Friday, 31 July 2015

Dolly Grey Lenses for Brown Eyes: ICK Cherie3 Grey

Grey is a mystique color. Especially grey circle lenses are known to deliver fabulous color pay off against brown eyes. Grey is considered a universal color in circle lenses that make every eye color look adorable. ICK Cherie3 grey circle lenses may look vibrant in the vials, but as they get on to your eyes they become very pronounced and dramatic. 

ICK Cherie3 grey lenses blend in exuberantly because of three lovely tones. The yellow dust surrounding the pupil hole let the colors fuse in nicely. They make your eyes look dolly. ICK Cherie3 grey lenses do not play huge with enlargement yet they add soft dolly illusion to your eyes. Please read ICK Cherie3 grey review for more insight. 

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