Friday, 31 July 2015

I-Codi Blue Violet Lenses against Brown Asuna Wig

"I must say,those lenses are so far the most comfortable pair I ever had! I usually have a hard time wearing circle lenses for long hours,due to my eyes being rather sensitive and getting dry pretty quick, but with I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 34, Blue Violet I had no such issues. Being able to wear them for more than 5 hours without feeling any discomfort even once,means a lot in my case,so I give them a 10/10 in this department ^o^

Color wise,they are also very vibrant,blending nicely with my natural eye color,without looking over the top unnatural.
Sure,you don’t see people with violet eyes every day,but from a few steps away,people wouldn’t be able to tell for sure if you’re wearing lenses or not,which is another plus if you plan on wearing them casually."

"Asuna wig is thick without being heavy,so the hair looks quite silky and is easy to comb. When combing it didn’t lose any hair,which proves the good quality of this wig. 
Even though it’s a long wig, given its silky and soft hair it is in fact pretty easy to comb and maintain,so that’s great. No problems with it getting all tangly easily."
More of the review can be found here

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