Thursday, 9 July 2015

Vocaloid Lin Wig against I-Codi Naty IC2 10 Blue

Vocaloid Lin cosplay wig is  a pretty shade of golden blonde. The wig is short with the ends blown outwards. The wig is just 40cm; so it is best for people who are afraid of rying longer wigs. The wig has soft 100% heat resistant fibers so use curling/straightening irons fearlessly. Vocaloid Lin wig looks brilliant against I-Codi Naty IC2 10 blue circle lenses.

I-Codi Naty IC210 are straight blue surounded by a beautifully prominent outer ring. The beauty is enhanced even more as they blend in naturally with your own eye color. With natural enlargement of 15mm these circle lenses are recommended to people with sensitive eyes. I-Codi Naty Blue and Vocloaid Lin cosplay wig is a good combination. The wig however needs some styling, so it is a plus as the wig ensures to compliment your features accordingly. 

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