Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Would You Wear Second Hand Contact Lenses?

If the sound of wearing second hand underwear disgusts you how can you imagine trying a pair of second hand contact lenses? With the advent of Chinese New Year; several cases of sale on counterfeit and used circle lenses have been observed. Contact lenses themselves are not a threat provided they are FDA approved. Experts opine that bad hygiene practices are more involved in CLIDs than contact lenses themselves.

It is a very common practice by anime enthusiasts to put up their contact lenses for sale at social media after using them once or twice. They expressed that purchasing second hand contact lenses save them money as imitating their characters’ eyes enlivens the entire performance. Some social media icons don’t hesitate to swap their used contact lenses. This situation may lead to alarming results since circle lenses carry potential risks. The rate of transmission is doubled when they are shared.

Social media gurus should help create awareness rather than promoting used contact lenses. Lack of knowledge & explosion of unauthorized & illegal online vendors have created more chaos.  Vision impairment associated solely with cheap & fake versions of circle contact lenses have been very disturbing for people under 22 years. Before you purchase your contact lenses, make sure you have a valid prescription at hand. Buying online is not always a threat if you take into account the credibility of the source.

"Consumers who get an eye infection or go blind will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.So, it is important they understand that cosmetic contact lenses, like contact lenses used to correct vision, can pose serious risks to eye health if they are not used properly", says Nor Azizah Ismail; Secretary MOC.

Wearing second hand or used contact lenses should in all cases be avoided, no matter how urgent the need is. Better be safe than sorry. Only ensure what you insert in your eyes is FDA approved & meeting quality & health standards.



  1. I'm baffled that anyone would buy second hand lenses. That's so unsanitary. I have a bad enough time buying second hand shoes because of the funguses feet can harbor, so imagining putting something that had been in someone else's eye into my own eye? Gross.

  2. disgusting! totally can't accept 2nd hand lenses

  3. Awesome entry. I tried to explain this so many times to friends that they should not wear lenses that someone wore before. This is really essential to tell people who plan to get themself lenses. When it's about the eyes and the ability to see someone shouldn't be pricky about spending a bit more money on actually new lenses. So this is a really great blogentry!:)

    xoxo Merce