Sunday, 16 June 2013

What are Korean Circle Lenses?

Big eye circle lenses are often called as big eye circle contacts. They aim to make your eyes appear larger, bold and beautiful than they actually are. This is done by adding color to your eyes; and the big eye look is achieved by the bigger diameter of Korean lenses.

Actually big eye circle lenses were originally manufactured in Korea and then Taiwan and Japan also started manufacturing these lenses. Since then the trend become famous and now is identified as typical Korean Fashion. Ulzaangs, Gyarus and Korean top models gave the trend of wearing circle lenses a big fame; therefore now the big eye contact lenses are called “Korean Circle Lenses”.

In U.S; it is not legal to sell big eye circle lenses so there is only one way to get yourself Korean lenses and it is “online retailers”. Online retailers stock several kinds of Korean Lenses because Korean Lenses are considered quality lenses.

Korean people love to highlight their eyes either by lovely eye frames; spectacles or by Korean lenses. If you ever get to visit Korea; you will notice people with lovely pair of Korean circle Lenses in their eyes. It has become a fashion necessity just like dying your hair! Since Korea is the industry of Korean lenses/circle lenses it is rather a cheap option to buy Korean Lenses than going for lenses of some other origin.

Not only Korean Lenses are available in uncountable designs, colors and patterns but they also cost you less. It is always very easy to google online stores that specialize in selling Korean circle Lenses. Grey and brown are some most purchased Korean lenses online but green is also a valued color when it comes to Korean contact lenses.

Korean Lenses add a significant enhancement to your eyes and make them noticeable. Some trusted brands are Geo Medical, EOS, Dueba etc. Do you also love wearing Korean circle lenses? How many pairs of Korean lenses do you own?


  1. I currently own 2 pairs~
    Romantic Barbie Sky Blue and Galactic Flash Brown n_n

    I've owned a couple of pairs in the past as well~ A total of 9 pairs of CL <3

    1. Thanks dear, feel free to share it in our Facebook {^__^}