Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Care for Heat-Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs


Synthetic hair wigs require minimum care than human hair wig. Yet you should stay meticulous enough to prevent the damage that is usually caused by friction to synthetic hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are reasonably priced to be afforded even by students with limited pocket money. Improve the life of your investment just by following the few tips given below:

Preparing a Synthetic Wig

  1. Place your synthetic wig on a Styrofoam head. Separate the hair bundles using fingers
  2. Try to de-tangle the tangles by going gently through wig firms, yet ensuring firm movements.

Combing a Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wig:

  1. Synthetic wigs if straight; should be combed using a wig brush or wig comb. The wig brush/comb makes use of metallic pin-like rods that reduce friction by rotating from at the base.
  2. Curly Kinky wigs should be brushed only using fingers.

Washing a Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wig

  1. Synthetic wigs when wet should never be wrung. After washing your wigs dry them on a towel. Towels will suck up the water. Take the excess water out by pressing the wig in between two folds of a towel.
  2. Do not hang your wet wig for drying. Let it lay.
  3. Heat resistant synthetic hair wigs can be dried using a blow-drier. (at low settings)

Storing Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wigs

  1. The wigs that are in daily use can be stored on a Styrofoam head.
  2. Heat-resistant synthetic wigs can even be hanged at DIY wig hangers. Since heat-resistant synthetic wigs do not lose the shape and bounce they come with; it is safe to hook them for convenience when dry.
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Following the tips mentioned above can give you an ultimate neat and new look every time you wear the same wig you purchased a year ago. Increase the life of your synthetic heat resistant wigs and make the most of your investment. Every penny you spend is worth it!

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