Tuesday, 18 November 2014

4 Contact Lens Life Hacks

Contact Lens Life Hacks

You will be surprised to realize that contact lenses do not only help you alter your vision but also offer awesome life hacks to cut down the tedious jobs in various of your life matters. If you wear contact lenses; trust us, you have got hundred of the reasons to be thankful to your contact lenses.

  • Recycle Old Contact Lens Cases
Contact lens cases should be replaced every 3 months. This leaves you with a drawer full of old contact lens cases. Don’t throw this garbage of old contact lens cases as they can be ingeniously recycled. Old contact lens cases can be used as a perfect travel-sized kit for ointments, collecting accessories like cufflinks, buttons, tops etc. You can even recycle these cases for carrying sauces at picnics or turn it into a first aid box to carry saline solution at a go for sports.

P.S Saline solution is also used to heal minor wounds.  

  • Got Minor Wounds? Resort to Contact Lens Solution
Since contact lens solution is basically a disinfectant; it can be safely used to cleanse small wounds and minor injuries. It kills germs, washes away impurities and helps surface tissues recover quickly. Contact lens solution effectively cleanses scratches & minor bruises.

  • Having Nasal Congestion? Resort to Saline Solution
Saline solution is the same solution used in ordinary nasal congestion sprays. If you have bad sinuses with clogged nasal passages, feel free to instill a drop or two of saline solution in your nose to help clear the nasal passages. It removes the mucus & decongests the clogged passages.

  • Got Chunky, Beady Mascara & Eye liner? Let Saline Solution Revive its Gone Life
Have your mascara or liquid eye liner gone crazy? If it has dried or become chunky and beady, don’t be too hasty at throwing it in the bin. Revive a new life to your dried out liquid makeup using your ordinary saline solution. It helps diluting the mascara and makes it perfect to be used again.

What contact lens life hacks do you have to share with us?

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  1. What great tips! Being a contact wearer, I have acquired quite the collection of old contact lens cases. You're right about them being a great size for ointments while traveling! And I had no idea that saline solution could be used for so many different things! http://drdurante.com/eyecare/contact-lens-exam-and-fitting/