Monday, 6 July 2015

Benefits of Corrective Contact Lenses for Tweens & Teens

A Teen wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses provider greater value and benefit than glasses for vision correction. Contact lenses for children have been a hot topic of debate among eye care practitioners. However, with breakthrough advancements in technology, eye care professionals now practically prefer contacts over glasses. Vision correction contacts are fitted to the children at the average age of 13, depending on their abilities of wearing & handling them. The various benefits provided by prescription contact lenses cannot be covered in a single write-up. Few of them are given below:

According to British Contact Lens Association, children adapt to the new things more quickly than adults. 97% of 8-12 years old contact lens wearers say that they are satisfied with contact lenses. Whereas, 99% of 13-17 years contact lens wearers is happy with their choice. Contacts offer:
  1. Better peripheral vision for sports and leisure activities where children can develop injuries due to glasses falling off or through breakage.
  2. Complete vision correction particularly in children with astigmatism, squint and lazy eye
  3. Improved appearance for sufferers of myopia and hyperopia.
  4. Protection from UV exposure through UV contact lenses
  5. Convenient up- gradation when the eye sight is currently changing in children.

Children of both age group notice significant improvements in their life styles through corrective contact lenses. Furthermore, a new way of treatment “Orthokerotoloy” helps slowdown the progression of myopia in children though night time contact lenses. According to researchers & eye care professionals, contact lenses help boost up self-confidence & self-esteem among children that lay long term positive impacts in the formation of child’s personality & character building. 

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