Wednesday, 15 July 2015

3 Ways to Rock a Synthetic Wig with a Beanie

Beanie is a knitted loose hat; a necessity in winter but serves more as a style statement. Though wearing beanie in summer proves you a dare-devil, the beauty it adds to one's style cannot be neglected. Alternatively, a floral garland can be used in place of a beanie in summer. Choosing a beanie needs a mature sense of fashion; more if you want to accentuate your synthetic wig using bean hats.

Choosing the Color & Design of a Beanie

Beanie is inclined more towards the juvenile fashion. However, at the same time it depicts sophistication if chosen carefully. When choosing a bean hat to accentuate the bangs or to divert attention to the tousles of your favorite synthetic wig; keep it less adorned & less embellished. A beanie would be able to pop up against the color of your synthetic wig, only if it is a neutral shade. Decent colors such as tan, brown and grey also help making an impact.

Wearing a Beanie to Rock a Synthetic Wig

Women love wearing beanie hats because of the comfort they provide. A beanie does not only keep you warm but also help you stand out from the crowd when paired up with a synthetic wig.

Wearing a Beanie over Synthetic Wig for a Casual Look

In day time wear your beanie loosely. It should sit over your skull very comfortably. The front brim of the beanie should sit just above your eye brows, covering your forehead and ears. Don’t pull it all the way down. Let your tousles bounce at either of your shoulders.

Wearing a Beanie over Synthetic Wig for an Outgoing Casual Look

For an outgoing casual look, rock your synthetic wig wearing a beanie in the “Peter Pan” style. This way, your hat sits loosely over your forehead. It is slightly folded at the back that keeps the hat off your neck. This style is recommended when you are wearing a synthetic wig with hidden bangs or no bangs. It also helps creating an illusion of smaller forehead in case you bear a wide forehead line.

Wearing a Beanie for a Glamorous Style against Synthetic Wig

If you are in fun mood today, spruce up a dip dyed synthetic wig with a black/white beanie. Wear your beanie a bit more loosely, further up on your head. Side sweeps your bangs and let them stay out. Tease your tresses or scrunch them for a perfect beach-wave look.

Wearing a Beanie for an Urban Chic Style Statement against Synthetic Wig

To exhibit your love for city fashion, wearing a beanie just at the line of your bangs help. Leave your mane down as it prevents any strange bulges your hair may cause underneath a beanie if wrapped otherwise.

Do you like to wear a beanie? Have you also experienced the meanings it is capable of adding to your synthetic wig?  

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