Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spreading the Love that is in the Air: 15% OFF of Everything that Hues Pink

Think Pink is not just an expression-It is an obsession, an unavoidable addiction. Be ready to seduce your better half this Valentine with just a wink. Avail 15% tempting discount on everything pink at Uniqso. We have a huge collection of socks, costumes, circle lenses, wigs and makeup accessories available in Pink. Be a doll & dress to impress your Valentine. Remember, there are no second chances!

Barbie Love Pink Circle Lenses

Make your beloved instantly fall in love with you. These cute love design pink circle lenses will make him skip a beat as he stares in your eyes longing to kiss you. They are style statement lenses & are perfect for first date. Make an impression, and leave the trails of love behind!

Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Be a princess with these sweet Sugar Candy pink lenses. These lenses accentuate your eyes for good. Wear light make up and draw attention towards your peepers that are over-loaded with love, affection and compassion for your beloved.

Super Sonico Pink Wig

The pastel pink light weight wig is an immediate source of attention. Draw him closer once and make him rub his fingers through your hair. The soft and silky smooth tresses of the wig will keep you two hugged the entire day. The wig is ready to wear, except that the bangs may need a little trimming.

Vocaloid Luka D Pink Wig

This smoldering wig with sexy volume can turn everyone on! Be the babe of the ball with Vocaloid D wig. It has a delicious smoothie pink tone that is typically described as creamy pink with a dusty rose hue. The wig boast a lot of bounce and matte finish that is often absent in synthetic wigs.

Lolita Pink Stockings with Lace Finishing
Let these pink Lolita stockings take your delicacy a level ahead. These cotton leg hugging thigh high socks accentuate your blooming adolescence without putting your cuteness at stake. Lolita lace socks do the right job of highlighting the right features!

Browse through our online store to explore an opportunity of huge choices in Pink. Valentine is just few days away. Shop wisely or keep in mind that you got no second chances than hopelessly waiting for the next Valentine. Shop more to save more. Also, stand a chance to win a cute teddy bear this season of love!

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