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Benefits of Wired Wig Comb

A natural hair wig is more durable & forgiving. Unfortunately it however comes with an unforgiving price tag. Thus, using a synthetic hair wig is more pocket friendly & convenient. Though they have several advantages over real hair wigs, they also reserve the limitations.  It takes minimum time in styling & maintenance. Synthetic hair wigs may last you a good period of 12 months or more if they are handled carefully. They should be combed only using a wig wire brush as the ordinary combs/brushes can cause too much of the breakage in hair strands.

This wig comb is composed of narrow wired rotating teeth that:

  1. Reduces friction
  2. Reduces tension
  3. Reduces breakage and hair loss
  4. Reduces static cling
  5. Easily de-tangles a tangled/ damaged wig

Before combing your wigs, shake them off lightly by resting your wig in your palm. The vigorous shaking will shed off any loose fibers that could later get into eyes. After you are done shaking your wig, gently comb it using a wired brush. It will swiftly remove the tangles; make it look sleek & more managed in less than a minute.

The wired wig comb costs $0.50 only and can be purchased fromUniqso.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Contact Lenses?

You might have been told earlier that you are not an ideal candidate for contact lenses.  This is nothing to however panic about. Contact lenses are constantly evolving & due to the latest innovations you can always try with new brands of contact lenses even if they had been a bad experience previously. Certain medications & medical conditions do restrict you wearing contact lenses such as allergies & using OCPs (Oral contraceptive pills. They might negatively affect contact lens tolerance. Yet, the endless opportunities allow you to switch between the brands in order to find the best match for your eyes.

People with certain medical conditions such as astigmatism, or dry eyes syndrome can improve their symptoms by effective management with contact lenses. Yes, it might be difficult; but being difficult does not mean being “impossible”. People with dry eyes can try wearing circle lenses with 48%- 55% water content and see if it makes any positive difference. Dry eyes include symptoms like gritty, scratchy or burning sensation on wearing contact lenses which can be reduced with medicated eye drops that are compliant to use with contact lenses.

People suffering from Astigmatism can wear Toric contact lenses. With latest advancements, contact lenses for complex ocular impairments have been engineered. With collaboration of Google, Novartis & Alcon Pharmaceuticals a new type of smart contact lenses for diabetics are being engineered. Furthermore, contact lenses for age-related macular degeneration will also be launched in near future to help elderly people zoom in and out with just a wink of an eye.

Contact lenses have seen huge advancements. The possibilities are endless. You only need to have a valid prescription at hand to get benefited through contact lenses. Also, regular follow-ups are recommended to rule out any underlying or hidden vision threats caused by bacterial accumulation. 

3 Pink Circle Lenses that will Blow your Mind

Wearing pink circle lenses is relatively a new trend. The trend caught fire in past couple of years due to the anime characters flaunting beautiful & charismatic pink eyes. Pink circle lenses add a soft warm tone to your eyes that look bewitching. The spell-bounding patterns further create new horizons of beauty & enchantment for a magical and unworldly appearance.

Below are the three pairs of pink circle lenses that will blow your mind up!

I.Fairy Jewel Pink

Unlike other pink circle lenses they stay true pink in eyes. They stand out yet are nothing over-powering. I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses add a soft effect to your iris. The fuzzy limbal ring & a pattern composed of “Strokes” help them blending nicely with any of the eye color. They are bright & are good to achieve teary eye look. I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses are known for their breathtaking dolly enlargement.

Kimchi Bambi Pink

These pink circle lenses are extra ordinary lenses. The intricate pattern with narrow details along with the amalgamation of 3 whimsical tones set them apart from other pink lenses. Kimchi Bambi pink circle lenses are strongly opaque. They are very vivid, and ensure big eye awaken looks. They are very trendy and are popular for the feminine dolly touch they lure with!

I.Fairy Super Crystal Pink

These are super vivid, hot pink circle lenses. I.Fairy Super Crystal pink lenses are damn gorgeous since they are extremely vibrant & attention grabbing. They are enticing enough to catch tons of attention for you. I.Fairy Super Crystal pink makes your eyes sparkle & shine. They are perfect anime circle lenses as the enlargement is huge to demonstrate the characteristics of anime eyes. Very dolly, very vibrant & very exquisite!

Which pink circle lenses are your favorite?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Are There Any Potential Risks in Wearing Circle Lenses?

Yes & no- The answer is simple. Circle lenses should not pose any threats provided they are approved by FDA. FDA approved circle lenses are engineered under strict health standards in state of the art labs that ensure risk free crisp vision.

Tinted circle contact lenses are used for both vision problems and for cosmetics. It is illegal in United States to purchase circle lenses without a valid prescription. In order for safe wear & fitting, it is mandatory to follow the lens care instructions. In certain cases, circle lenses might be uncomfortable such as in dry eyes syndrome. Circle lenses are also reported to induce strain on eyes in people spending long hours in working on computers. However, by trial & error with different brands of circle lenses; one might find a perfect match to his/her eyes.

Circle lenses that are made from silicone hydro gel material are noted to keep eyes comfortable as they retain moisture level in eyes whilst allowing maximum oxygen transmission.

Circle Lenses Health Risks

  1. Since everything comes with pros and cons, circle lenses that are FDA approved do have risks factors involved which cannot be out ruled.
  2. Circle lenses should never be brought into contact with water or saliva. Always use multi-purpose disinfectant.
  3. Circle lenses should be handled carefully as FDA classifies them as medical devices.
  4. Circle lenses should not be worn when sleeping, should not be worn under strong radiations & should be avoided at salons & beaches.
  5. Circle lenses should never be swapped or exchanged with friends. Always keep them confined to yourself.
  6. Do not fall for cheap over the counter contact lenses that are being sold at internet @US $10. Circle lenses usually cost $22 & up-anything lower than this should ring the bell for you. Always check the brand certifications before choosing a mate for your eyes.

Millions of people around the world wear circle lenses & fortunately only a few cases of circle lens related ocular damage are reported each year. If you are mature enough to take care of your contacts & eyes, it is safe to assume that branded FDA approved circle lenses won’t be any dangerous.

3 Things to Consider when Wearing Circle Lenses in a Party

Party is all about fun, mega thrill & excitement. During a crazy get together of friends you need to watch your steps especially if you are wearing circle lenses. Circle lenses are medical devices and yes! Enough of the hammering has already been done on this subject. Though FDA approved circle lenses are safe to wear, they call out for attention & careful handling. Ignoring the precautions given below might cost you lifetime vision loss or corneal damage

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol makes you feel dizzy & hazy. Having rounds of alcohol can cause tripping & dozing. To avoid accidental naps with circle lenses it is best advised to put them off when you are about to begin the alcoholic sessions. Circle lenses should not be worn when you sleep as it deprives oxygen needs which may lead to gross ocular injuries in unfortunate cases.

Watch out! Party Poppers!

Courtesy: DarlingDozen.tumblr
Friends are crazy, they bump & jump! Unfortunately they even dump! Be careful when you are in a party where fanatic lads and lasses are willing to cross any limits to merry. Party poppers contain air pressure, strings & components that must not be used directly around people, animals & near fire places. If you notice your friends going lunatic with confetti & poppers; take care of yourself & move away. The confetti if gets into eyes mistakenly can mess with circle lenses. The tiny glittery particles can adhere to the circle lenses, cause scratches and tear them in the eyes. This may lead to corneal abrasions & vision loss.

Ditch the BBQ Grill

The smoke from BBQ and grill is not strong enough to melt your circle lenses but it can cause blurred vision. Smoke can irritate the eyes as the other environmental factors such as spices, onion fumes and coal pieces etc can disturb the lens adhesion. Don’t roam about the BBQ grills & fire places to help saving your eyes when wearing circle lenses.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New Biotrue Hypergel Contact Lenses that Work Exactly Like Human Eyes

To reduce the contact lens dropout rate; Bauch+Lamb have launched new contact lenses that work exactly like human eyes. They are made from new technology & lens material that is known as “Hyper Gel”. Hyper gelcontact lenses allows 93% of oxygen transmission & match the water content with the cornea that keeps contact lenses comfortable in eyes.

Until now contact lenses made from Silicone hydrogel were considered the most comfortable lenses but experts opine that contact lens industry will see a new boost in upcoming years as these Hypergel contact lenses get common in the mass market. In a survey conducted regarding “Biotrue contact lenses”; 4:5 people opined that these contact lenses are better to wear than other ordinary content lenses since the water content is 78% that varies from 38% to maximum 55% percent in other soft contact lenses.

Biotrue contact lenses help avoid dehydration & dryness caused by the prolong wear of contact lenses. These contact lenses work exactly like human eyes, allow maximum oxygen transmission & retain moisture in your eyes to improve the wet-ability of the surface of eyes. These contact lenses were engineered for people under middle-age with vision impairments such as presbyopia & loss of focus.
The London based optician Wendi Sethi said that Biotrue hyper gel contact lenses cause only 2% of the water loss during an entire day. The new contacts cost between £40 and £60 a month, depending on individual practitioners’ prices. 

Smart contact lenses for diabetics

Barbie Sugar Candy Green Lenses on Light Eyes

These Barbie Sugar Candy green lenses add charm to light colored eyes. They stand out nicely yet they blend beautifully with the natural eye color. Barbie Sugar Candy green lenses boast a pretty simple pattern with a black outer rim followed by an inner green rim of almost the same thickness. Since these lenses are kind of translucent they fuse with your natural eye color & let some of it peep though the lenses. 

Barbie Sugar Candy green lenses look totally adorable from a far. They make your eyes sparkle & turn them innocent for a young & fresh look. The enlargement effect with 16.2mm is something freaking awesome! Read the review here

Monday, 23 February 2015

Maintain Ethereal Looks with Black Wig & I.Fairy Jewel Green Lenses

The combination of Kurotsochi Nemu cosplay with & I.Fairy Jewel green is completely outstanding. This black jet wig & green circle lenses together strive to ensure ethereal looks. They are recommended who fancy natural looks and have petite facial structure.

The wig is simple jet black, straight & sleek. It is very long so might need careful handling & maintenance. Kurotsochi Nemu cosplay wig has blunt bangs that are available to be trimmed as desired. Since the wig is intense black; it is also favored by Ulzaang fashion followers. On the other hand I.Fairy Jewel green circle lenses with a zesty limbal ring & 16.2 mm diameter vow to create enticing dolly looks. 

I.Fairy Jewel green circle lenses blend nicely when worn against brown eyes. From a far they look very natural and almost go unnoticed. With 55% water content; these circle lenses retain moisture level to prevent instigating dryness in your eyes. 

Natural Looking Blue Lenses: Geo Berry Cessy Blue

If you fancy circle lenses with bigger pupil holes & have light colored eyes; you should rush to get Geo Berry Cessy blue circle lenses. They are translucent blue circle lenses and are very blend-able. Geo Berry Cessy blue creates a lovely gradation when worn against light colored eyes as they allow your natural eye color to peep through.

These blue circle lenses with an enlargement effect of 14.2mm ensure soft and natural looks. They are nothing too vivid or overwhelming; thus are perfect to compliment your casual and office looks. Geo Berry Cessy blue creates drama when paired up with Stella false eyelashes. These 3 tones blue circle lenses appear outstanding against both light and dark colored eyes.

Read the review to find out what other products have been used to create the above elegant look.

Natural Shimmering Grey Eyes: I-Codi Colors of the Wind Grey Lenses

I-Codi Colors of the Wind in grey lenses make your eyes gleam adorably. The incorporation of 3 beautiful tones help them blending with almost any of the eye color. These grey lenses with a natural looking enlargement effect of 15mm keep the over all effect soft & acceptable. 

I-Codi shimmering grey circle lenses have a windy pattern that features yellow tint around the pupil. The yellow speckles when meet pupil fuse naturally to add a dolly touch. The outer ring is less darker than black hence turn your eyes look charming.

Read Review for Dolly Makeup Tutorial with I-Codi Colors of the Wind grey lenses.

Geo Xtra Hanabi Green: Natural Looking Green Lenses for Dark Eyes

Geo Xtra Hanabi green lenses have a hurricane-like swirly pattern that set them a part from other circle lenses. The pattern is eye-catching and melts adorably against dark brown eyes. The fusion of green with brown looks totally enticing yet subtle.  Geo Xtra Hanabi green lenses have a huge enlargement effect that help making your eyes look dolly. 

They brighten up your eyes for a fancier look. Geo Xtra Hanabi green lenses boast a particularly noticeable pattern with a limbal ring that is capable of adding innocence to your personality. This is why Geo Xtra Hanabi lenses are more than perfect for Dolly outfits.

3 Natural Looking yet Stylish Blonde Wigs

Synthetic cosplay wigs add oomph to your personality by completely overhauling the way you look. Wearing hair with perfection on daily basis might not have been possible if the synthetic wigs had not existed. Synthetic wigs that are from blonde family are considered most natural looking wigs. Below we are sharing 3 stylish blonde wigs that look very natural and are suitable for both fancy & casual looks.

Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Wig

Amnesia Heroine cosplay wig is specifically meant for cosplay but its natural cuts, blunt bangs and the platinum blonde color make it perfect to wear when you need a drama with a twist. The wig features a petite braid & a rosy bun that is enticing enough to catch everyone’s attention. Amnesia Heroine cosplay wig comes in just-above-the-shoulder length. The wig incorporates lavishly curly hair strands to complete your fancy look.

Nibutani Shinka Cosplay Wig

This character specified wig from Nibutani Shinka is a supreme quality synthetic wig. It flaunts the most natural looking hair style ever possible. It comes with greater freedom of styling it since it is 75 cm long. The wig beautifully fashions a side pony tail almost in the same length as of the wig that can be removed easily when desired. Nibutani Shinka Cosplay wig is brownish blonde, has layered cut & angular front bangs.

Lolita Wig X

Add charm & charisma to your personality with this Lolita wig X. The angular bangs are the bewitching factor whereas the softly teased Lolita curls make it a wig worth falling for. This gold blonde Lolita wig lures & can be jet straightened using a flat-iron if you like the sleek look.

Do Contact Lenses Make you Look Beautiful? Wonders Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore, the 54 year old actress opines that she was not considered “terribly pretty” until she ditched her eye frames for contact lenses. Contact lenses are noted to add self-esteem, confidence & above all beauty to one’s personality that specs are undoubtedly not a right choice for.

Moore thinks she wore glasses but wouldn't be considered pretty. She then suddenly started wearing contact lenses at the age of 16 to look pretty. She also added that it is the thing about beauty and is perceptual. It has nothing to do with how you look-like.

"I had glasses and no-one thought I was terribly attractive. Then suddenly, I wore contacts and everyone thought I was pretty. But I was the same person perceived as pretty,” she added.

Photo courtesy: Cinedigm

Contact lenses add color to your eyes, make them pop out & add new dimensions. Latest technology & innovative advancements help patients getting clear & crisp vision. Contact lenses have come a long way in the past decade. Even the UV protection is now possible with Geolica Eyevelyn advanced contact lenses. These circle lenses retain moisture in your eyes, increases wettability & comfort whilst ensuring maximum oxygen permeability to let your eyes breathe.

Do you also think that contact lenses are making your lives better? Share your life-changing stories with contact lenses & win FREE goodies from Uniqso.


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3 Eye Popping Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes that You wouldn't Want to Miss

More than 93% of the world population bears brown eyes. Being the most common eye color; circle lenses that make brown eyes starry, dolly & enticing always receive most of the attention. Circle lenses that equips brown eyes with fantasy & lure are pigmented enough to stand out yet are blend-able enough to stay natural.

Below are some of the hot-selling and super pigmented circle lenses for brown eyes.

Puffy 3 tones series need no introduction. They make your eyes bright & turn them dolly. The enlargement effect is whimsical whereas the outer limbal ring and their capacity of making your eyes pop out is worth falling for. They make your eyes stand out since the color is very bright & sparkling. These circle lenses make your eyes shine & charming to seduce any heart.

The other variant of Puffy 3 tones is grey that is a natural looking color for dark eyes. They add a glossy effect to brown eyes whilst making them look huge & cute. Barbie Puffy 3 tones grey circle lenses are strong enough to stand out yet natural enough to blend in. The yellow tint helps these lenses stay natural in dark eyes as the amalgamation of the three tones is neat & natural.

These blue circle lenses are very dramatic lenses for brown eyes. If you want a drama with a twist; get these lenses for yourself. The vivid electric blue hue of these lenses turn heads for you, as you make an entry in the public. 


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kimkardashian New Blue Circle Lenses

Kim likes surprising. Kim loves to blow her fans up. Her quirky moves with revealing outfits & provocative gestures always keep her in the limelight. Since Kim is the queen of fashion & fantasy; she is often observed trying new crazy looks. Whether it is about changing hair color to the funkiest hue ever or about getting herself a new eye color, Kim would go to any limits possible. New pictures of Kimkardashian have emerged on social media as she posted a photo wearing blue circle lenses at Instagram.

Also Read: Celebrity Inspired Circle Lenses

Looks like Kim fancies blue circle lenses as earlier too she was spotted experimenting with green and blue circle lenses last year. Kim’s natural eye color is brown which she fakes through contact lenses & trust us; every time Kim inserts a new color in her eyes; she get us drooling crazy!

Wearing blue colored circle lenses, Kim captioned herself “Wolfie”. Perhaps, it’s the crazy vibrant blue hue of the contacts that made her think wild. Kim also posted a picture of her husband Kayne , who wore pastel blue circle lenses in a party.

To replicate Kim’s new look try Angel blue or Nudy blue circle lenses. These blue circle lenses are super blend-able yet much pigmented to stand out. Rock off the party & camwhore with Kim’s favorite eye color!

Cyborg Katya Kazanova Cosplay Lenses: GEO Xtra WCH628

These red circle lenses are neither too bright nor too dull. They are brick red circle lenses with a decent enlargement effect. GEO Xtra WCH628 are USFDA approved lenses, considering this; these can be the best circle lenses for people with sensitive eyes. These red circle lenses are more towards orange side so are more suitable when your demands are to have subtle red eyes that do not gleam.

Mighty Mysterious Violet Eyes: Lens Story Hanabi Violet

These violet circle lenses make your eyes look bright, charming and seductive. Lens Story Hanabi violet are vivid & striking. The pattern, the color & the enlargement effect; every aspect of these lenses is more than perfect. The Japanese term "Hanabi" means fireworks and these Lens Story Hanabi violet lenses do the justice with its name.

Lens Story Hanabi violet are pigmented enough to make your eyes look outstanding yet they blend nicely. These circle lenses turn your eyes dolly & the color is perfect for anime impersonations. The swirly pattern adds mighty mysterious effects & make you look like a fairy.

Review courtesy of Tayuya Chan

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Platinum Blonde Wig- Uchida Aya Cosplay Wig

If you are looking for a wig that compliments your casual style then get your hands on Uchida Aya cosplay wig. This platinum blonde wig has a unique style whilst the color keeps it natural looking. This is thick wig bearing a cute and fluffy style. The wig is free from artificial shine and features a pony tail that can be separated when desired.

Since the wig comes with a pony tail; it provides more liberty to style it the way you want. The bangs are free style that can be trimmed as per your own face to fit. Adorn your wig with head bows or barrettes; Uchida Aya cosplay wig will always be a satisfaction.  

I.Fairy Jewel Violet Circle Lenses against Dark Eyes

I.Fairy Jewel Violet circle lenses are dazzling dolly eye lenses. These lenses make your eyes pop out and ensures a shimmery effect. They brighten up your eyes for more attention. I.Fairy Jewel violet are two tones lenses with enlargement effect of 16.2mm diameter. They are perfect for cosplays or anime photo shoots. 

I.Fairy Jewel violet circle lenses create an impression of jewel embedded iris. They are very vivid & stand out perfectly against dark brown eyes. "- I love the color and the design! I’ve bought these circle lenses for my cosplay of Kirigiri from Danganronpa and it matches perfectly! The violet color is very vivid and really looks like two jewels in your eyes! The design is simple but still beautiful and natural. There are just two colors, violet and black but this is exactly what I wanted for my cosplay."

Review courtesy: Camilia Silveira

Are Samples of Circle Lenses Safe to Use?

It is a general misconception that trial samples of contact lenses would help you making your mind about wearing contact lenses on regular basis. Consumers should not forget that contact lenses are medical devices that need attention & careful handling. Trial samples of contact lenses received from novelty shops, flea markets or beauty salons run the risk of infections that could possibly lead to permanent vision loss & eye damage.

Before making a decision about switching from glasses to contact lenses for vision problems, always visit your eye care practitioner. He is the only person to have your eyes tested & to assess the eye health. Some problem like dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes would resist adjusting to contact lenses. Therefore, think about contact lenses only after receiving approval from your optometrist. Trial samples of contact lenses that are received anywhere else from the doctor are often counterfeit or expired. They are sourced from the China. These contact lenses are hub of bacteria & they even fade the tint that could trigger allergic response.

Contact lenses are prosthetic devices. The price range of FDA approved lenses varies from $22 and above. Anything that is lower than this should ring bells for you. Always avoid trial samples of contact lenses and be very conscious when you get them for free. Unless the source is authentic & credible don’t insert contact lenses received from a third source. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Age-Related Vision Disorders: Prototype of Innovative Contact Lenses to Let Patients Zoom In & Out

Prototype: Picture PA

Contact lenses have been a boon for people with vision problems. They do not only allow patients with ocular dysfunctions to have a crystal clear vision but also add a pop to their eyes by adding a beautiful hint of color. An innovative design of contact lenses containing tiny telescopes would enable elderly people with macular degeneration to zoom in & out; possibly leading to the drastic change in vision sciences.

 A prototype design of these special contact lenses was presented yesterday at “American Association for the Advancement of Science” in San Jose, California. To imply the zoom in and out functions; patients would need to wink at their left & right eyes. These contact lenses would help eliminate blurred vision that occurs due to the macular degeneration when light receptors on the inner surface of eye are lost.

‘We think these lenses hold a lot of promise for low vision and age-related macular degeneration,’ Eric Tremblay, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, told MailOnline.

‘At this point, it is still research but we are very hopeful it will eventually become a real option for people with age-related macular degeneration.’
These contact lenses feature mirrors that produce the magnifying effect. When paired with special type of glasses; these lenses would let users switch between zoomed in & regular viewing.

The prototype is yet under research. It is needless to say that scientists are working to make a lighter, significantly more breathable version of the contact lenses before they are rolled out in the market for consumption. 

3 Circle Lenses for Light Eyes that you would not want to Miss

Choosing circle lenses is an art as it involves several considerations from color to design & the enlargement effect. Circle lenses that look adorable on light eyes might not deliver exactly the same results against dark colored eyes. Therefore; before you experiment through different colored lenses, it is advised to try natural looking circle lenses that compliment your skin tone. Below we are sharing 3 whimsical circle lenses that look outstanding on light colored eyes by gradually fading into your iris giving a soft yet enhanced big eye look.

I.Fairy Star blue lenses create fanciful alluring looks. The bold outer intense black ring followed by fairy-like star pattern makes your eyes look unworldly & divine. They blend in naturally with light colored eyes and the contrast produced is simply worth dying for. The star pattern is more noticeable when worn against very light eyes. They do add sparkle to your eyes & make your eyes look dolly.

Although they are violet circle lenses; they look greysih blue against light colored eyes. They are perfect for parties & proms. Dolly Eye Jewel violet circle lenses have a fuzzy limbal ring that helps creating edgier looks. They blend in naturally and totally fade away as the design & color proceed towards the pupil.

These circle lenses brighten up light colored eyes and add a crazy pop to them. The enlargement effect is enticing. Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses look lime green against light colored eyes whereas the pattern is subtle enough to blend naturally. These lenses have a small pupil hole thus are perfect for those who does not appreciate the gradient effect.

Top Rated Circle Lenses for Light Eyes

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Can anyone Wear Contact Lenses?

For details on the lenses used in the photo please scroll down

The trend of wearing contact lenses among teenagers is becoming increasingly popular. The market is ever-evolving & affluent in latest technology that has helped penetrating the trend among masses. Anyone can wear contact lenses to treat the visual impairments as now with advancement in lens materials & solutions is ensuring the most comfortable wear ever.

Contact lenses are available in both prescription and plano. Furthermore, various options in contact lenses from diameter enlargement to color contrast & water content allow people with vision problems to make a wise selection based on their requirements.

  1. People with sensitive eyes can rely upon circle lenses with water content 55%
  2. People with Astigmatism can refer to Toric circle lenses
  3. People with vision problems should get prescription circle lenses
  4. People with severe vision weakness can try Prescription lenses in above -7.00
  5. People with dry eye syndrome should wear Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses

Contact lenses when purchased from authentic sellers should not budge you. For the sake of your own safety; always have a fresh prescription at hand before seeking the right pair of circle lenses. Make sure what you purchase is FDA approved and safe to wear. Better safe than sorry.

Lenses used in the photo:
  1. Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet
  2. I.Fairy Hanabi Blue
  3. I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown
  4. I.Fairy Kirei Green
  5. I.Fairy Dolly+ Red
  6. I.Fairy Jewel Pink
  7. I.Fairy Super Crystal Green
  8. Phantasee Violet Sclera Lens Colossus

Friday, 13 February 2015

My Last Try with Contact Lenses was a Disappointment. Should I try them again?

Lenses in the photo: I.Fairy Cara blue

Almost anyone on earth can wear contact lenses. Experts opine even the age doesn’t put you on restriction. The only thing that matters is “mental maturity”. Contact lenses have been a boon and are constantly evolving. If your last try with contact lenses shuddered badly, no problem. You can always check with them again as the possibilities with contact lenses are now endless due to the latest technology & innovation.

A study revealed in 2004 that above 125 million people in the world wear contact lenses. Not necessarily, circle lenses that you are trying out today will fit you tomorrow. Similarly, if you have had problems with contact lenses in the past even after several tries; you always have the option to try them again. With latest innovation, circle lenses have evolved tremendously making it easier for the patients to try from the different brands.

Contact lenses do need management as the seasons change. People with ocular allergies or sensitive eyes need to be a bit more concerned than other consumers. Circle lenses might pick lint, pollen or behave awkwardly when weather is freezing cold. These factors must not lead you to drop out wearing contact lenses. Fortunately, in most cases with proper monitoring & maintenance discomfort produced by wearing contact lenses can be reduced or totally alleviated.

Certain type of circle lenses might not however suit everyone-for instance, “sclera contact lenses” or other variations of crazy lenses that are opaque/strongly pigmented. These 22mm sclera lenses cover the entire eye and are only meant for theatrical performances.

Geolica Silicone Hydrogel Lenses
In case you want to try out circle lenses after the last failed try; we recommend you beginning the new venture with Geolica Eyevelyn Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses. They are made using advanced technology of silicone hydrogel material that offers higher oxygen permeability with increased moisture retention for maximum comfort.


Create a Gradient Effect using Geo Xtra Bella Grey Lenses

Bright or light colored eyes can be made look alluring by adding a seducing gradient effect. Since every color on bright eyes seem to create a contrast; the outcome of "gradient effect" is usually out-standing. Geo Xtra Bella grey WBS205 lenses are natural looking with a bigger pupil hole that produce a soft & subtle gradient effect.

Geo Xtra Bella grey

Geo Xtra Bella grey fade from natural black to grey as they move towards pupil. The pattern is largely confined towards the limbal ring leaving quite much of the empty space for the pupil hole. These kind of circle lenses are in fact popular amount people with light colored eyes since they let the natural eye color peep through. 

They are perfect for daily routine where you need casual looks yet want to look at your best! Complete Geo Xtra Bella grey review