Sunday, 26 July 2015

Can I use Home Made Contact Lens Solution?

(Marty Rosamond/Demand Media)

Home made contact lens solutions should only be reverted to, in abrupt situations. Contact lens disinfecting solution is not readily available always, such as during a sleep-over at friend’s or at an outdoor picnic. To meet the sudden emergency, you can rely to homemade saline solution that is merely a solution of sodium chloride and distilled or boiled water.

Keep in mind that homemade saline solutions can NEVER “disinfect” your contact lenses. The solution is fine enough to keep your lenses soaked for a night only. Homemade saline solutions do not contain preservatives or any catalyst that could speed up the process of disinfection. It is unable of protein and lipids breakdown. Due to the absence of enzymes, saline solutions are not as pronounced in disinfection as are regular pharmacy formulated solutions.

If something gets into your eyes and you feel a sudden urge of taking your contact out, you can resort to homemade solution. Never continue using saline solutions for long period of time. If you are unable to get your hands on regular disinfecting solutions and you have no option other than relying on saline solution, then it is better if you prepare a fresh supply every day.

Saline solution does not combat bacteria accumulation. Furthermore, the environment and the containers it is prepared in are not sterilized that run the risk of infections. For optimum health, always keep a sufficient supply of contact lens solution at hand. Store saline solution in a cool and dark place, as light facilitates bacteria growth. 

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