Sunday, 10 January 2016

Korean Makeup Look using Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Blue

Korean women flaunt impeccable skin. They apply minimum makeup, sticking to nude looks. Korean makeup look lays great emphasis on big dolly eyes for which they use natural looking big eye circle lenses. Circle lenses deliver a subtle hue and enlargement effect which create an enticing illusion of youthful big eye looks. Sweety Nudy 3 tones blue lenses give your eyes an exotic look.

"Look at how big the Sweety lenses are! They're huge! On the right is a normal circle lens (14 mm) and the left is the Uniqso lens. It's definitely not very natural, but it gives off a very dolly look, and I love the way the brown blends into my dark pupils. You can see that it's a little bit more on the lighter grey blue side vs the dark blue side, which I love. The ring on the outside is pretty noticeable though, and the lens is a little bit pixelated."

Try Korean makeup look as Bianca guides you in her Korean Makeup tutorial.

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