Saturday, 4 July 2015

Google All Set to Market Smart Contact Lenses in Near Future

According to the sources; it is being speculated that Google’s smart contact lenses with Novartis collaboration are soon to head in stores if the company’s recent actions are to be considered.

Google announced back in 2014 that smart contact lenses would take duration of five years in completion. However, company’s talks with Food and Drug Association ensures that Google is about to release its smart contact lenses for market, any time sooner.

The discovery about Google’s smart contact lenses release was made possible after the recent patent application from the company that terms these contact lenses as “eye-mountable device”. The patent application further mentions that the company and the giant partner are doing well on their project to launch the product under the promised time-line.

The patent application identifies about the packaging and explains how the smart contact lenses would look like. It includes the information about where the hard ware of the contact lenses would be found and how it will derive information from person’s tears to detect about the health condition.

Whilst we await the exciting smart contact lenses to land the stores; you are encouraged to get acquainted about smart contact lenses if you or someone in your circles is a diabetic patient. 

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