Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Glasses VS Contact Lenses for UV Protection

Courtesy: @dzzzombie
Some antagonists opine that contact lenses are the fiddliest invention ever. According to them contact lenses carry risks of infections and contagious diseases whereas on the other hand; glasses are all heavens. What they forget about glasses is this that they carry even far more risks of injuries and corneal damage. Since glasses don’t help intercepting UV rays, there is yet another bad ball in the pool for glasses. Contact lenses however block UV rays and prevent your eyes being affected by the harmful sun rays.

Though all contact lenses do not come packed with the UV benefits, glasses restrict you from building UV protection for your eyes. When wearing spectacles for vision correction, you are vulnerable to sun rays as you can’t equip yourself up with sun glasses. Contact lenses on the other hand do not limit you from wearing protective ocular wear.

Solar radiation that reaches your eyes from below, above and sides is more concentrated and damaging to your eyes. Sun glasses thus do not completely block UV rays. Contact lenses that come with UV protection are capable of restricting UV rays from reaching to the eyes.

It is recommended to wear sun glasses along with UV protection contact lenses for additional benefits. If you do not like to wear wrap-around sun-glasses, you must wear contact lenses that block UV. People working outdoors must be very careful about protecting their skin, scalp and eyes from solar radiation in summer using sun block, synthetic wigs and UV block contact lenses respectively. 

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