Monday, 27 July 2015

Long Blue & Short Orange Wigs

Love Live Umi Sonoda is deep blue gorgeous wig that makes use of two different fibers to create the deepest of the blue shade. It incorporates dark blue and black fibers to create perfect replication of Umi's hair. The wig is 100 cm long, soft to feel and light in weight. Since the wig is long, the wig is kept thin so that it does not feel heavy on your scalp. The wig comes with un-styled bangs so you would be needing to take it to your hair dresser for the perfect fit.

 "Under any lighting the nice blue color shows up really well. Some people may worry, what if it appears more as black color, but to be honest this wig does its job of creating true deep blue color!!
So for those people who are looking for good deep blue colored wig, I highly recommend this one!"

Izumi Sena wig is on the other hand very short orange wig. The wig is marinda bright. It has a short antenna for a true depiction of Izumi's hair. 

"This wig is 35cm long, which is quite longer than my real hair length. It covers along my jawlines which may feel longer for Izumi on some people, but for myself it was great length to create that Otaku look. Only cutting I had to do was the bang area to match the length of my face"- Continue reading the detailed review of both the wigs at Jesse Kim's website.

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