Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Amber Rose Spotted Wearing Neon Green Contact Lenses at the Date with Kelly

Amber rocks green contacts

The blonde celebrity known for signature short hair and ample curves; flaunts bright neon green contact lenses at date night with her new boy friend Machine Gun Kelly. Amber, 31 has naturally brown colored eyes to which she added drama by wearing bright green contact lenses. She was pictured as she left Hollywood’s Macau restaurant with her new beau, Machine Gun Kelly.

Amber has a vivid personality. Going crazy with bright colors is what keeps her in the limelight. Bright neon eyes created a stunning contrast against her characteristic bleached blonde hair and slim-fitting purple curve-hugging dress. The model; further highlighted her plumped limps sporting neon pink lipsticks that were matched with her pink peep-toe strap heels.

Geo SF35 Neon Green

Phantasee Rouge Neon Green

To achieve funky and vivacious personality like Amber; you too can get yourself a pair of crazy green contacts. GEO Crazy SF35 are radiating green lenses that effectively help you achieve glowing green eyes. These lenses follow the same pattern and hue that Amber endorsed at her date night recently. If you want to go add your own style to the inspiration drawn from Amber, we recommend you picking Phantasee Crazy Green Rouge lenses. These lenses are flashy green with the splatters of yellow that add to your erratic personality.

Amber already has a two year old son with her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa. Apparently; she seems to have found a better soul-mate; Kelly who was busy attending her, as the couple exited the Hollywood eatery. 

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