Monday, 27 July 2015

Everyday Kawaii Makeup Look using Geo Berry Cessy Grey & Solone Alice Drawing Liner

"It wasn't just crazy pigmented on my arm, but also on my lid.  For other gel pencils, I would have to really press it onto my eyelid to get to show but this one was really awesome!  Maybe a little too awesome...  The color is pitch black and has really rich pigmentation.  The texture is super smooth and when it sets, it's not going anywhere until you remover it with a good oil or sherbet makeup remover.  (Going to make a favorites post soon^^)  Solone Fantacy Drawing liner is waterproof and definitely smudge proof.  Overall, it's a really nice eyeliner and since it's summer it'll make a great waterpark makeup item! ^__^"

"I think the Geo Berry Cessy series is becoming my favorite circle lens series.  I don't really grab any other lens expect for my everyday natural browns and these nowadays.  these grey lens are more wearable for everyday.  The color is lovely and blends well with my dark brown eyes.  The only down side to the design is that it's a little bit on the pixely side.  I guess it's okay because the only way anyone can see that is if they're in your face other than that the lenses are great!  "

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