Sunday, 26 July 2015

Jibril Cosplay- From No Game No Life: Jibril Cosplay Wig

Jibril is an anime representation of a powerful angelic race flügel. The race is known for the ruthless attitude they hold. Jibril, herself is 6000 years old, youngest and the most powerful of her species. It is believed, that Jibril has massive strength. She provides magic and transportation to the protagonists. Her long pink hair fascinates her fans that could be easily replicated by using Jibril cosplay wig.

Jibril from No Game No Life is quite enthusiastic about learning new things. Since Jibril belongs to an Angelic race, she is often found dismissive of races below her own.

Jibril is soft spoken and kind-hearted. She has long pink hair with wing-shaped ears. Her wings that are located near hips with her midriff exposed and halo over her head justifies her belongings to the angelic race.

Jibril cosplay wig comes un-styled. It is bright pink that makes this wig very attention-grabbing. The wig is made of 100% heat-resistant synthetic fibers. The fibers incorporated are soft and smooth; therefore despite being long it does not develop stubborn tangles. The Jibril cosplay wig is unbelievably thick and sumptuous that could be purchased here for only $28.90.

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