Saturday, 25 July 2015

Natural Looking Application: False Eye Lashes’ Hacks

Undoubtedly, false eye lashes plays huge whenever it is about accentuating one’s overall appearance. False eye lashes let you achieve mesmerizing dolly eyes. Whether, you are up for a casual look or are aiming to get dolled up for prom; your choice must be hand-made false eye lashes. Hand-made false eye lashes such as “Stella False Eyelashes” are light weight, hand-knotted and are sewn on almost invisible lash strip that keeps the application a breeze.

Why use Stella False Eyelashes for a Genuine Stella Look?

To achieve a pair of invincible eyes, wear your favorite 100% hand-made, Taiwan origin “Stella False Eyelashes”. These eye lashes when applied properly would steal the show for you. Make a cut, and get doe shaped dolly eyes with a voluminous set of lashes. Stella false eyelashes without being heavy on your lids, give you a flamboyant look. Don’t mess up with your makeup when applying falsies. Track the hack, and go your way!

The Hack to Applying Stella False Eyelashes for a Natural Look

We can’t stress enough that how Stella false eyelashes could win the show for you. If false eyelashes poking out from at the corners and the poorly-done curvature of the lashes turn you off; you need a flexible set of lashes along with modified ways of applying them. To get a most natural look, apply Stella false eyelashes inside your natural lashes instead of sticking them over the lashes on to the skin.

Take good care, that false eye lashes should form a good adhesion to your natural lashes and must not touch the skin of your upper waterline. Let the glue turns tacky before applying lashes. For a finished and neat look, use Stella Collagen eye lash glue. It turns completely transparent after a few seconds of application. It does not sting or cause irritation. Collagen works as a protein supplement and helps sagging or drooping of eye lids due to constant pressure of false eyelashes.

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