Friday, 29 November 2013

GEO Crazy Halloween Lenses: SF75 Flame Eyes-Matryoshka Cosplay

For Matryoska cosplay you need cosplay circle lenses that are green with a red rim; since such circle lenses are not available- one of our customer found an easy way out for replicating Gumi eyes. If you have dark brown eyes like her you can also do the trick by being intellectual. Place an order for GEO crazy flame eye lenses. These circle lenses are strong yellow with a pure orange rim. However; if your eyes are brown these will look yellowish-green closer to Matryoshka eyes. 

Follow Geo Flame Eyes Review for more details and pictures. 

Submit your Cosplay Look to win free circle lenses.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stella Paper Eyelashes: Who Want a Runway Look this Xmas?

Fancy a runway look this Christmas? The alluring big eyes with colored contact lenses have got another partner-in-crime i.e. “Stella Paper Eyelashes”.

Christmas is about striking colors where “red” enjoys a pivotal position. Adding up some spice to your red costume and stunning red-velvety lips with black Stella paper eyelashes can make you the topic of the conversation!

These intricately-cut Stella paper eyelashes have its “concept-history” hidden in “Chinese Paper Art”. Each design is a history itself; infused with a symbolic meaning. If you love playing codes and possess a mysterious personality; Stella paper eyelashes are rightly made for you. Wearing these Stella paper eyelashes according to the nature of event/occasion and your mood can make people draw closer to you. Be a riddle wearing symbolic Stella paper eyelashes and enjoy others deciphering your new traits.

A model wearing paper eyelashes during an ad campaign of China glaze capitol colors line

According to Chinese paper-art “deer & butterfly” represents freedom; whereas peacock is considered as the sign of luck. Similarly; different symbols have different meanings which make Stella paper eyelashes very unique and expressive. Stella paper eye lashes can be your style statement or may be used for updating an old-dress. Suffering from wardrobe deficiency? No problem; accessorize your old dress with Stella paper eyelashes and divert people’s attention from your old dress to your new expressive pair of paper lashes. 

Stella paper eye lashes are suitable for:

  • Theme Parties
  • Halloween
  • Cosplays
  • Gyaru Looks
  • New Year Eve
  • Christmas Makeup

Stella paper eyelashes can be used 3-5 times and are SGS Taiwan Quality and standard certified. They are light weight and are water-resistant* (tested with light contact of water only). Each pair of paper eyelashes is a piece of art which makes your eyes charming. Cut them as per your desires and wear only at corners for a “Day Time Makeup Look” or flaunt with a full heavy set of Stella paper eyelashes during a costume convention or in fairy-tale performance!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dolly Eyes with Green Circle Lenses : Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones Green Circle Contacts

Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones green sports a pattern similar to Puffy Three Tones green big eye circle lenses. The pattern is simple which blends beautifully with dark eyes. The star dust pattern in the centre does its job and let you fetch compliments from friends. The green is not too vibrant nor too dull. In different lightening conditions dolly eye natural 3 tone green big eye circle lenses seem to change color. They often look turquoise/ green and teal. 


Monday, 25 November 2013

Haifa Wehbe Inspired Smokey Makeup Tutorial: Arabic Eye Makeup

Haifa Wehbe is the epitome of class, fashion and style. She is a Lebanese singer, actressand a model and gained fame after becoming the “runner-up” for “Miss Lebanon”. She is considered a diva of Arab; where her seductive eyes grab the attention of masses. She has a signature style when it comes to eye makeup. She often wears gorgeous Smokey eye makeup and loves to wear big eye circle lenses. Below we are sharing Haifa Wehbe inspired Smokey eye makeup tutorial for which you need Barbie Puffy 3 Tones grey circle lenses.

Look of the Month: Haifa Wehbe Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Step 1
 Wear Barbie puffy three tones grey circle lenses and apply a light brown eye shadow

Step 2
Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply black eye shadow at your lower bottom of the lid and blend it.

Step 3
Line your tear duct using a soft white eye pencil. Care to be taken applying makeup especiallywith eye pencils that may come into contact with your eye lenses. It is advised to use hypo allergenic cosmetics with circle lenses

Step 4
Using a black eye liner pencil; line your lower lash line. Keep it thin

Step 5
Apply Stella Natural Prime fake eyelashes; and wear black Hyatt Beauty Mascara for clump free and long lasting application.

Step 6
Give a warm glow and a sun-kissed effect to your cheeks using an orange blush

Step 7
Use a super moist lipstick/lip tint in bright peach color and apply it on your lips. You can also apply sheer lip gloss over it for a crystal reflection.

Step 8
Haifa Webe

Our Makeup Artist Cherry

Dye your hair black or wear a black wig alternatively. Your final Arabic Haifa Wehbe inspired look is ready for camwhoring!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stella False Eye Lashes: Choosing False Lashes According to Eye Shapes

A fluttering pair of Stella false eyelashes is an icon of beauty. The instant drape, the soft velvety feel and the flirtatious looks which Stella false eyelashes add to your appearance; pays the price. With false eyelashes you can have thick lashes that almost look very natural like celebrities. However; in order to successfully accentuate your eyes you need to choose your false eyelashes wisely; since choosing a cheap product may cause allergies and infections. Stella false eyelashes however; promise for a natural to dramatic look that is safe and hygienic.

It is often a question that what kind of false eyelashes will suit your eyes. When deciding for the type of false eyelashes; consider following points:

  • Shape of your eyes
  • Nature of your original lashes

Shape of your eyes:

Round Eyes
People with round eyes should get dramatic long false eyelashes that fan upwards; such as Stella 8907 false eyelashes Double Layer Lashes. These Stella false eyelashes will add definition to round eyes and you will have Kawaii Anime type bigger eyes.

Almond Eyes
Women with almond eyes are lucky since these eyes are very defined and gorgeous in shape. These types of eyes look glamorous with every makeup look. Choosing false eyelashes has never been a problem for almond eyes. Try different Stella false eyelashes and have your pick!

Hooded Eyes
Women with hooded eyes should spend a considerable amount of time choosing their false eyelashes. Since Stella false eyelashes is the only brand to have double and multi-layer falsies; you are open to a wide variety of lashes for a trial. Try those false eyelashes that consists of both long and short strands with longest just above the pupils such as Stella 8943 false eyelashes. Hooded eye ladies can frame their eyes by applying individual false eyelashes at the lower outer corner for a doe-eye look.

Monolid Eyes
Monolid eyes come in different shapes hence are very versatile. If you want to have deeper-set long eyes; try Stella 8908 false eyelashes since these lashes feature longest strands at the outer upper corners. People with small mono lid eyes should avoid thick dramatic lashes since this will make them scream fake. Go for subtle fashion lashes such as Stella false eyelashes.

Nature of Original Lashes:

Sparse and Fine Lashes:
You need volume therefore try Stella 8915  false eyelashes. They are even and thick that helps creating intense drape.

Medium Thickened Lashes:
If your original lashes are neither too thick, nor thin you should enhance them using Stella 2003 false eyelashes. They are fine and spaced; important for adding a length to your lashes while keeping them look natural.

Defined Lashes:
Lucky enough to already have a set of defined real eye lashes? Accentuate them and add a drama using    Stella false eyelashes. These will not be only adding a drama to your eyes but also will give some flutter for a sexy look. Stella 8977 false eyelashes have the longest strands at the corners to make your eye shape look glorious.

Theatrical/ Prom Needs:
Try shimmery, glittery and spikey lashes such as Glitter series by Stella false eyelashes. For making a statement; choose Stella false eyelashes which come with a dramatic upward curl.

False eyelashes can bring a huge difference to your makeup and eyes. No doubt a thoughtful pair of falsies from a brand like “Stella false eyelashes” is helpful enough to frame your eyes!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Guide to Buy Circle Lenses : By Ichigoflavor

It is necessary to get the right kind of circle lenses if you want to look extra-ordinary and want to save your money from being wasted.

Read her guide if you want to know the following things:

1. Have dark eyes but want super big dolly eye look
2. Want natural big eye circle lenses for daily life
3. Want to get cosplay lenses but do not how to choose

Follow her guide to purchasing circle lenses and follow these makeup tips with contact lenses to look fabulously great and stunning!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stella False eyelashes: Is it Dangerous to Wear False Eyelashes Every day?

False eyelashes are nothing new. With everyday releases of new models of false eyelashes; this trend has even gain more attention. Since the last decade; wearing false eyelashes has become an essential step in achieving a “complete and finished make-up look” for both casual and party needs. Wearing false eyelashes everyday may be a bit dangerous if your chosen product is cheap and over-the counter. Stella false eyelashes on the other hand are high quality fashion false eyelashes that promise to keep your eyes protected whilst you wear falsies.

Do False Eyelashes Pose Risks to Natural Lashes?

Courtesy: Thinkstock Photos

Though wearing false eyelashes is not itself harmful; but care should be taken while choosing the eyelash glue and eye lash remover. The harmful ingredients present in cheap eyelash glues that often come with the false eyelashes pose serious health risks. The cheap false eyelash glues may be the reason of eye infections, thinning of natural eyelash and allergic-reactions. Always choose your false eyelash brand wisely; such as “Stella false eyelashes” and use “Stella Collagen Eyelash glue” to complete the process. The collagen in the Stella glue acts as a protein-treatment and soothes eyes if you are a regular wearer of false eyelashes.

Often the cheap false eyelashes are the reason of sparse lashes; because they tear your natural lashes every time you wear and remove them. To prevent this; choose Stella false eyelashes since they are 100% hand-made and are carefully tied and knot. Therefore, unlike regular falsies Stella false eyelashes will never detach to its band to fall inside your eyes.

Stella false eyelashes neither cling to your natural lashes nor pluck or pull them out. The soft and velvety feel of Stella false eyelashes is not less than a luxury, comfort and a peace of mind. With Stella false eyelashes you can get the look of your dreams. Either add drama to your eyes choosing “Double-Flex Stella Fashion False Eye lashes” or accentuate your eyes for a soft natural look with Prime Natural Stella False eyelashes.

Have sensitive eyes? Use high quality clump-free Mascara instead for bigger eyes and heavier set of real lashes!

Related Topics:

Why to Wear Hand-Made Lashes?

Hand-made lashes are a second name of luxury, style and comfort. Stella Fashion eyelashes manufacture full, partial and machine-made false eyelashes. The 100% hand-made false eyelashes, made of nylon and 100% sterilized, by Stella; being sold under “Natural-Prime Series” has been the hot-selling luxury line of eye lashes.

Hand-made false eyelashes are velvety soft which ensure maximum comfort and durability. Hand-made eyelashes are not only very light-weight but are also very natural looking. Since every woman dreams of having long, lush and thick eyelashes; “Stella fashion eyelashes” is therefore thriving to turn impossible into possible.

Advantages of wearing Hand-Made False Eyelashes

  • For a Velvety Soft & Luxurious Feel

Hand made false eyelashes are velvety soft and light like a feather. While wearing hand-made false eyelashes your eyes don’t feel heavy and do not feel pulled down.

  • For Durability

Stella’s handmade false eye-lashes are durable and last you long if you keep proper care and wear by following precautions. Hand-made false eyelashes can be worn up to 20times or more without having them lose their original form, curl and natural shape.

  • For an Ease in Application

Since hand-made false eyelashes are light weight; it is very easy to apply them. Unless you are a beginner you can easily put them up in less than 3 minutes. Use Stella’s collagen eye-lash glue for a natural wear.

  • For a Natural Look

Stella’s Natural Prime Series of hand-made false eyelashes are sought for a natural look. The end of these lashes tapers like that of the end of real lashes. The light weight and flexible lash-band with velvety softness make you feel as if you are wearing your natural real lashes!

Specialty of Hand-made False Eyelashes

Hand-made false eyelashes are made manually where a worker is required to tie and knot every single straw of nylon to the lash band. These are hand-trimmed; so look very natural. When you wear hand-made lashes; you don’t have to worry about nylon straws losing its firmness and strength from being pulled at the time of removing lashes. Not only this; hand-made false eyelashes can be soaked to wash. Buy hand-made false eyelashes and look gorgeous for just $4.90!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wear False Eyelashes & Makeup like Celebrities: Stella False Eyelashes

Aren't you inspired by Katy Perry’s fuller, thick and voluminous eyelashes? No matter how hard we try; most of us often fail to get this integrated look of false eyelashes. Do you spend hours standing in front mirror for applying your false eye-lashes only to have them fallen off just after the few minutes of application? If yes; find out below how to apply false eye-lashes effortlessly in just 5 minutes. Hang on; first do your eye makeup and then fetch your Stella false eyelashes. If you want a natural look; go for hand-made Stella false eyelashes. For a dramatic look; choose Glitter Stella False eyelashes or double layer Stella false eyelashes.

Step 1:
Prepare your eyes for a quick application. Using black liquid eyeliner; make a thin line- as thin as possible and apply mascara. This will help false eyelashes adhere to your natural lashes whilst eye-liner application will prevent any skin being visible between your natural and false eyelashes.

Step 2:
Measure your eyelid where you will be applying Stella false eyelashes. Trim them if necessary to fit your natural lash-line. This avoids drooping-off false eyelashes and awkward poking at corners at weird angles. Use small nail-scissor for trimming Stella false eyelashes. After having them trimmed; hold both ends of Stella False eyelashes’ strip and turn them into a C shape. This is to mold your lash strip to fit to your natural curved shape.

Step 3:
Using a Q-tip apply Stella’s false eyelashes collagen glue on the strip of Stella false eyelashes. Wait for 10 seconds; so that the glue becomes sticky. You can waive your lash-strip in air gently to quicken up the process.

Step 4:
Apply the Stella false eyelashes on to the base of your natural eyelash. Avoid sticking the lash-band on to the eyelid. There should be a generous quantity of glue applied at both the corners; since it is often difficult to keep the false eye lashes stuck at corners. The glue dries transparent; so there is no need to worry about glue being messy.

Step 5:
Wear mascara after applying Stella false eyelashes again. It is advised to avoid wearing mascara over false eyelashes since it decreases the life of false eyelashes. However; if your choice is handmade Stella false eyelashes from “Natural Prime Series” you need not to worry as these false eyelashes can be soaked to wash any residual clumps of mascara.


For naturally bigger and beautiful eyes only Stella false eyelashes are not enough; get big eyes makeup accessories too including big eye contact lenses

Get Kawaii Dolly Look with Geo Grang Grang Choco Big Eye Circle Lenses

According to a research 90% of world population has brown eyes; therefore for a majority of world's population it has been always a difficult task to lighten up their eye color. If you also fall into the category of brown eyed people and have failed bringing any subtle change in your eyes that do not only look natural and classy but add an acceptable enlargement similar to kawaii then try Geo Grang Grang choco big eye circle lenses.

Geo Grang Grang choco big eye circle lenses help you achieve sparkling eyes. See the pictures here in Geo Grang Grang choco Review. The 14.2 diameter makes them suitable for those looking for natural enlargement. On the other hand if you want similar design in bigger diameter for a perfect Ulzaang Dolly look then have a look at Geo Big Grang Grang choco circle lenses

Here are some more interesting desgns and variety in natural big eye circle lenses.

New to Big Eye Circle Lenses? Get free access to First E-Circle Lens Library.



Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Giveaways, Discounts & Promotions!

Christmas is a fun time for which we all wait equally. It connects people and brings a message of love, harmony and peace. Christmas means sharing. Sharing our joy and happiness with people around us, and also sharing and caring for the people in need.

Let us join hands and welcome Christmas warm-heartedly. Let us bring “Good-Tidings” for you and for your kin this Christmas with lots of giveaways, discount promotions and gifts. Follow the details below to have your eyes tempted and make your pocket happy!

Christmas JUMBO Gift BOX

Time to cheer and joy! Surprise your friends, family and loved ones with this JUMBO Christmas gift box.  The gift box includes:
  1. Any two items from Solone Alice Adventure Fantasy Cosmetics.
  2. Solone Pocket-Mirror (Limited stock, we will replace with same value item if it's out of stock).
  3. Big Eye Circle Lenses from Barbie Puffy series or Princesss Mimi series.
  4. Lens case - with mirror and bottle (Limited stock, we will replace with same value item if it's out of stock).
  5. A cute Christmas gift (mystery gift!).
  6. A cute Yanqina Liquid Eyeliner (Limited stock, we will replace with same value item if it's out of stock).
  7. A cute wishing card, you can request us to write the message if you want.
The gift box will be carefully hand-wrapped and serves as a perfect gift for your little fairy. OR simply; get it booked for yourself and dress-up like a princess to earn a chance of winning free big eye lenses by submitting your Christmas pictures to Monthly Big Eyes Giveaway!

Christmas Big Eye Lenses Giveaway

Win a free pair of Barbie Brand Circle Lenses in giveaway organized at Misaraisu’s Blog. Head over heels and participate in the Uniqso’s Christmas Giveaway. Earn extra entries and increase your chances of being a winner!

Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dueba Barbie Flower Blue

Brown eyed people often complain that blue circle lenses donot show up much on their dark eyes. We are thank full to " Pretty-Peepers" who has sent us an excellent collage of blue circle lenses on brown eyes. She has tried Barbie Flower Blue. These lenses have a detailed floral pattern that focuses on every petal out of the whirl of eight petals. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green For Dark Eyes

Are you afraid of buying big eye contact lenses because you think they will not show up on your dark eyes? If you have been ignoring the latest KPOP trend; then we are proud to let you show a way! Get Barbie Puffy 3 Tones green lenses for your real dark eyes. You will be surprised by the natural dolly looks they will equip your eyes with. 

The color stays bright even on the darkest of the eye shade and look so dolly. Le petite shows Barbie Puffy 3 Tones green on dark eyes in photos.

Submit your pictures to facebook monthly giveaway and win free circle lenses.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Anime Lenses: Geo Anime CPA6

Halloween is almost here; and the preparations are now over. Yumoirs got herself a pair of Geo Anime lenses i.e. GEO CPA6 for her cosplay look. Geo Anime CPA6 are not very enlarging but the effect created by these geo lenses is really very dramatic. The color and the design make your eyes look big and gorgeous. 

With GEO CPA6 your eyes define truly what anime eyes are- Big and Watery! Geo lenses manufacture some of the best cosplay lenses , but before placing your order for Anime lenses you should study the character of your cosplay. Read Geo Anime CPA6 Review and see yourself how gorgeous these anime lenses look on your eyes!

Submit your cosplay pictures to win a free pair of circle lenses.


Friday, 15 November 2013

Anastasia Shapinga Makeup Look with GEO Hanabi Blue Big Eye Contacts

Earlier we shared with you the beauty secret of Human Barbies; following which one of our sweetest customer "Sumibunny" created a makeup look inspired by "Anastasia Shapinga". Who would not crave to have big dolly eyes like Shapinga? It has now become ridiculously easy to transform your eyes; since it has been disclosed that GEO XTRA WTB82 HAnabi Blue is the hidden secret.

Geo Hanabi Blue are similar to I.Fairy Hanabi Blue except with the difference in the diameter. GEO Hanabi contact lenses are bit smaller in diameter than I FAiry Hanabi Blue. The color payoff is extra-ordinary and good for cosplay looks or achieving big dolly looks. The swirly crazy pattern is something to die for. They marine blue in Geo Hanabi Blue creates an effect of sea-waves which looks heavenly beautiful. 


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Crazy Halloween Circle Lenses: Geo Crazy White Out Circle Lenses

Get a spicy crazy look with GEO CPF 1 White Out crazy circle lenses. Strongly opaque; these crazy circle lenses will cover the original eye color without being noticeable. No matter how dark is your eyes; GEO CPF 1 white out circle lenses will alone handle the task. 

You just need to ignite your creativity; since GEO CPF1 White Out circle lenses let you create as many looks with them as you want. They are suitable for several cosplay such as zombie, corpse bride, vampire looks etc. They are comfortable and also affordable with just $25.90. It is believed universally that GEO and EOS make most comfortable cosplay circle lenses

On the other hand if you are looking for a similar but even cheap white out circle lenses; then have a look at Barbie CPF1 for cheap white out circle lenses. See other variety in crazy Halloween circle lenses. For makeup ideas with GEO CPF 1 White out lenses; check out this review.


Submit your Cosplay/ Halloween Look and stand a chance to win free circle lenses.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown Circle Lenses

Get the beautiful candy eyes with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses. The caramel gold looks exotic on dark brown eyes. For a brighter contrast try I.Fairy Dolly+ brown on dark skins or Afro skins. You will be stunned by the vivid contrast of these circle lenses. I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are perfect if you want your eyes to pop-out. These circle lenses equip your eyes with a slight bulge which itself is very dolly and cute.

I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses sometimes look natural especially when you are staying indoors. The color stays bright under normal lightening conditions but in bright sunny day or flash you may find I.Fairy Dolly+ brown a mixture of brassy green. People seem to believe that the honey-gold brown is your original color rather than the color of a lens. I Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are good for blending so recommended for almost every eye color.

For blondes I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses is an exquisite match. The charismatic eyes and the charming blend of caramel gold in I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses look divine and captivating. The typical design but the rusty limbal ring creates big eyes that turn several heads for you.

Makeup with I. Fairy Dolly+ Brown
Copper- Bronze Smokey eye makeup along with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown will be a dramatic night time makeup that will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Make them look kawaii using Kawaii eyelashes and eye-liner.

Get the dramatic look with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses. Follow the makeup tips mentioned here along with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown to look magical for the next party!