Sunday, 26 July 2015

Solone Makeup Corrector: Alice Fantasy Adventure Series

One wrong move of your eye liner can spoil your entire makeup look. The frustration that you had to face with couldn’t have been compensated few years back. Fortunately, now Solone launches a life saver; an elixir to makeup savvies. The one of its kind makeup corrector is a handy make up removing pencil that ensure precise detailing and removing of the finest drawn lines of eye or brow enhancing pencils.

Solone Makeup Removing pencil is actually a corrector pen that enables you to just remove the part of the makeup you would want. It is a fabulous product for makeup artists who have to go intricate , drawing tattoos all over the face or over any other body part. It lets you erase even the tiniest of the details completely, for a new redo. It is gentle enough on skin and removes the traces of the eye liner/ brow enhancing powders effectively. Solone Makeup Removing Pencil prepares your skin for further fearless application.

Solone Alice Fantasy Makeup Remover Pencil is Taiwan origin. It can be used with sharpener having 1cm diameter. The remover efficiently wipes off foundation, eye pencil and eye shadow.

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