Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Grey Four Tone Circle Lenses: Barbie Four Tones Grey Circle Lenses

Want huge dolly eyes like our sweetest customer pastelcubes? If you are already used to wearing big eye circle lenses; then to serve your craves of big eye lenses we have a review of a very special model for you. Barbie four tone grey circle lenses make your eyes look big and dolly-like. The four tones include lovely shade of lilac, blue, grey and green. These four tones look impressive on both light and dark colored eyes. 

Upon wearing all the shades combine together and develop a new genuine shade that looks like deep ash bluish-grey. Barbie four tone grey looks crystal shining in pictures. Choose your favorite from the interesting color combinations of four tone circle lenses



  1. Own thanks to show the photos! I looooove the circle lenses *0* <3

    1. It's our pleasure to feature you in our blog :)

  2. I havent seen four tone lensesblending so beautifully well! She is so cute and lovely- look at her eyes how big and beautiful!
    Thanks for the review ^_^