Saturday, 2 January 2016

Get Sassy & Mysterious Big Eye Look with Geolica Colored Contact Lenses

According to a research men and women both, feel attracted to people having bright, luminescent eyes with an enhanced limbal ring. The limbal ring eventually fades as you grow old. It is the most dominant during infancy and so it represents youth, vigor & brilliance.  Geolica colored contact lenses equip you with mysterious sassy looking eyes that set you a glamorous look with their vivid colors & unique design. Geolica Celine lenses subtly enhance the limbal ring without faking the over-all appearance.

Geolica Celine, boast iris-enhancing design. The colors are sophisticated enough to blend softly & leave a charismatic impact. They add dimension & depth to the iris by accentuating the natural pattern of the iris. The subdued hues and the average size of the diameter would prevent anyone pinpointing that you are sporting colored contact lenses. The only notable aspect is how mysteriously you will notice a crisp ring surrounding your iris, making you look younger & energetic.

Colored contact lenses create an illusion of amplified eyes. From 15mm to 22 mm; circle lenses are available in different sizes. The bigger the diameter, the sharper the enlargement effect. Limbal ring further adds to the enlargement effect that makes your eyes look dolly & protuberant.

A defined limbal ring provides a clean and clear distinction between the iris and the sclera (the medical term for the white of the eye)—giving the effect of a brighter, whiter sclera—and ultimately leads to a lively, healthier-looking eye”; says New York City ophthalmologist Susan Resnick. Think of it like the real-life version of Instagram's sharpen filter, she added.

Try Geolica Euro Celine circle lenses that do not only accentuate the iris through a subtle limbal ring but also add varying hints of vivid colors to your peepers for a glamorous touch. 

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