Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Snorkeling with Contact Lenses: How to Enjoy whilst Keeping Eyes Safe

Contact lenses have been a greater medium to alter your vision than spectacles. Since spectacles come with cons heavier than the pros, they are not considered best for fun-filled adventurous activities. Spectacles, depending on the prescription may be heavy due to the thicker glasses and frames used. This being said, they keep you prevented from enjoying a thrilled free-fall or a snorkeling experience. Contrary to glasses, contact lenses do not only allow wider field of vision but also cut down fidgeting (that is common with frames). Snorkeling experts opine that wearing contact lenses is the safest option for people with vision impairments. Though prescription snorkeling masks are available for snorkeling; no one would ever want to spend $ 100 or more for just once in a life time experience.

Considerations with Contact Lenses whilst Snorkeling:
  1. Contact lenses keep your hands free. You will not be able to enjoy the sightseeing beauty of coral reefs, anomalous underwater formations, colorful fish & other breathtaking marine creatures unless you have perfect vision. Unfortunately, glasses here are not even an option. Since to date, there exist no such snorkeling masks that could fit over frames, you have to rely on contact lenses for good.
  2. Secondly, glasses fog up. Snorkeling masks are themselves heavy & wearing glasses underneath, will only make things go worse. To enjoy a free dive, use daily disposable contact lenses. Contact lenses should not come into contact with water as microorganisms when get over contact lenses may stick to the surface & grow cumulatively.
  3. Contact lenses usually do not wash out under water whilst snorkeling as explained by Galen-famous snorkeler from United States. Water splashes may get into the mask & into eyes several times during a dive. This is why we recommend you to throw the contact lenses as soon as you are out of the water. Travel with more than two pairs of contact lenses so that you could get a fresh one into eyes as soon as you are on the boat again.

To enjoy the splendid beauty of the oceans you need to keep an eye over your eyes. As long as you have prescription contact lenses; shortsightedness must not restrict you from enjoying the marvels of the world. Go on a fresh dive in the sea or undertake a venturous tandem-jump. Sea is all yours and so are skies!

Disclaimer: The information regarding the use of contact lenses during snorkeling has been taken from professional snorkeling resources. This information is just to provide basic knowledge only. UNIQSO Enterprises, thus do not take any responsibility in case of mishandling, injury or loss of contact lenses. Please, make thorough research, seek experts' advises & wear contact lenses on your own risk.

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