Sunday, 5 July 2015

Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing Mask: Effective Pore Care Helps Reducing Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Summer is in full swing & what gets worse with humid summer are “enlarged pores”. Droopy pores are embarrassing, more when they are clogged. Effective cleansing of clogged pores helps minimizing enlarged pores. Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing mask controls sebum, exfoliate pores & tightens them without dehydrating skin.

Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing Mask is All Organic

Unlike other pore minimizing products, Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing mask does not contain harmful ingredients like alcohol that actually “dries” the pores to create an illusion of shrunk pores. This drying procedure leaves skin flaky & brittle.

Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing mask contains carbonic acid components that vitalize skin, draw out impurities & remove gunk that might have been clogging your pores. It also contains Kaolin clay that stimulates blood circulation for clearer and radiant complexion.  It controls oil and balances moisture for shine-free and smooth texture. Kaolin clay is also known to clear acne and tighten the skin.

In summer when your skin suffers the most, you need organic skin care products for deep cleansing. To control the tan, Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing mask is an excellent remedy. It deep cleanses, controls oil, exfoliate & reduce the size of the droopy pores without drying skin.

Skin79 Pore Designing Minimizing mask is suitable for all skin types. It :
  • Minimizes pores
  • Softens
  • Exfoliates
  • Controls Sebum
  • Radiates complexion

Get this mask for only US$ 13.75 instead of $29.90. Enjoy 54% off till the stock lasts.


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