Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Makeup Tips with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should always be inserted before applying makeup up. We all know that our hands must be cleaned, disinfected and dried when putting contact lenses in. What we forget is how we are going to deal with other cosmetics when flaunting contact lenses. Follow the tips below to cut the risks of infections that your makeup products might hit you with.

1. Go for Oil-Free Products

Stick to products that are oil free. Oil from oil-based cosmetics could streak in to your eyes staining your lenses that might cause infections.

2. Go Easy with your Eye Shadows

If you are wearing colored contact lenses for a change in your personality you would mot appreciating ending up looking like a funky clown. Let your circle lenses do the emphasizing job alone. Always wear soft, ethereal and nude eye shadows against contact lenses.

3. Use Cream Eye Shadows

Because baked or pressed eye shadows can be too chalky. Try switching to cream eye shadows for an impactful appearance.

4. Avoid Tight Lining your Eyes against Contact Lenses

It is a complete no-no. Tight lining your eyes increases the risk of infections as liquid eye liner might mess up with your contact lenses. You can instead go for a winged or cat-eye liner look to help your eyes look longer, and wider. Alternatively, using an eye pencil when wearing circle lenses can be your best bet.

5. Avoid Fiber Mascaras

Mascara wands often carry clumps of the product. Always, take note to de-clump the mascara wand before applying it to your lashes. Avoid fiber mascaras as particles from fiber wands can accumulate on your circle lenses.

6. Sensitive Eyes? Switch to Disposable Contact Lenses

If your eyes are prone to catch infections; it is advised to switch to disposable contact lenses. They are expensive, but every now and then you get a fresh pair of contact lenses free from makeup deposits and bacterial accumulation.

Always take your contact lenses out before removing your makeup. In case of irritation, redness, itching or teary eyes remove yourcontact lenses out as soon as possible.  Wash your eyes with cold splashes of water. If the problem persists, seek immediate medical help.

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