Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Eccentric Blue Circle Lenses: I.Fairy Sirius Blue

out door

with flash

These wearable deep blue circle lenses have an eccentric design. The geometrical pattern surrounded by solid limbal ring helps enlarging your iris. I.Fairy Sirius blue are translucent in nature that let these blend with your eyes.

The 16.2 mm design ensures dolly eyes whereas the blue hue is subtle enough to be worn casually. I.Fairy Sirius blue circle lenses are highly comfortable with 55% water content. They remain moist in your eyes without disturbing the tear chemistry. The design gets dominant as the lights strike and reflects through. I.Fairy Sirius blue ensure glossy finish and create an illusion of teary eyes.

These circle lenses blend nicely against brown eyes. They are pigmented enough to even mask the dark colored eyes. Fortunately, I.Fairy Sirius blue do not look fake even though the pattern is a bit peculiar. They appear dark blue from a far that make them look natural. The stunning blue circle lenses are must have for people with brown eyes who want to flaunt color changing effect with tinted circle lenses. 

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