a dotted design towards the pupil. The frayed limbal ring make these lenses an exclusive choice. 

ICK Elegant blue lenses adorn your eyes with an animated glare. They are perfect for cosplays and for formal/ casual events. For more pictures, kindly read ICK Elegant blue review