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Do Soft Contact Lenses Freeze in Sub Zero Temperatures?

Do Soft Contact Lenses Freeze in Sub Zero Temperatures?

There are regions on earth where temperature falls to subzero. This make people to believe that soft contact lenses are likely to be affected adversely by extreme cold temperatures which can freeze them. However; there is a good news that soft contact lenses do not freezeeven under extreme freezing temperatures. If you are to plan a trip to a subzero region; you should be cautious about the following factors.

Do Soft Contact Lenses Freeze while Travelling from a Humid Region to a Colder?

Soft contact lenses are kept in saline water which has much lower freezing point than water. The freezing point of salt water is 21 degrees below zero that is much lower than the freezing point of water. There are though rare chances of soft contact lenses turning frozen; if they still do they should be allowed to thaw naturally at room temperature.

If the seal of the vials is intact and you unfortunately find your soft contact lenses frozen after travelling; then leave it to thaw overnight. Doesn’t matter how cold it is outside; the room is always heated to allow thawing. Before inserting those into eyes examine your soft contact lenses for any damage, tear or scratch.

Why can’t Soft Contact Lenses Freeze in Eyes?

Soft contact lenses follow the temperature of your body. In order to freeze soft contact lenses whilst you are wearing them; it is necessary to drop out the temperature of your body below freezing. As long as your body is warm soft contact lenses will not freeze on to your cornea.  Moreover; the salt content in human tears keep soft contact lenses from freezing.

It is completely safe & is hassle free to wear soft contact lenses even when you are at skiing or working in frozen stock. You only need to protect them from chilly winds to stop the stinging in your eyes. Protect your eyes with goggles when you are under subzero temperatures.

Wear Protective Goggles

Soft contact lenses rarely freeze and are reshaped when allowed thawing. There are no chances of these getting frozen in eyes because human body is always warm.

Cold breeze however; may turn your eyes dry which affect contact lens wear. This may be treated using eye drops since they help retaining the moisture in eyes. Wear safety goggles with soft contact lenses to keep some heat pockets around your eyes. Keep your body warm with appropriate clothing & warm fabrics.


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