Thursday, 23 July 2015

Contact Lenses: Protect your Eyes from Summer Threats

It won’t be wrong to say that people wearing contact lenses are intellectual and responsible. Wearing contact lenses as a mode of vision correction requires you to be active and careful in handling, disinfection & replacement as the expiry date approaches. Though contact lens wearers need to stay vigilant all the year round, summer season calls in for extra precautions as expressed by Dr. Adam Gordon, A clinical Associate Professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry.

Wear Sun Glasses with Prescription Contact Lenses

As the Sun rises up, many of us would go out worshiping it. People hail sun as the mighty rays help fulfilling the deficiency of Vitamin D your body might have suffered from during winter. People; unfortunately forget that they do not only damage their skin but also the eyes due to the over-exposure to sun. To prevent your eyes from the harmful UV rays, always create a barrier between your eyes and sun rays. Wear Sun glasses along with your UV blocking prescription contact lenses. Forming a double-protective shield is mandatory because sun-glasses other than "wrap-around" are incapable of intercepting UV rays that enter your eyes from above, below and sides.  

Take your Contact Lenses Out at the Beach

People must understand that contact lenses and any kind of water I.e. tap water, beach, pool, and tub are not compatible. Water carries microorganisms that are threatening to vision. A special type of microorganism “Acanthamoeba Keratits” is fatal. Therefore, contact lenses must never be exposed to water in any form. Taking your contact lenses out is recommended. If, on the other hand you must swim with contact lenses in, take them out as soon as you are done with the swim. Either disinfect them thoroughly or better toss it off and pop open a new fresh pair of contact lenses to cut the risk of infections.

Contact lenses are like sponges and they absorb whatever they are surrounded in. Yes, they even let gasses permeate through. Therefore, always be very conscious of your surroundings when wearing contact lenses. 

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