Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Protect your Synthetic Wigs from UV Rays

Sun rays are as harmful to synthetic wigs as they are to human hair. You can protect your natural hair and scalp wearing a synthetic wig; but have you ever wondered how to protect your synthetic wig fading its color, shine & quality? Synthetic wigs are prone to sun damage but they require less care and attention than that of a human hair wig. To prevent synthetic wigs turning orange or fading its original color, it is recommended to cover your wig wearing a head scarf, hat or caps; whichever you  may like.

Over-exposure to sunlight can potentially damage your synthetic wig or pieces. To prevent your synthetic wigs from sun damage it is better to avoid going out when sun is shining at its peak. However, if it becomes unavoidable you can always look for the other options to increase the longevity of your synthetic wig.

Wearing a cap or hat with a wider brim ensures maximum coverage. Furthermore, headscarves are widely in fashion. They are not only comfortable but they are also a source of sprucing up your style statement.

Meticulous Care can Increase the Life of your Synthetic Wigs in Hot & Humid Climates

Summer require more care and control over your wigs. You must shampoo your scalp regularly so that the sebum and product deposits mess less with synthetic wigs. If you are wearing your wig at works or on daily basis, your wig might not last you a year however you definitely can add up huge to its life by wearing a wig cap underneath. Washing it in between frequent intervals may also help reducing the summer wreckage.

How do you care for your synthetic wigs? Do share your experience with synthetic wigs and problems that you face when sun is the most brutal. 

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