Sunday, 10 January 2016

Customizing Wigs to Create Alluring Hair Styles

Thor Wig & Amnesia Wig
Amnesia Wig
Synthetic wigs come with factory-made hair styles. They are intended to save your time every morning. They need minimal styling everyday but it doesn't mean you can't create your own enchanting hair style with your wigs. Below we are sharing you an epic hair style idea you can custom-create using Thor Odinson and Amnesia cosplay wigs.

Hair style created using Thor & Amnesia Wig

Thor and Amnesia wigs almost share the same shade of dirty blonde. Thor has wavy lack-lustrous tresses that make it perfect for everyday use. It lacks bangs that makes it easier to be used with amnesia cosplay wig. Amnesia wig has straight warm blonde tresses. It comes with bun that can be removed when desired. Above, you can see Thor wig and Amnesia wigs are worn together where the bangs are from Amnesia and back bun is made with Thor wig with huge teasing for the purpose of creating volume. 

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