Saturday, 25 July 2015

4 Outstanding Mascara Hacks for Fuller Lashes

False eye lashes, mascara and eye liner- each of them is applied to eyes only to accentuate them. If any of these is done overwhelmingly, you are killing the purpose. The sole business of these accessories is to draw attention towards the dolly big eyes and not to divert it from. Follow the given mascara hacks for fuller and exuberant set of voluminous lashes that yet flaunt a natural drape.

Choose Mascara with a Wand that Allows Equal Swiping

Mascara wands are constructed in a way that is easier to comb at your lashes. However, they don’t let you swipe it through the tiny hair of your lashes that are grown towards the inner corner. Solone Captivating Dolly Series-Magical mascara let you comb through evenly. Its half-moon double sided comb construction ensures fuller & longer lashes whereas the special ball-head helps you with easy wriggling through your lashes, without spoiling your eye shadow by preventing the marks regular mascara wands leave during application.

Brand New Mascara: Wipe Off the Excess

The first swipe of your brand new mascara can take a lot of the product and may end up messing the entire look. Before you swipe it through the lashes, glide it onto a napkin to wipe off the excess liquid.

Thickened Mascara Hack

If over the course of time your mascara has turned thicker, no worries. Here is a hack- soak your mascara tube tightly closed into a glass of hot water for 5 minutes. It liquidifies your mascara to prevent clumpy application

Translucent Powder Hack for Voluminous Lashes

Apply translucent powder over your lashes between 2 coats of mascara application. Since translucent powder has grip; it will stick to your lashes for fuller illusion of lashes.

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